History's Number 1 Founder Chapter 1415

Chapter 1415 Help Your Father In Law Say Thank You

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When he saw the Emperor of the Dead used his Protective Boundary of the Netherworld Sea, Xiao Yan could not help but laugh.

This was a spell that the Emperor of the Dead made in imitation of the power of the Netherworld Sea. While the Netherworld Sea was unstable and would occasionally open, it could contain thousands of calamities and stop them from entering the Greater World. Its defensive powers were evident. Using this power to form the Protective Boundary of the Netherworld Sea was an extremely powerful defensive spell.

In terms of pure defenses, this ranked first among all human cultivators in the Divine Lands.

However, Xiao Yan’s understanding of the Netherworld Sea surpassed that of the Emperor of the Dead. Also, as the Celestial Sect of Wonders had caught some people who cultivated the Emperor of the Dead Mantra, they too knew about its powers.

While it was the same spell, as used by Xu Anda, its intricacy and power could not compare to the one cast by the Emperor of the Dead himself. However, Xiao Yan had a certain understanding about this spell too.

His hands were raised like knives. Then, he sliced down on the many layers of death aura that the Protective Boundary of the Netherworld Sea was protecting.

With Xiao Yan’s chop, his own powers surged and while it was not very eye-catching, a terrifying energy started to gather between heaven and earth.

The Blood River Primordial Water, the River Styx Primordial Water all started to churn. The Avīci Infernal Gale and the Nine Nether Draught blew gently. The Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire and the Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze blazed and countless calamities gathered together and turned into a huge force that came crashing down onto the Netherworld Sea!

Even the actual boundaries of the Netherworld Sea would split and the calamities would enter the Greater World occasionally.

While the power of the Protective Boundary of the Netherworld Sea was strong, under the attacks by the many calamities from Xiao Yan, they started to shake. Like sand sculptures in the face of waves, they started to collapse.

When he witnessed this scene, the Emperor of the Dead was mentally prepared. His facial expression did not change. All he wanted to do was to buy time for Yan Xinghe.

Borrowing on the Protective Boundary of the Netherworld Sea, Yan Xinghe used his powers and quickly closed the opening that Xiao Yan had inflicted on the Shen Heaven Holy Paradise.

On his body, many different types of light flashed. They were not bright or eye-catching. Also, they were hard to describe or even talk about. One could barely sense what they were or even come into contact with them.

This was the last move of the Great Void Nine Heavenly Spells, the Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light.

At this moment, the Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light on Yan Xinghe was markedly different compared to before. The light that enveloped Yan Xinghe had an eye-blinding scar.

This scar was also formed from light, but it was much more eye-catching than the Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light.

This light was not as powerful as the Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light. Instead, while it appeared strong, it felt fragile on the inside. It seemed to have lost its mysterious character.

Because of the existence of this ray of light, this caused the Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light around Yan Xinghe to gradually dim and appear describable and solid. It was as if the light had taken a shape.

While the Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light was an exceptional attack by itself, Yan Xinghe’s light, compared to the other ones Xiao Yan felt at the hands of Great Void Sect cultivators, felt forced.

Xiao Yan’s gaze fell upon the scar and suddenly, a look of realization dawned on his face. “This feeling, it was hurt by master and Aunt Xuan Li… no wonder!”

His Virtual Entity had returned to his corporeal body. With the power of the Netherworld Sea, he became even more violent and his body moved even more frenetically. His body flashed and he dashed into the Shen Heaven Holy Paradise from the opening.

When he entered the Shen Heaven Holy Paradise, Xiao Yan felt his body becoming heavier. His powers did not flow as quickly as before. At this moment, the spiritual energy, and even the Dao of the region itself were all working against him.

This was the world made by Yan Xinghe, completely separate from the attacks of the Netherworld Sea outside.

When he entered this world, the power of the Dao naturally fell into the hands of Yan Xinghe.

However, Xiao Yan did not care. Taking large steps, he advanced. With each step, the Shen Heaven Holy Paradise trembled slightly. The Paradise started to show signs of tear.

With brute force and raw strength, Xiao Yan was able to break through it. He was able to attract more and more power from the Netherworld Sea, which started to result in the decay of this Paradise.

The golden light started to dull and the chanting became softer. As white clouds dissipated, many runes slowly faded out of existence.

In Xiao Yan’s eyes, a light, no different from the one emitted by Catastrophe, flashed. As he advanced, he was soon before Yan Xinghe. The Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze curled around his left hand and took the shape of a claw. It appeared even more terrible than a black hole. Like this, he was able to stabilize his opponent’s form and stop him from escaping. His right hand curled into a fist as he smashed down on his opponent!

Yan Xinghe’s eyes flashed. When he saw Xiao Yan’s fist, many rays of light were congregating onto a single point.

On that point, the light would dim non-stop. Flashing, it resembled a blinking star.

However, one could see that it was a star on the verge of being extinguished. The tiny ray of light contained a terrible and primordial force. One could sense the rebirth and destruction in it, origin and destruction. Destroying and coming back alive, it contained a powerful sense of motion.

Smashing down with his Two Elements Origins-Returning Hammer, the Shen Heaven Holy Paradise appeared to approach destruction.

After destruction, Yan Xinghe was unable to control its rebirth. While Yan Xinghe controlled the power of the Shen Heaven Holy Paradise, where new forms of life continued to appear, the Dao that controlled it all was destroyed.

Trapped by Xiao Yan’s Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze, Yan Xinghe could no longer use his Flow of Light and Space and his Heaven-Ascending Spell.

The Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze’s power of devouring everything in its path activated. Under Xiao Yan’s manipulation, it became more powerful. Black smoke rose from the inferno and enveloped everything. Even Yan Xinghe could not escape its attractive force. All Yan Xinghe could do was to meet his Two Elements Origins-Returning Hammer.

If Xiao Yan had used only the Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze that he had cultivated, Yan Xinghe surely would not have been tied down by him.

However, at this moment, Xiao Yan used the endless black fire in the Netherworld Sea. In the Netherworld Sea where Yan Xinghe was located, he could feel the terrifying energy all around him. There was no escape.

Yan Xinghe reached out with both his hands. From the tip of his index fingers, two balls of light started to form. One was half black and half white, and the other was ethereal.

The two balls of light quickly merged into one. From Yan Xinghe’s body, the ray of Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light started to congregate around the ball of light.

The ball of light continued to shrink, becoming more and more concentrated. Finally, it merged with the Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light into a light as big as a thumb. It became more and more mysterious. The scar that was on it disappeared.

He pointed out with his finger directly at Xiao Yan’s Two Elements Origins-Returning Hammer. It turned out to be a single point of light that seemed to come from the moment of apocalypse.

The moment the two sides came into contact, space and time became dark and twisted.

In the next instant, the Shen Heaven Holy Paradise completely disintegrated!

When Xiao Yan’s power and Yan Xinghe’s power came into contact, a ray of light flashed like a star in the ashes, mysterious and unpredictable. The ethereal light started to explode, and it became unbelievably bright and blinding.

In that instant, the ray of light illuminated everything in the dark and chaotic Netherworld Sea. This world of calamities momentarily appeared bright.

In the limitless amount of light, one could hear a low moan from Yan Xinghe. Starlight flashed all over his body as they sought to protect his retreat.

Xiao Yan’s advance had been stopped too. He remained unmoving in his original position. All over his body, Heaven Apocalyptic Blaze flew, devouring the remnant force and spiritual energy from both sides. His entire body was clad in black fire like a demon.

Yan Xinghe’s expression was frozen and emotionless. Black and white flickered all over his body. His powers, which had weakened, now appeared more powerful. However, his Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light was gone.

Above the head of the Emperor of the Dead, a half-black and half-white Life and Death Netherworld Dao Fruit was suspended in mid-void. Black and white light flashed on it too.

He looked at Xiao Yan and frowned. He tapped lightly with his finger and rays of dark light continued to spin. On those light, an ancient manuscript appeared. As the pages of the book flapped, it was as if the dead had returned back to life. The book seemed to contain the secrets of life and death.

This was his Destiny-level magic treasure, the Life and Death Book.

The Emperor of the Dead slammed his palm down and the Life and Death Book flew up into the air. The image of a world appeared, which looked different Yan Xinghe’s Shen Heaven Holy Paradise. While it did not dark and terrifying, it was filled with the aura of death. Completely gray, one could not see any sign of life.

This world was not dead, but covered with a gray layer, everything appeared to be stationary and unmoving. Everything in the world turned gray and all colors of life were lost.

This was a world different from the Greater World. It was a world of death.

Xiao Yan looked at the Life and Death Book without fear. Instead, he laughed and said, “Emperor of the Dead, I thank you on my father-in-law’s behalf for your Life and Death Book!”

The Destiny-level magic treasure of the Gu Dynasty, the Longevity Lotus Seat, was able to reach its current mastery as Gu Jun had obtained some pages from the Life and Death Book.

The Emperor of the Death said, “Do you think it’s so easy to take advantage of me? The days ahead will be long and hard, for you and Gu Jun!”

As he said that, he slammed down on the book. The world of death formed from the Life and Death Book came down above Xiao Yan’s head. Under his direction, Yan Xinghe started to move too.

The Emperor of the Dead used his hand to continue conjuring spells. He jabbed in the direction of Catastrophe.

At this moment, the Netherworld Sea became even more chaotic. The red pillar formed from Catastrophe shook violently and countless of disasters replaced each other non-stop.

On the other side, Shen Tuze decided to use all his force too. Together with the Emperor of the Dead, he interfered with the Netherworld Sea and Xiao Yan, denying him his advantage.

On the other hand, the Golden Cicada was facing off against Shi Tianhao!

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