His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 725

Chapter 725 Warm Because Of You 15

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Shang Mo paused for a while before replying calmly, "Alright, Ill get someone to handle it."

Rong Mo heaved a sigh of relief. She wasnt afraid that Shang Mo would reject her; she was afraid that he might hold her hostage with her demand and make demands of his own toward her.

Thankfully, he didnt.

Seemed like even though he was a twisted pervert, he wasnt a despicable person who would take advantage of others when they were weak.

The 2nd day, Rong Mo visited Lins assistant. When Lins assistants parents knew that her name was Rong Mo, they were exceptionally friendly toward her.

It was only then that she knew other than the hospitalization fees which were paid for by the company, Shang Mo had paid off everything else in her name.

Not only that, the doctors were replaced with the best ones ever. As such, Lins assistants recovery was speedy, and she could be moved out of the ICU real soon.

After coming out of the hospital, Rong Mo waited for her assistant at the carpark and was surprised to catch sight of Shi Guang helping an old granny off a car.

"Grandma, take it easy!" Shi Guang was here with her grandma for a routine check-up.

Grandma got off the car all smiling. However, as Shi Guang closed the car door, grandma started staring up ahead blankly.

"Huh? Little Fei?" She squinted her eyes, afraid that she might have been seeing things and even rubbed her eyes.

Shi Guang was stunned and turned her head around instinctively when she caught sight of Rong Mo striding over with a gentle smile. Shi Guang froze upshe had not expected to bump into Rong Mo at a place like this.

"Its Little Fei!" As Rong Mo approached, grandmas tears welled up emotionally while her voice trembled. "Little Fei has recovered! Little Fei has returned! Littly! Your sister is back!"

Shi Guang was speechless as she could only feel a stuffy sensation fill her nose.

If Rong Mo were not her sister, shed rather have grandma not meet him ever lest she got sad.

But there were things that were unpreventable. Even though grandma was getting old, her eyes were still extremely sharp as she caught sight of Rong Mo before Shi Guang even did.

Shi Guang held grandmas hand and laughed. " Shes not my sister. Grandma, youre mistaken. Havent I told you that sisters undergoing recovery overseas? He is a friend of mine. Hes a man, his name is Rong Mo."

Grandma was in disbelief. "Shes not Little Fei?"

Rong Mo had gotten so close that she could make out the words of grandma later on.

Little Fei? The old granny said that she resembles Little Fei Was Little Fei Mo Feifei?

Rong Mo continued walking and bowed in front of grandma. "Hello!"

She then looked at Shi Guang. "Why are you at the hospital, Miss Shi? Are you sick?"

"Its not me. Im here with my grandma for her routine check-up."

As they conversed, grandmas gaze lingered around Rong Mo in a dazed manner as though she was seeing her granddaughter. But at the same time, there was something different about her.

She calmed down and chuckled, asking, "You are Shi Guangs friend?"

"Im Rong Mo!"

"Good child. Do come by our place sometime."

"Sure! Ill definitely visit you when Im free." Rong Mo smiled and nodded to grandma.

"Its almost time for the check-up now. Well be heading off first." Shi Guang waved bye to Rong Mo and took grandma toward the hospital while Rong Mo watched them leave with a smile.

When she turned and walked away, she suddenly stumbled uncontrollably despite her stepping firmly onto the ground. Instantly, she pushed herself against a nearby car for support to steady herself. However, her mind was still in a whirl.

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