His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 757

Chapter 757 Accustomed To Love 17

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Shi Guangs mouth cramped up as she glared at Lu Yanchen coldly. "What do you mean by a scheming woman thats trying to seduce him! Thats my sister! How am I seducing her?"

"But, I dont think hes your sister." Instantly, Lu Yanchen pinned her onto the sofa. He leaned beside Shi Guangs ears and whispered, "For that Rong Mo to accuse you of seducing him, you must have said way more than just the fact that he resembles your sister. Tell me, what else have you done?"

Shi Guang hurriedly explained, "Nothing, nothing! I did nothing!"

A mocking grin appeared on Lu Yanchens handsome face. Clearly, he was not believing her words.

His long, slender fingers stroked Shi Guangs chin, seeing which, she praised him immediately, "Your fingers are really long and nice! Theyre so suitable for playing the piano! Oh, right! I remember that you used to be able to play the piano, right? You also said that you would play it for me when you propose for marriage. Come to think of it, I dont think youve made a proposal yet?"

She wanted to change the topic. However, his gaze narrowed as he smirked. "I think my long fingers are not best suited for the piano. Instead"

He bit at her ears while whispering the last few words extremely softly.

Even though it was super soft, Shi Guang heard every single last word as her face flushed red and she pushed him away. "Youre so lewd! Hurry and get up!"

"You had better behave yourself. Even if that Rong Mo is your sister, you had better not go find him to touch his chest, strip him, or go to the onsen to test and whatnot! Otherwise" He placed his long, slender fingers on Shi Guangs slightly reared and fair, tender neck. " watch how Ill punish you to death!"

Holy sh*t! Why did he have to guess every single method she was thinking of spot on?Shi Guang was so rattled that her heart skipped a beat. She hurriedly smiled back. "Aiyah, Ive got it. Ill just listen to anything you want."

When he heard that, he let go of his hand and sat up right away. "Lets go, supper.."

"You havent eaten yet?"

"Yepp." In reality, Lu Yanchen merely wanted to take her out for a walk, seeing how she was rather downcast.

They ate supper at a crab restaurant. It looked simple on the outside, but it was actually quite spic and span. Or perhaps, there might have been less visitors because it was winter.

Since it was just the two of them, Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen did not bother to book a private room and instead sat at the main hall. They ordered for a set of large crabs, a set of mini lobsters, and a set of vegetables.

"Wow, looks so nice!" Shi Guang began peeling the seafood after putting on gloves. As she placed the flesh into her mouth, she gave off an extremely exaggerated expression. "Its really so, so, so, soooo good!"

She saw that Lu Yanchen had begun to peel the seafood as well. Initially, she thought that he was doing it for himself. However, every single bit of flesh he peeled off, he stuffed into her mouth.

Shi Guang munched everything down and grinned sweetly. "Thank you! Can you peel another for me?"

"Sure, Ill peel as much as you want." He said as he took up another mini lobster.

"Ill peel the crab for you then!" Shi Guang peeled a crab and took off the disposable glove before using a fork to bring the flesh to Lu Yanchens mouth.

Just like that, they fed one another with so much sweetness that one could get diabetes just by looking at them.

At that moment, a group of people exited from the private room downstairs.

Amongst them was Shi Ze. He had noticed Shi Guang almost immediately as he strode toward her instantly. However, when he caught sight of Lu Yanchen beside her, he halted right in his footsteps as his expression turned so black in disbelief that it looked as though it was struck by thunder.

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