History's Number 1 Founder Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416 Who Is First In The Divine Lands?

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Shi Tianhao’s Yingyuan Body and Huangshen Body appeared immediately. The Twelve Divine Generals flew out from the head of his Huangshen Body and then took the shape of the Celestial Sky Formation.

In the Celestial Sky Formation, a majestic city appeared high above it in the nine heavens. This was the City in the Sky.

On top of the City in the Sky, there was a shapeless wheel of light. As it spun, the entire world appeared to spin along with it.

Shi Tianhao lifted his Great Heavenly Wheel and obtained the support of the City in the Sky and the Celestial Sky Formation. Underneath the sky, his body appeared omnipresent. Soon, he was before the Golden Cicada.

The Golden Cicada slammed his palms together and started to chant. The black cicada above his head transformed immediately into a Buddha.

After the Buddha appeared, Saha Flowers started to descend from the sky. Buddhist light shone in all four directions to form a world.

The Buddhist light separated itself from the Celestial Sky Formation. Two worlds appeared to have formed.

Shi Tianhao’s body was at the edge of the Buddhist world.

The Buddhist world and the Celestial Sky were two separate worlds. In the Celestial Sky, he was everywhere all the time. He did not even need to think for him to appear at a particular spot, as he had existed there a long time ago.

However, for him to enter the Buddhist world, it would be an entirely separate matter. Shi Tianhao was unable to enter the Buddhist World through the Celestial Sky Formation as he wished.

He looked at the Buddhist world, which shone with pure, unadulterated light, and frowned. His Huangshen Body lifted the Great Heavenly Wheel and with its terrifying power, he smashed down onto the Buddhist world.

It was as if the Heaven had collapsed and the universe had imploded. The all-powerful energy seemed capable of destroying the Buddhist world.

The Golden Cicada disappeared. In the void, all that was left was the light outline of a Buddha with a huge black cicada underneath it. As the cicada buzzed its wings, the sky became filled with the chirping of cicadas.

The chirping was evidently different from before. No longer a wail, it sounded clearer and cleaner.

The center of the entire Buddhist world was the Golden Cicada. It gave off a gleam like a piece of marble. Ethereal as fog, it resided in the void.

Shi Tianhao used his Great Heavenly Wheel to smash down as he suddenly felt that his target was extremely far away from him.

The Buddhist world paralyzed was able to master the power of change in the world. A short distance became extremely long.

Unlike the Crimson Gorilla Grand Sage’s ability to manipulate space, the Golden Cicada’s technique was much more powerful and mysterious.

Even if Shi Tianhao wanted to break through it, he felt like a tiger biting down on space.

Buddhist chants accompanied the chirping of cicadas in the air. This caused an aura of calm to spread in the void. Instead of becoming anxious, everyone appeared calmer and more at ease. However, they also seemed to have lost their will to fight.

Shi Tianhao’s gaze hardened. He lifted his head to look at the Buddha and the giant cicada, who were at the center of the Buddhist World, and said in an unpleasant tone, “Good, Golden Cicada, you are taking advantage of my comparably weaker understanding of the Way of Karma compared to my Second Senior and Third Senior, right?”

The giant cicada said nothing. The Buddha sat on top of the giant cicada and reached out with a finger. He gently tapped a Saha Flower and a tiny smile crept over his face. He too said nothing.

Shi Tianhao stared at them and suddenly smiled. He appeared more content than the Golden Cicada.

“Golden Cicada, you came from the Antiquity Age, right? You should know about the Satanic Buddha?”

As he said that, his Huangshen Body took a step forward and entered his Yingyuan Body and disappeared. His Yingyuan Body, which was about 30 meters tall, started to grow bigger and bigger.

Shi Tianhao looked at the Golden Cicada and the eyes of his Yingyuan Body started to glow with light. On his forehead, the Taiji Diagram and then disappeared.

However, at the center of his forehead, a jet-black crack started to appear!

The Celestial Sky Formation and the City in the Sky both changed. They turned into a pagoda shining with light.

The pagoda did not appear to have any level. Its entire body was indescribable but as it stood there, it seemed capable of suppressing the heaven. It appeared powerful enough to devour the stars and the moon.

Its vitality now contained a primordial power. While the pagoda appeared extremely mysterious, it also appeared to exist between reality and illusion. No one could track its changes.

The pagoda flew out and combined with Shi Tianhao’s Yingyuan Body. It went straight for his heart.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!” A deep sound resounded. It seemed to come from the depths of everyone’s heart.

Not only did the Golden Cicada feel it, but the Emperor of the Dead, Yan Xinghe, Shen Tuze, Wu Mengqi and the rest all felt this sound from depths of their hearts and souls.

The sound, which resembled heartbeat, was both fast and slow. Everyone felt a sense of frustration rising.

Even Shen Tuze and Wu Mengqi, both of who had immensely strong willpower, rarely felt something like this in their lives. If it did appear, they would quickly eliminate the sensation.

Normally when they cultivated, they had to calm themselves. If not, they would be consumed by their inner demons.

At this moment, however, despite the calm in their hearts, the rapid thumping in their hearts made them increasingly frustrated. They were also unable to get rid of it.

Everyone knew that it was Shi Tianhao’s handiwork.

At this moment, everyone noticed that Shi Tianhao had lifted the Great Heavenly Wheel. Standing underneath the Celestial Sky, the Celestial Sky Formation started to rumble with thunder. That sound crisscrossed with the sound from their hearts, increasing the latter’s effectiveness. As the Great Heavenly Wheel spun, it did not appear as violent but instead, heavier.

Its tempo also matched the beating of their hearts. With each thump, the Great Heavenly Wheel would make one revolution. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, the tempo never changed.

With the support of the Great Heavenly Wheel and the Celestial Sky Formation, Shi Tianhao maximized his own powers.

The Golden Cicada’s mastery of Buddhist teachings was thorough. However, under Shi Tianhao’s influence, the Buddhist world started to become more and more physical and real. No longer was it untouchable and distant.

The Celestial Sky slowly infiltrated the Buddhist world.

As the Buddhist world was pushed back, the Celestial Sky slowly encroached against it. One could then hear Shi Tianhao’s footsteps as he advanced toward the Golden Cicada.

The Buddha on top of the cicada was still calm. The smile on his face did not waver. This time, he stood up on top of the back of the cicada. He closed his hands together to make a gesture and then thrust a palm out at Shi Tianhao.

When he thrust his palm out, the light outline of the Buddha became real. It was as if a real Buddha had descended, not an illusion.

Around the body of the Buddha, one could sense a domineering aura. His palm appeared to envelop the heaven and the earth as it struck out against Shi Tianhao.

The Vairocana Zen Palm Fist Print, the Cakkavala Print!

This was the most powerful Martial Way move in the Divine Lands. It dominated everything and seized control of the heaven and earth.

When Shi Tianhao saw it, a look of interest crossed his face. “Come! Come! Come! Let’s see whose Martial Way is first in the Divine Lands!”

With that, his Yingyuan Body disappeared and his Huangshen Body appeared once more. His Yingyuan Body was absorbed by his Huangshen Body. Bolts of electricity appeared on his body.

As Shi Tianhao’s body expanded in size, he became bigger than the Buddha. He took a step forward and smashed out with his Two Elements Origins-Returning Hammer.

His Two Elements Origins-Returning Hammer was different from Xiao Yan’s. Its essence was not the destruction of the Dao, but instead the change of all things under heaven.

His body was stronger than Xiao Yan’s. With that one hammer, he met the Vairocana Zen Palm Fist Print of the Golden Cicada, shaking the earth.

The point of contact between the two was instantly reduced to nothing.

Shi Tianhao laughed as he punched out again and again. The Buddha, whose form the Golden Cicada took, also used the Vairocana Zen Palm Fist Print non-stop to attack Shi Tianhao. The intensity of the fight between both sides made the sky crumble.

At last, Shi Tianhao absorbed the City in the Sky and the Celestial Sky Formation into his own body. His entire body stood between the heaven and earth. He was so tall that his head reached the top-most level of the Netherworld Sea’s void.

The Buddha, whose form the Golden Cicada took, also started to grow. The black cicada underneath him disappeared and the entire Buddhist world was absorbed into his own body. He too expanded massively in size as he faced off against Shi Tianhao.

When Wu Mengqi saw this scene, he frowned, “This is the equivalent of the Golden Cicada revealing his true form. However, he could still reveal his Buddhist form. Has he merged his demon and Buddhist forms together? The Cosmic Marble Buddha definitely had a hand in this.”

“The Golden Cicada now wanted to fight based on raw strength. I don’t think he will be much weaker than the Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage. However, physical strength has always been an area of weakness for the Golden Cicada…”

Shi Tianhao had the same feeling, but he did not care. All he did was to maximize his Martial Way powers before he battled with the Golden Cicada.

His performance shocked everyone too. “Is he really only in his Immortal Soul Second Level?”

The Golden Cicada too was in awe of Shi Tianhao, but he said nothing. He struck out with his palm. As he held Shi Tianhao off his one hand, he quickly conjured a spell imprint with his other hand.

In the next instant, a black sea appeared in the void. It was completely silent.

When the black sea appeared, the world in the Netherworld Sea started to shake. The red pillar of light that Catastrophe took the shape of started to tremble as well as if it had been startled.

Shi Tianhao’s eyes flashed. He saw that the black sea contained the power to decay everything. Its absolute silence was all the more terrifying.

The silent and horrifying black sea gushed toward Shi Tianhao as it tried to drown him.

At the same time, the Golden Cicada continued his attack.

Shi Tianhao roared. As the Great Heavenly Wheel spin, it provoked the collapse of everything around him. They then turned into a huge wave that made straight for the Golden Cicada.

When the two boundless forms of energy clashed with each other, it triggered the many calamities in the Netherworld Sea, killing everything around it.

Shi Tianhao’s forehead shone with light and the Final Holy Light shot out. It took the shape of a ray of death as it cut the black sea into two!

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