His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 410

Chapter 410 The Love Regained After A Long Time 4

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That was not a light knock; Shi Guang’s eyes squinted in pain while her head was buzzing as she shrieked out, “Ouch!”

Suddenly, the door of the bathroom swung open as Lu Yanchen stood at the entrance with a worried expression, asking with furrowed brows, “What happened?”

Shi Guang’s entire head was spinning as she shook her head and tried standing up. However, her body wobbled and she nearly fell back down again. Thankfully, Lu Yanchen’s reactions were fast and he supported her immediately.

She had never once thought of herself as a weak and meek girl. But, there were too many things that happened todaycoupled with her getting drenched when she ran through the rainshe was clearly somewhat drained by then.

Being hugged in Lu Yanchen’s snug embrace, Shi Guang murmured softly, “It’s all your fault. If you had not gone out, I would not have slipped”

She then closed her eyes.

She truly felt really dizzy right now and her eyelids were so heavy. All she wanted was a good sleep.

Even though her words were totally unreasonable, she seemed to have heard Lu Yanchen say, “Alright, it’s my fault.”

She felt like her body was being encased in a warm world, one that was so comfortable and snug. Even though she did not open her eyes, she could imagine what it was like outsidethis was Lu Yanchen’s hug.

He seemed to be kissing her, moving down from her forehead to her lips. Her hands slowly slipped down from his shoulders to his waist, going further down

Early in the morning, the bright sunlight seeped in through the windows.

Shi Guang stirred awake. Before she even opened her eyes, the feeling of her body being constricted sent a message to her brain first. After opening her eyes, she froze for a good three seconds before it registered in her mind what happened yesterday.

She turned around slowly, looking at Lu Yanchen who was deep in his wonderful sleep while hugging her.

Closing her eyes, she nudged a little in his embrace.

Just as she was thinking about how she should talk to him later, the person beside her woke up and his grip on her tightened.

“Hmm?” He said softly.

Probably because he was just waking up, his voice was magnetic beyond words, such that she found her heart skipping furiously over it. Looking at how he was about to open his eyes, Shi Guang shut hers immediately.






After everything she had found out yesterday and the influx of emotions over the course of the day, she found herself acting like a coward, not daring to open her eyes and face Lu Yanchen.

It wasn’t easy for someone to love you.

The reason why he would be so nice to you is because he loved you with all his heart. Perhaps he doesn’t ask for anything in return, but at the very least, you shouldn’t hurt him.

The most hurtful thing that could happen was for someone to find out that the person he was in love with the entire time had never felt the same for him and was merely acting.

Shi Guang did not know if Lu Yanchen had woken up yet, but she only knew that she was being hugged tighter in his embrace.


That word found itself chanting repeatedly in her mind. There was no way to argue about it, and even less ways to talk about it.

Actually, Shi Guang was truly rather tuckered out. The only reason why she woke up was all because of her body clock. Thus, she closed her eyes and got to sleep once more.

In her fuzzy daze, it seemed as though something was roaming around her body, causing her to swoon all over By the time she woke up once more, it was already noon, and Lu Yanchen was no longer beside her.

She went to the bathroom to wash up. There were clear signs of the bruises left behind from the night before in the form of purple patches on her jade white skin.

In the morning, other than the final step, they had done everything there was to do.

But, why did they not do the final step?

Was it because he was still blaming her and begrudging her in his heart?

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