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His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 371

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Lu Up Shi Guang… Those four words told a little story between them—a dirty one at that—describing both of them doing something lewd together. Immediately, Shi Guang’s heart clenched up as she stammered, “Y-You! Y-Y-You…!”

Her face flushed bright red like the cherry blossoms that blossomed in March, giving off a coquettish flavor to it. “Lu Yanchen… you’re too much…!”

The gaze of that man was akin to a predator out in the plains.

Leaning in, he kissed at her neck with a bloodthirsty hunger. His body exuded forth a thick aura of male pheromones, causing her to swoon in giddiness as her entire body felt soft and fluffy. Her heart was pounding erratically as her face turned really scarlet, afraid that she might fall into that delirious state of mind once more.

She tried again to push him away with all her might, speaking in a really impolite tone, “Stop talking about the past. That was then and now is now. You had better get up—I don’t like you.”

The moment she said that, the entire house fell into a morbid, deathly silence.

He squinted his eyes dangerously and glared at her with a gaze that no longer had the previous fervent passion as the temperature dipped rapidly, leaving nothing but an icy coldness behind.

Suddenly, Lu Yanchen’s lips curled as he moved up with a hint of cynicism.

In that deafening silence, Shi Guang could only hear her heartbeat pounding heavier with each thump.

Thankfully, the phone rang again as she sat up immediately and picked up the call.

As the call connected, she looked at Lu Yanchen’s back view. Suddenly realizing that it looked a tad lonely, she felt her heart jerk for a moment. Biting down on her lips hard, she warned herself never to let her heart be swayed ever again.

“Shi Guang, Shi Guang… did you hear me introduce myself?” The person on the other end sounded flustered.

“Hello, Coach Chen,” Coach Chen was Xu Zixian’s coach.

“Shi Guang, this time around, you must help to talk to Zixian no matter what. Spend some time talking to her.”

When Xu Zixian woke up in the hospital, she realized that the injury on her head was not the most severe one—it was the one on her legs. A single slight movement would send a sharp, wrenching pain coursing through her entire body. Probably because she did not have a good feeling about it, she pressed the doctor and asked about when she could get out of the hospital, as she still had to do training and go for competitions.

The doctor told her straight up that her injury would heal up as long as she were to recuperate properly.

However… she would never be able to take part in any competitions ever again.

Coach Chen was trying his best to console her. Still, Xu Zixian found it impossible to accept this cruel reality she was thrust in.

She had trained hard in swimming for ten years now, and it had already been a huge part of her life by now. As such, the burning goal she had in life was mostly to swim competitively and obtain good results.

Now that she was suddenly told the news that she would never be able to swim competitively again, there was no longer any goal for her to aspire toward.

The champion’s title that she had wanted would never ever be obtained by her again.

It was only because he had no other choice that Coach Chen called Shi Guang repeatedly.

By the time Shi Guang arrived, Xu Zixian was still crying. Her head was bandaged up as her eyes were bloodshot red, and one of her legs were in a cast.

When she saw Shi Guang, steaming hot tears streamed down her face once more. She looked at Shi Guang and spoke with a tone of indignance, “I know that I’m not as gifted as you and I’m not a particularly good swimmer either, but I just don’t wish to give up. I love swimming, and I only feel the happiest when I swim.”

After all these years, swimming was already a part of her. But now that she had to leave the swimming scene professionally for life, how could she take that lying down?

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