His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Threatening Marriage With Death 3

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After ending the call, Shen Lingshuang walked back with her mind full of what her son had said.

“They are just trying to hold us hostage with that deed It’s totally inhumane. Yes, she saved me, and we should be grateful to them. Grandpa had used marriage as a way to repay them for this matter back then, and I’m in the wrong for wanting to break the marriage. But, I’ve already said it. I’ll give them the best compensation they can have other than marrying me. Besides, all these years, any request that their family had wanted, our family definitely helped them with it. Even if it was unreasonable, we would try our best. And what? They want the marriage to stick and they want to make all their requests and demands as well? Impossible! Even if they had saved me, that doesn’t mean that we should obey every single whim and demand of theirs.”

There were many ways that one could repay a debtShen Lingshuang had not approved of the Old Master’s way of setting this marriage back then.

And, if only she had voiced out and stopped it, things might not have gotten as awkward as they were right now.

However, even if she had, it would most likely be useless. The Old Master was a Buddhist, and a firm believer of providence. He insisted that the girl who had saved Lu Yanchen was bound to be a lucky star in his life, and insisted on setting that marriage no matter what.

However, after so many years had passed, Shen Lingshuang could not tell how she was a lucky star in the slightest bit.

After she sat down opposite Mrs. Yang once more, the latter placed her teacup down and tested the waters. “Was that Yanchen?”

Shen Lingshuang nodded her head. “Yes. I told him about what happened to Sitong.”

There was no need for her to say anymoreMrs. Yang could guess the answer: Even if her daughter were to attempt suicide, their son wasn’t willing to marry her.

With that, Mrs. Yang’s face turned extremely black, and she could not help but blurt out, “Back then, it was so cold and frosty. Yet, Sitong dove right into the waters to pull him out without a single bit of hesitation. After that, she caught a flu and fever, and was bedridden for an entire week. And now”

Shen Lingshuang’s pupils dilated as her face turned sullen as well. “”

Mrs. Yang hadrealized that she had been too direct about it.

Immediately, she sighed and her expression gradually looked defeated and helpless. “Hais Look at what I’m rambling. I must have gotten all giddy because of how worried I am. But, that can’t be helped either. I only have this one daughter, and now that her life is on the cusp of extinguishing, I only spoke out of line due to my anxiousness as her mother. I hope you don’t take it to heart. And, I definitely believe that you guys will not be indifferent toward Sitong’s situation either.”

Shen Lingshuang did not say anything more, merely nodding to her. However, Mrs. Yang could tell that she already had some opinions against her for speaking out of line earlier on.

“It’s getting late now and I’ve got to go visit Sitong at the hospital. I’ll be leaving first,” Mrs. Yang struggled to speak out as she stood up gradually.

Shen Lingshuang did not try to have her stay longer, neither did she mention anything about wanting to visit Yang Sitong.

That had Mrs. Yang feeling totally infuriatedthe Lus were simply way too heartless! The way they were acting so reluctant right now! If not for their Sitong, the Lus would have long lost that son of theirs! A bunch of ingrates!

After sending Mrs. Yang off, Shen Lingshuang was equally infuriated as well.

She had initially wanted to go visit Yang Sitong to console her a little. But, after Mrs. Yang mentioned the past, she felt that Yanchen was rightthe Yangs were just trying to hold them hostage with that deed.

By the time Mrs. Yang arrived at the hospital, it was already the latter half of the night. Yang Sitong immediately sat up on her bed when she caught sight of her mother, asking anxiously, “Mummy, how was it? Has Lu Yanchen agreed to marry me yet?”

Mrs. Yang’s tone was cold. “It’s not like you don’t know what a bunch of ingrates that family is.”

“What?” A sharp, throbbing pain pierced her heart as Yang Sitong’s eyes got teary once more. “I’m almost dying here and yet, they refuse to do anything about it? What should I do then?”

“Don’t get flustered now. There’s still Father Lu He’s the one with the highest authority in the entire Lu Family.”

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