His Human Mate Book 2 Chapter 118

Volume 2: First Clash Chapter 118 111: Chaos On Election Day

Election day.

Few days before the elections, the candidates contending for the Mayor position have been working hard, giving out speeches and talks, organising charity drives and so forth. All to cement their position in the town people's hearts and support.

The town centre itself was filled with people, even as early at six o'clock in the morning. These people gathered around in town as they waited for the polling station to be opened. Many volunteers came rushing here and there as they prepared the stations, handing out bottles of water for the people who were queueing under the hot sunny morning.

There were also many policemen walking around in their uniforms, patrolling the area to ensure that there were no accidents nor foul plays. The mayor candidates weren't in the area as they were in their own abode, watching the livestream happening in town.

In one of the humble houses in the residential area, Hilliard was greeting his visitors, together with his wife. They wore bright smiles as they exchanged pleasantries and thanked their guests for their support. There were some young volunteers who walked around, handing out refreshments and small snacks in the living room. The living room itself was wide, where the chairs and tables were set aside to give more standing space. In the middle of the room, just near to the wall was a huge white screen. There was an overhead projector which linked to the internet. The white screen was showing the livestream happening in the town centre.

An hour had passed and by then, most of the people who had come to support Hilliard were in the living room, while some hung just outside the room, with their drinks in their hands. The entrance to the living room was a huge doorless arch so it was easier for those who couldn't fit into the living room to peek inside.

Hilliard and his wife were still talking pleasantries with their guests when some of the volunteers came over to join in the gathering. Krys Williams, one of the volunteers, as well as one of Erick and Amber's schoolmates, was passing flyers with Hilliard's face on it, asking the guests to cast their votes on Hilliard.

The guests there came and went as they wanted to meet with Hilliard first before going into town to cast their votes. Some of Hilliard's volunteers were also in town as they tried to get more votes by handing out flyers and talking about Hilliard's accomplishments and goals.

One of the volunteers beamed a huge smile when the person who had accepted the flyer from her said that he will surely vote for Hilliard. She was about to turn back around when someone suddenly appeared behind her. She gasped in surprise as she was about to drop the flyers in her hand.

Fortunately, the young man was fast as he swiftly grabbed the flyers and handed them back to her.

"Krys! When did you arrive?" she asked, a surprised look on her face as she held the flyers to her chest with both arms.

Krys grinned. "A few minutes ago with the rest of the guys," he answered as he jerked his thumb over his shoulder.

The girl grinned back as she pushed the flyers at him. "That's great! Now, you can help me pass these flyers around while I get some more," she said.

Krys nodded.

When the girl walked past him to get more of the papers, Krys took a discreet look over his shoulder at her and there was an indescribable glint in his eyes as he turned back around.

Back at the Hilliard's house, a few hours later.

The excitement was still sparkling in the house as more guests came in to give their supports to the current mayor. They did not stay long, at most, an hour or so.

Although Hilliard was mentally and physically tired from greeting his guests, it does not show in his appearance and face as he still looked amicably smart and positive. His wife had already gone to their bedroom to take a short rest. At first, she protested, wanting to stay behind but seeing how fatigued she was, Hilliard gently coaxed her to at least get forty winks. After Hilliard said that there will be other people to help him out and that she can return back later once she was rested, she went up.

The day was slowly coming to an end, as well as the voting session.

Hilliard was still talking with some of his guests when the front door to his house was smashed open. The people inside were shocked at the sudden intrusion. And when they saw huge wolves entering the house, snarling and growling, they began to scream in terror and fright. Seconds later, chaos erupted in the house. Tables and chairs were overturned as people were fighting their way to get out of the house.

Hilliard was standing in the middle of the chaos, his eyes widened in shock as he watched the wolves begin to stand up on their hind legs, howling. He turned around and took his phone from his pocket hurriedly. He began to dial a number and when it was connected, he urgently pleaded, "Please, come over! It seems like there's rogues here!

"Will be there immediately."


Police headquarters. Lachlan's office.

Lachlan frowned down at the phone in his hand. He had just hung up the call from Hilliard who had called him for help. 'Rogues? When did they arrive in town?' he thought, feeling bewildered.

Shortly after, Fergus burst into the office, a worried look on his face. "Alpha!" he exclaimed. Then realizing that they were in the office, not at the packhouse. "Chief!" He quickly changed the title. "There's been an attack at the candidates' homes. Including Zant!"

"Rogues?" Lachlan asked, his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Fergus nodded.

Lachlan immediately stood up and ordered, "Call for the 'others'. And bring Paccia over." The 'others' he was referring to were the shifters who were working in the police force as well.

"Yes, Chief!"

Less than an hour later, Lachlan parked the police car in front of Hilliard's house. With Fergus behind him, together they ran towards the building. Outside, signs of disturbance and havoc can be seen everywhere; potted plants were turned over, cracking its pots, flyers strewn all over the front yard.

By the time they had entered the house, it was nearly empty as most of the people had managed to escape. But unfortunately, there were some unlucky ones. Lachlan and Fergus could solemnly see a few people who were on the brink of death. Fergus immediately called 911 to dispatch ambulances to the area.

While Fergus was busy calling the ambulance and at the same time, instructing the other policemen who had just arrived at the scene, Lachlan followed the scent he had been discreetly smelling and rushed further in the house.

Avoiding the debris and the rubbles that littered everywhere on the ground, it took Lachlan a few seconds before he arrived at one of the rooms. His eyes widened at the sight in front of him. To say that the room was a mess was an understatement. It looked as if a tornado had come to visit the room. All the furniture inside was completely destroyed or smashed. The windows were shattered with bits of shards on the floor.

In the midst of the chaotic room, on the floor laid a severely injured Hilliard, who was bleeding from his shoulder. And on the corner of the room, sat a shivering and cowering woman whom Lachlan remembered as Hilliard's wife. Lachlan quickly ran over to Hilliard's side and checked his pulse. He felt great relief to find that the latter was still alive. For how long, he wasn't sure. Lachlan immediately used his mindlink to contact Paccia and tell her to come over immediately.

Shortly after, under the surprised look from Hilliard's wife, Paccia appeared beside Lachlan with a poof. She immediately went over to Hilliard's wife and cast a sleeping spell on her. She then cast another spell to make sure she forgot the scene of Paccia appearing in mere seconds. Once she was done, she went over to Lachlan and listened to his order. He ordered her to check Hilliard's injuries and whether there were any set-backs.

Paccia instantly cast another spell, scanning the man from top to bottom. She then shook her head and reported, "No major injuries. He will be alright once he gets immediate treatment. It only looks worse than it really is."

Lachlan nodded. He then used his walkie-talkie to barked out instructions to the policemen who were investigating outside. He ordered them to bring in the paramedics for Hilliard and his wife.

It was then he received news that the same thing occurred at Hilliard's was also happening in the other candidates' homes. And what made him narrowed his eyes in suspicion was the fact that Zant was alright, other than a few scratches, compared to the other candidates.

'Very suspicious, indeed,' thought Lachlan grimly.

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