His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 708

Chapter 708 No Shame No Morals No Bottomline 28

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When she saw Rong Mo stop in her tracks, Lin Yier thought that she had guessed right.

So, it was her. She truly was Mo Feifei.

She suddenly found herself shivering in excitement inexplicably as her face shone with a bizarre glint. "It is truly you!"

Rong Mo turned around slowly, still carrying that same warm smile, not understanding her accusation. "Who is Mo Feifei?"

Lin Yier scoffed coldly. "Stop pretending! You are Mo Feifei!"

"Miss Lin, you must have gotten the wrong person. Could it be because I really resemble that Mo Feifei you are referring to, Miss Lin? Was that the reason why you made things difficult for me today?"

With that, Rong Mos gaze narrowed as her smile was slowly kept away.

"Resemble? You are Mo Feifei, that sl*t!" Lin Yier barked out in hushed tones.

Rong Mo could only stare at her coldly. "Could you have fallen on your head instead of your leg earlier on? Should I get the doctor to give you another check?"

"How could two people look so much alike, even in terms of their aura? The only answer is that they must be the same person!" Lin Yier pointed at her leg. "This was caused by you! You must have been the one who shifted the box! No matter what, it shouldnt have shifted that much! Hence, the only explanation must be that you shifted most of it while no one else was watching! You were the person who set me up, right?! Youre truly so vile!"

"Miss Lin, youre no small time actor like myself. You should watch your words." Rong Mo squinted her eyes. "Because of a man called Mo Feifei, you insist on making things difficult for me. That has already displayed your lack of professionalism."


Lin Yier was stunned.

Rong Mo thought that Mo Feifei was a man?

"Miss Lin, I dont know about this Mo Feifei you are referring to. But, I can tell you with certainty that my name is Rong Mo. I didnt know you in the past. Hence, even if that man has dumped you, it has nothing to do with me." Rong Mo laughed coldly. "The fact that you are able to get the title of Movie Queen despite your lack of professionalism is already quite lucky, Miss Lin. You should cherish that. After all, there are many other female actors in the circle, and you may just be replaced one day. So, please tread carefully in the future, lest you lose the things you have right now, Miss Lin!"

With that, Rong Mo turned around to leave.

Filled with uncertainty in her heart, Lin Yier could only sense her thumping, restless heartbeat.

To think that he would ask if Mo Feifei had dumped her and assume that Mo Feifei was a man! Could she truly have been wrongwas Rong Mo not Mo Feifei?

Even though the quarrel wasnt loud, Lin Yiers assistant outside heard everything.

The moment Rong Mo came forth, she asked concernedly, "Are you alright, Mr Rong?"

"Me?" Rong Mo looked at her in surprise. "What could happen to me?"

The two of them walked a little distance away from the ward as Lin Yiers assistant apologized, "Sister Yi is naturally in a bad mood given her injury. Please dont hold it against her."

Rong Mo nodded and smiled. "Dont worry, I wont! Besides, Miss Lin said nothing much, only that I resembled some man called Mo Feifei or something."

"Mo Feifei?" The assistant was stunned for a moment before chuckling out. "Shes not a man, shes a woman."

Rong Mo was curious now. "Woman? Then why was Miss Lins reaction that huge? I thought that Mo Feifei was some man whom she had a relationship with in the past!"

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