His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 710

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After taking off her clothes, Rong Mo was prepared to head into the bathroom when her phone rang. Turning around, she saw that it was a WeChat message from Lin’s assistant.

With a bathrobe draped around her, she checked out her WeChat.

She owed this assistant a favor. Without her, she would not have gotten this info about Mo Feifei.

Su Ya…

That was the woman who came to visit Qian Xun the other day, her niece.

It was also after Su Ya’s visit that Lin Yi’er came to the set as well. Did that mean that Lin Yi’er was asked by Su Ya to come and verify her identity as Mo Feifei?

If they were mere classmates, she could have just asked Rong Mo straight if she were Mo Feifei.

Clearly, they had something guilty to hide. That was enough to tell of the deep grudge between them and Mo Feifei.


That was another keyword.

During her conversation with Lin Yi’er in the ward earlier, she made a passing remark about how Lin Yi’er was lucky to have hit her leg instead of her head or she would become a vegetable.

That had the blood draining out of Lin Yi’er’s face.

Why was she so afraid of that word?

Was she part of the reason why Mo Feifei was a vegetable?

Even though the heater was on, it would still get chilly in the room wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Just as Rong Mo put down her phone and wanted to head into the bathroom, she was interrupted once more—it was a knock on her door now.

Shang Mo’s bodyguard—Big Mountain—called out, “Young Master Rong!”


“Mr. Shang wishes for you to head down.”

Thinking for a moment, she replied, “Alright, I’ll go down now.”

Feeling a little chilly, she merely took a quick warm shower before wearing her clothes. She required time to restrict her chest, and taking a shower was the perfect excuse for that.

20 minutes later, she headed down prim and proper.

Downstairs, Shang Mo was standing straight in the living room with a handsome, cold demeanor that was sharp enough to cut through like a knife. The light shone onto his body with clear angles, displaying his sturdy body with an exceptional charisma as well.

“Mr. Shang!” Rong Mo walked over and stopped a couple of meters away from him, asking him if he had anything for her with a smile.

Landing his gaze onto Rong Mo’s body, the other could make out that her bedazzling smile was even more pronounced with the fairness of her skin. With her hair still wet, they glistened under the light.

“You just showered.”


Shang Mo walked over to the cabinet at the side and took up the hairdryer on the rack, beckoning Rong Mo over. “Come here!”

Stunned for a moment, Rong Mo headed over slowly. “Mr. Shang…”

“I’ll blow your hair dry.”

A trace of surprise slid by Rong Mo’s eyes.

Seemingly realizing that he had said something wrong, Shang Mo’s face turned cold. “You wish! 2 minutes… Hurry and blow dry your hair. I’ll wait in the car.”

With that, he tossed the hairdryer to Rong Mo.

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