His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 855

Chapter 855 Enigmatic Truth 5

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Old Master Su froze momentarily before shaking his head. "My son? Impossible! Ill have you know that Ive never ever betrayed your mother. Dont spout nonsense!"

Qian Xun replied hurriedly, "I didnt say that you betrayed mummy, but I was merely trying to say that Shi Guangs father was the same age as eldest brother. Arent you always talking about how big brother doesnt resemble you or mummy? Could he have been carried away by mistake back then? Even though something like that sounds incredulous and would only appear on television shows, it isnt as though nothing of the likes happened in real life before either."

She then chuckled out. "But of course, Im just randomly guessing, and it isnt necessarily true. Should we do a DNA check?"

"Just because I asked you to get a DNA check with Xiao Bai, youre asking me to do one with Shi Guang! Really, you!"

"Forget it! Alright, take it as though Ive said nothing." Qian Xun did not know how to tell her father, neither did she think it was a good idea to talk about how Su Ya had sent people trailing her and Shi Guang just to keep them apart.

"If you want to do it, do it yourself then. For DNA checks that have a generation gap, they would require either grandfathers and their grandsons, or grandmothers and their granddaughters in order to verify."

"Fine, fine, fine! Since you want me to do it, Ill do both together then." Even though Qian Xun looked as though she heaved a sigh of relief, her heart was actually heavy, causing her to feel moody.

On the way home, Shi Guang had already given Chief Lu a call. His voice was calm, and told her to not worry and to head home and wait for news.

However, Shi Guang was totally restless as she waited at home.

The video of Lu Yanchen pushing Wu Xing down had already been uploaded onto the internet and turned into headlines news. Just like that, news of him being involved in a murder spread like wildfire.

Behind every single hot topic, there would always be heated discussions. And the one related to Lu Yanchen was even more widespread than anything else.

As though they were suddenly righteous people, some of the netizens started all sorts of comments. And there were even people who were purposely fuelling the fans of flames to instigate some social issues on sensitive topics.

The weak masses against the powerful aristocrats

Wu Xing was the symbol of the helpless masses while Lu Yanchen was one of the high, mighty, and powerful.

There were even people acting as though they were Sherlock Holmes, guessing all sorts of possible scenarios, and even implicating Shi Guang, saying that Wu Xing was her previous coach and was fired because he had offended her. Because of that, he even got killed just because he humiliated Shi Guang back then.

Shi Guang was extremely frustrated as she read through everything, truly wanting to refute them all. But, the issue had blown way out of proportion, such that even the higher ups had made calls over to Chief Lu. It was best to make no comments right now.

After all, the Lus were no ordinary family, and the best thing to do was to wait for the investigations to be concluded before publishing the results.

But, that video was akin to an iron hammer of facts

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