His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 709

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Lin’s assistant chuckled and shook her head. “Nopes! That Mo Feifei seemed to have been Sister Yi’s classmate, and they even seemed to be really close! I’ve seen them together in a photo, but I’ve never ever seen Mo Feifei in real life.”

Rong Mo was curious. “This Mo Feifei is rather interesting, I wonder how similar she looks with me.”

“How about adding me on WeChat? If I see Mo Feifei’s photo again, I’ll take a picture for you.” Lin’s assistant felt that her motives were pure. Even though she did not know if Rong Mo would look down on her, she just felt super comfortable looking at him.

“Sure, but I’m not always on WeChat.” Rong Mo took out her phone.

“No worries! I just want to look at your Moments from time to time.”

“Moments? What’s that?”

Huh? The assistant looked at Rong Mo in shock while the latter’s face was totally pure as though he was the stars up above, innocent and high.

The assistant’s lips curled in excitement. “You don’t know what Moments are? They’re…”

She then took out her phone and showed Rong Mo what Moments were.

After a moment, Rong Mo nodded her head. “Oh, so you could do that…!”

Suddenly, Lin Yi’er screamed from her ward!

When Rong Mo saw how Lin’s assistant’s face turned pale instantly, she consoled her right away with a warm smile and patted her on the shoulder. “Go on ahead, I’m fine here!”

“Alright! Goodbye, Mr. Rong!” Lin’s assistant looked at Rong Mo with a longing expression before rushing into the ward.

Smiling at the assistant’s back view, Rong Mo headed out where her own assistant and driver were waiting for her at the carpark. After entering her car, her expression turned entirely solemn.

She had not done anything to Lin Yi’er at all given their first time meeting one another. And yet, everything Lin Yi’er had done was because she resembled Mo Feifei.

That Mo Feifei was someone who had grudges with Lin Yi’er.

Could that person be Shi Guang’s sister then? After all, it was quite rare for so many people to resemble one another.

But, her surname was Shi, thus, she should not be Mo Feifei’s sister. Was it truly two different people?

Then, was she Mo Feifei?

The person whom she first saw after she woke up was a doctor who referred to her as Mo. Based on that, she deduced that she might be Mo Feifei.

Yet, Lin’s assistant said that Mo Feifei was Lin Yi’er’s classmate.

But, their ages didn’t match!

So, was she Shi Guang’s sister then? After all, Mo might not have been her surname.

But, whether she was Shi Guang’s sister or Lin Yi’er’s classmate, none of that mattered. It wasn’t as though she could go look for either of them.

First, she had to check up on this Mo Feifei person.

Once she had Mo Feifei’s details, she would know who she was, wouldn’t she?

But, if she were to check up on Mo Feifei, Shang Mo would definitely find out. What if he were to suspect that she was a woman after seeing how closely she resembled that Mo Feifei?

Thankfully, it was winter now, and it wouldn’t be weird for her to wear another few layers of clothes. In order to not arouse any suspicion, she had even made a fake layer of clothes after restricting her chest before wearing another set of clothing.

That was the reason why everyone would still think that the fake layer of clothes was her actual body even after she went into the waters today.


She looked at her flat chest.

She was already skinny enough, resulting in her small boobs. At the rate she was constricting them, they might probably just disappear…

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