His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 403

Chapter 403 The Truths She Did Not Know Of 7

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Waves of horrendous pains surged through Shi Guangs heart as she raised her head, clutching her mouth.

He must have definitely followed her and heard her say that to Yang Sitong! That was the reason for his sudden change in attitude! Perhaps after they had broken up, he had thought for a moment in his heart that she might have liked him a little at that time. But from that moment on, he must have believed that she had never once loved him at all!

The reason why he suddenly moved away back then must be because he wanted to sever everything they had between them!

Lu Yanchen!

Shi Guang really wanted to see him right now!

However, she had just boarded the taxi when her phone rang.

At that moment, Shi Guang was still drowning in the shock of the truths that Mo Jin had told her, overwhelmed by her surging emotions. She wanted to seek out Lu Yanchen at the fastest possible moment, to explain everything to him. She did not want to do anything else or pick up anyones call at that moment.

However, that call was made by Mrs. LuShen Lingshuang.

In a feeble, careful tone, Mrs. Lu asked if they could meet.

Even though Shi Guang could not see her face, she could make out a trace of guilt in her voice. Because of that, she agreed to the meeting. Besides, she wanted to know why the Lus stood up on the wedding discussion earlier on today.

The moment Shen Lingshuang heard from her son that Shi Guangs grandma wasnt in a good state and was sent to the hospital, she was especially regretful toward her actions.

Afraid that something might happen to the old lady, she made a call to Chief Lu immediately, having him arrange something at the side of the hospital.

Even though Yanchen said that he would explain everything that had happened today to grandma, Shen Lingshuang still didnt feel too good about things. Furthermore, she was the one in the wrong, and should not have her son bear the blame. That was the reason why she made the call to arrange to meet up with Shi Guang.

Sitting before Shen Lingshuang, Shi Guang felt a little dazed as she sat quietly without making a sound.

Shen Lingshuang wore an apologetic smile on her face, looking uneasy all over. The way she looked at Shi Guang was filled with apology and regret.

She was also particularly awkward, afraid that this daughter-in-law might get angry at her.

After all, there couldnt possibly be a woman who could maintain her temper even after the happenings of today.

"About everything today, Im really sorry! Its all my fault all of it! I suddenly turned back on my words and stood up on you guys. Please dont blame Yanchen no matter what," Shen Lingshuang gripped Shi Guangs hands with her eyes widened and brimming with tears, looking extremely sorry.

Suddenly, Shi Guang had a realization toward the happenings of the day. "You mean that"

"Has Yanchen not said anything at all?" Shen Lingshuang gave off an I knew it expression before sighing.

"As for why you did not turn up today, I asked Lu Yanchen. But, he said nothing at all," Shi Guang was finding it hard to comprehend her feelings right now. Why did he always refuse to make things clear, to bear all of the burden upon himself?

"I knew it that child" Shen Lingshuang sighed for a moment before apologizing, "Its all my fault! Please dont blame him! I had only found out two days ago as well that the girl Yanchen was together with in the past was you."

Shi Guang bit down on her lips as her heart skipped a beat. ""

Even though she had not seen the Lu Yanchen back then after their breakup, through the words of Chu Mubei and Shen Lingshuang, she could already imagine the agony and pain he must had been in.

How could any mother bring herself to like a woman who had once hurt her own son?

That explained why Shen Lingshuang would suddenly react with such aversion and refuse to go over for the wedding discussion.

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