His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 707

Chapter 707 No Shame No Morals No Bottomline 27

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As her assistant backed out of the ward warily, she caught sight of Rong Mo carrying a fruit basket right after she turned around.

Rong Mo? Here to visit Sister Yi?

The assistant was stunned for a moment

When Rong Mo smiled at her, she could not help but lament about how handsome he was mentally before chuckling out. "Mr. Rong!"

That was what everyone from the production team called him, and thus, she followed suit.

"Is Miss Lin doing alright?"

"It seems rather severe."

"Could I go in to visit her?"

"Of course! Please enter." The assistant made a welcoming gesture.

Rong Mo did not enter immediately, instead asking thoughtfully, "I think you had better ask her first. In case she is unwilling, my abrupt entrance may cause troubles for you."

The assistant was stunned for a moment, feeling a sense of warmth surge in her heart. No wonder the entire production team was so in love with Rong Mo despite him being a newcomer brought in by the investorshe was so thoughtful!

"Sure! Hold on!" The assistant smiled warmly to Rong Mo before marching in.

When she faced Lin Yier, her entire being turned wary instinctively as she asked nervously, "Sister Yi Rong Mo is here to visit you."

Lin Yier furrowed her brows before replying coldly, "Let him in."

When her assistant walked away, she picked up her makeup set and powdered her face to touch up. She was done by the time Rong Mo walked in.

When Rong Mo placed the fruit basket at the cabinet beside the bed, the assistant rushed up immediately to help her as she smiled back at the assistant. "Thank you!"

"Its nothing!" The assistant was all smiles.

Sensing that Lin Yier was glaring at her from the sides, she retracted her smile and backed off right after putting down the fruit basket.

Sitting at the chair beside the bed, Rong Mo asked with a worried face, "Did the doctor say when you will recover, Miss Lin?"

When Lin Yier saw Rong Mos concern toward her and thought about everything that had happened earlier in the day, she felt an inexplicable sense of discomfort. If she were the one in his shoes, she would definitely be upset.

In fact, she would definitely be gloating for her senior to have broken her ankle that way.

Lin Yier replied with a fake smile, "Im alright, its nothing much The doctor said that Ill recover soon."

"Thats good to hear!" Rong Mo lowered her eyes as she spoke. Her smile had not changed from the moment she entered, only getting warmer and more radiant. "Thankfully, it was only your ankle that was injured If you had hit your head, you might turn into a vegetable at the very least, if not dead."

Even though Rong Mo had clearly mentioned it in passing, Lin Yier froze up and watched her with widened eyes.

Rong Mo seemed to have not noticed anything wrong as she watched the cast on Lin Yiers leg with a bright smile, lamenting, "Ill remember the care that youve shown me today, Miss Lin. With this injury, you might not be able to star in that huge budget movie that was specifically tailored for you. Ill look for a suitable replacement for you as thanks for your care for me today."

That deep intending statement caused Lin Yiers face to drain of color as she watched Rong Mo in fright.

"Miss Lin, rest well! I wont disturb you any longer." Rong Mo stood up slowly.

As Lin Yier watched his leaving back view, her heart got more flustered by the moment. Just as he was about to pull the door open, she yelled out, "You are Mo Feifei, arent you?"

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