His Human Mate Book 2 Chapter 117

Volume 2: First Clash Chapter 117 110: I'm Here For The Food Not Dog Food

Burkendall High School.

Amber frowned as she took a peek under her lashes at the young man sitting beside her. They were at the library, working on their homework during their free study time. They had class together earlier and decided to go to the library to get their work done.

The young man beside her looked distracted as he stared off-space, twirling his pencil with his fingers. It has been a couple of days since he was like that. Days before, he went straight home, rather than going out to hang out with his friends. And he stopped waiting for her after school since he told her that he would be busy. She didn't ask him why, though. She didn't want to be seen as clingy.

One time, she coincidentally saw him outside the school. He looked as if he was waiting for someone. Shortly after, her curiousity was answered when she saw a man approaching him. He has black hair with a beauty mole under his eye. He was quite tall, taller than Erick and She has to admit, quite good-looking as well. He was waving at Erick, who waved back.

Amber, who was watching from behind one of the buildings in school, peeked out. Just as she was about to lean closer to eavesdrop She meant, listen to their conversation, Erick suddenly turned around, looking at the direction where she hid.

She pulled back quickly, her eyes widened. She tried to make herself 'invisible' as she backed away a bit further. 'He couldn't have seen me from there, could he?' she thought as her heart began to beat faster from being caught.

After a short while, she peeked out once again and was surprised that Erick and the man were no longer there. She felt a bit like deva ju. The same thing had happened, just like when she tried to follow Hamish.

She pouted, feeling frustrated as she stepped out in plain sight. It was so unfair.

Now, looking at him, many sort of questions flooded in her mind. But she didn't have the courage to ask one of the questions. Though, it wasn't that she did not have the courage, she just didn't know how to throw out her questions.

Instead, she reached out and began to poke him on the cheek.

Startled, Erick turned his head and grinned, showing his dimpled cheeks. Her finger immediately touched the small indentation. "What's wrong?" he asked, giving her a confused smile.

Amber frowned. "I don't know. What's wrong with you?" she asked back, her chin resting on her palm with her elbow was on the table.

Erick just laughed awkwardly as he looked away, avoiding her eyes. "It's nothing," he lied.

She narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "Really?" she asked, dragging her question, a suspicious tone in her voice.

He continued to avoid her eyes as he turned his gaze towards the notebook in front of him on the table. He then started to work on his Maths homework, taking out his calculator from his backpack.

Amber too continued to stare at him with her suspicious look. Shortly after, she sighed as she turned back to her homework. 'I guess I'll just wait for him to tell me what's on his mind. I can't be pestering him about it until he's ready,' she thought to herself as she began to scribble in her notebook.

The two of them continued to study by themselves in silence. After nearly an hour, Amber was startled by the grumbling sounds coming from beside her. She discreetly sneaked a look at the young man beside her and tried to hide a smile when she saw Erick rubbing his stomach.

She then stopped writing and asked him, "Want to go for lunch?"

Erick whirled around in his seat, his face full of bright smiles as he said, "Finally! I was waiting for you to say it!"

Amber laughed lightly as the two of them began to pack their things. Luckily, they have lunch break after their free study time so they can immediately go straight to the cafeteria.

A few minutes later, the two of them were queueing to get their lunch meals. Apparently there were some other students who also went for an early lunch and were already queueing to get their food. And it was quite fortunate that the cafeteria opened quite early, at the very least, they wouldn't have any trouble worrying that their usual table was being used.

Erick was standing in line behind Amber. The lunch lady was swift, giving out the portions as she scooped them out neatly and fast. She wore a hair net with a hat on top of it. She was frowning as she served the food to the students.

But when it was Erick's turn, she looked up with a rare smile. "Erick, my favourite student!" she greeted.

Erick laughed. "Mrs. Martin, my favourite woman in school!" he greeted back with a grin.

Mrs. Martin began to serve him more portions. She even sneaked in two mini cups of ice-creams for him, placing them on his lunch tray. "You cheeky young man," she said shyly as she pooh-poohed him. "You exaggerate."

Erick then winked at her. "It's not an exaggeration when it's the truth."

She then added more mashed potatoes to his already piled up potatoes and said, "Because of that, you get more!"

"Thanks, Mrs. Martin!" he exclaimed happily. "You're the best as always."

Soon after, he walked together with Amber to their usual table. The table was still empty since the others still haven't arrived yet. Some of them either still have classes or they were still somewhere in school.

The two of them took their seats and made themselves comfortable. On Erick's lunchtray, there were several dishes on them, including the mini cups of ice-creams and the huge portion of mashed potatoes. He took one of the ice-creams and placed it on Amber's lunchtray. He then took one of his steaks and salad and placed them on her tray again.

Amber just watched him placing the food on her tray before voicing out her question, "What are you doing?"

"Sharing my food with you."

"But why?"

"I'm sharing what I love with you."

"But---" before she could finish her sentences, Erick had shoved a spoon filled with mashed potatoes in her mouth.

Her eyes widened at the sudden feeding. She then swallowed it and was about to ask once more when he fed her again.

After much failure in attempting to ask her question, she gave up and let him feed her. She was quiet as she accepted the food he fed her. Who wouldn't be when someone is pampering you like this?

It was this scene that greeted both Hamish, Jeayan and the others when they all arrived at the table with their lunch trays.

Jeayan rolled her eyes and groaned. "Seriously? I'm here to be fed with food. Not dog food!" she complained as she watched Erick lovingly fed Amber. What shocked them the most was the fact that he hasn't touched his food yet.

Erick smirked as they all took their seats. "Go and look for Roel to feed you," he suggested.

Jeayan pouted as she grumpily stabbed the steak on her plate. "I would if I ever find the chance to meet up with him," she grumbled softly.

Hamish just kept quiet as he ate his food.

Amber frowned, looking confused. "Roel?" she repeated.

"Yeah, her 'boyfriend'," Erick said, smiling cheekily.

Her eyes widened as she turned to Jeayan. "Really? I didn't know you have a boyfriend."

Jeayan immediately blushed in embarrassment. "I wouldn't say he's my boyfriend I mean, I don't know what's our relationship status is," she admitted softly.

"Bet Roel is going to be pretty darned sad if he hears you now," Erick commented.

"Oh shush!" Jeayan scolded. "Just eat your deng food and let us be! We don't need you to drown us in vinegar!"

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