His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 290

Chapter 290 The Promise Of Young Master Lu 10

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Lu Yanchen scoffed out coldly, “I’m not a psycho who wants to imprison you. As long as you don’t get involved with other men, I’m not going to interfere with your life.”

Shi Guang assured, “Don’t worry about that. It will definitely not happen.”

“What other requests do you have? Speak your mind all at once.”

“There’s a last one, but it’s not really a request. It’s more of a promise I want you to keep.”


“Erm, we” Shi Guang bit down on her teeth and hesitated for a long time before speaking, “After all, this marriage of ours is like a transaction. So, I hope that we can give one another more time after marriage. That means”

She took another deep breath and hesitated for a good while before looking at him bravely. “ without my permission, you must not touch me.”

Lu Yanchen’s sharp, dark gaze narrowed dangerously once more.

With her heart skipping, Shi Guang looked at that gradually darkening face of his, afraid that he would not agree to it. After all, this wasn’t going to be a fake marriage.

If it was a marriage, it was a marriage. Thinking about it, there was no man who would be willing to marry a wife home just to look and not touch!

Suddenly, Lu Yanchen’s lips curled into a beautiful arc as he mocked out, “You’re hoping that I would not touch you.”

Shi Guang nodded her head.

“I should be the one saying that to youdon’t seduce me after getting married.”

“How could I do something like that?” Shi Guang was stunned and denied it firmly.

His thin lips looked as though they were both smiling and not. “It’s not as though you haven’t done something like that before.”

Shi Guang, “”

Had she?

Well, maybe a long, long time ago back when they were still together, she MIGHT have done something like that.

“Not only have you done that before, you had even made a post using my computer, asking, ‘How to seduce my boyfriend in a way such that his lust for me would be insatiable! I’m online waiting for the reply, hurry!'”

“Y-Y-Y-You!” Shi Guang hurriedly rushed in front and covered his mouth. “T-That’s something from eons ago! Do you have to remember it that clearly?”

Lu Yanchen did not move, merely looking at Shi Guang with a deep gaze. That warm, petite hand of hers was still covering his lips.

Suddenly realizing how lovey-dovey that act of hers was, Shi Guang retracted her hand at lightning speed.

She opened the door and entered the villa, so did Lu Yanchen. She then turned around and looked at him sternly. “I was young and didn’t know better back then. But right now, something like that will absolutely not happen! I’ve got no feelings toward you right now! You can rest totally assured and remember that promise: Unless I agree to it, you will not touch me!”

Lu Yanchen was laughing out of his nose as he walked over to her right away. Shi Guang looked at him fixatedly, watching every single step he advanced toward her as her heart raced rapidly, bringing the blood in her body to flow with a gushing speed as well.

Instinctively, she retreated. But, with every single step she took backward, he advanced forth. This strong walking male pheromone pounced all over her face, pinning her against the wall.

His features that seemed as though they were sculpted out were enlarged before her eyes right now, seeming unusually handsome.

She turned her head slightly to dodge his gaze as she tried steadying her voice while exclaiming, “Lu Yanchen, you!”

“No feelings?” He pressed his body against her.

The two of them were so close that she could feel his body’s warmth and energy, her heart skipping like a deer on a grassy plain. His gaze grazed by those familiar and tender lips of hers as he spoke slowly, “Didn’t you use to say that feelings will grow the more you do it?”

Their breathing intertwined as a strong tension brewed between them.

Shi Guang’s voice was trembling right now. “Do it?”

Just as he was about to touch her lips, he leaned slightly and pushed his lips over to her ears, breathing out, “Make love.”

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