His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 337

Chapter 337 Discovered Lu Yanchens Little Secret 2

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Shi Guang thought that the meal with Shen Lingshuang would be outside at a restaurant or hotel. To think that Lu Yanchen would have brought her right into the Lu Family house in the military compound.

She was absolutely startled.

The previous time around, she had tried thinking of all sorts of methods to get to Shen Lingshuang at the Lu house, but wasnt able to gain access into the compound at all.

To think that Lu Yanchen didnt give her any sort of warning about this at all and brought her home right away! Not only that, it was in the capacity as a future daughter-in-law. Shi Guang really did not feel prepared in the slightest bit, just feeling restless and nervous from head to toe.

After entering the military compound, it didnt take long before they came before a mighty looking guard sentry post. Behind it was where most of the top military chiefs of the area were staying, causing this place that was all green in color to give off a mysterious and quiet ambiance.

On the surface, the houses within the military compound looked rather normal, retro-styled double storied limestone mansions. There was a variety of flora and plants in the Lu houses garden, but all of their layouts were intricate, giving it a rather spectacular image.

Shi Guangs nerves were a little wracked. She gulped and looked at Lu Yanchen asking, "Why have you brought me to the Lus place?"

Even though she definitely had to meet his parents for the marriage, it should be at an arranged time so that she could have made some preparations and come over with a gift!

"Is there any problem in bringing you home to meet the parents before getting married?" Lu Yanchen asked back expressionlessly.

Shi Guang rubbed her head troubledly and replied, "I didnt say that theres any problem. But, you should have discussed this with me prior."

"Whats there to discuss? Its just a meal together."

She replied coldly, "Even though this is just a marriage of convenience and it isnt really important how I get to meet your parents, you should still tell me in advance. For things to happen this way, I"

Before Shi Guang could finish, she heard a shout, "Sister!"

Xiao Bai bolted out from the house just like a gust of wind and leaped into Shi Guangs embrace passionately. Shi Guang hugged him immediately and called out happily, "Xiao Bai!"

"Did you miss me, sister?"

"Of course!"

"Ive missed you too! So much so that I could die!"

Lu Yanchens face darkened. ""

He was especially displeased over the fact of how this woman was just talking to him icily moments earlier and had her attitude changed into one of warmth and care the moment she saw Xiao Bai.

At that moment, Little Goody came out as well.

It had even recognized Shi Guang and was spinning circles around her while mewing out, as though it was asking to be cuddled. Letting go of Xiao Bai, Shi Guang bent down and picked it up. "Aiyoh, Little Goody!"

When Lu Yanchen saw her attitude toward it, his face turned even darker. ""

To think that shes even that warm towards a smelly cat! Hmph!

"Wow! Little Goody seems to have gotten fatter," Shi Guang fondled it. Not only had it gotten fatter, it had grown more fur as well, making it really nice to touch.

"I know, right! It has been eating a lot recently, and granny has been feeding it non-stop as well!" As Xiao Bai continued talking, he got a little unhappy while he pouted his lips as though he was complaining, "Its not called Little Goody now. Granny insisted on changing its name."

When Shi Guang heard that, she asked curiously, "So, what name is it now?"

"Snowball Its so strange," Xiao Bai continued with a gloomy tone, "And it sounds a little silly, not suitable for Little Goody in the slightest bit. Its only that silly bimbo of a grandma I have that would come up with such a weird name! Im still going to call it Little Goody!"

Shi Guang could not help but chuckle out with a stifled laugh.

To think that this fella would call his grandma a silly bimbo!

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