Holy Prison Chapter 2448

Chapter 2448: Into Control 1

Lin Tian heard the anxious meaning in Chu Feng's words, and the Void Ancient Hall instantly grew bigger. Both of them were included in the Void Ancient Hall!

Chu Feng and the others had just entered the Ancient Void Temple, a sharp sword light and a huge scarlet palm were printed on the Ancient Void Temple. The Void Ancient Temple was extremely defensive, but it was trembling under that attack!

The second attack came soon, and the attack intensity was greater than the first one, but the Void Ancient Temple was still very powerful to completely resist the attack!

In the ancient hall of the void, Chu Feng and Lin Tian looked at each other with a sense of fear. If they were just a little slower, they might have to hang up!

"Two masters!"

Lin Tian said solemnly, "The sword light was issued by Teng Xiao, who made that attack? The attack power is even more terrifying than Teng Xiao's attack power!"

"I'm afraid it's not a human!" Chu Feng said, he felt a thick magical thought, that kind of magical thought was even more terrifying than what he felt in the core consciousness of the end!

"Lin Tian, Chu Feng, come out and die!"

Teng Xiao's faint voice sounded, his figure appeared, and Hong Yi's figure also appeared!

The Void Ancient Palace did not stop Chu Feng and the others from seeing them. Chu Feng and Lin Tian's eyes fell on Teng Xiao and Hong Yi, "Hong Yi?" Chu Feng frowned.

"Brother Chu, is he Hongyi?" Lin Tian was a little surprised. The people around Teng Xiao were shrouded in scarlet light at this time, making it difficult to distinguish their true colors.

"I'm afraid that Hongyi has encountered a'good thing'!" Chu Feng frowned, "It seems that his strength is no longer at the level of an ordinary controller! I am afraid he is a controller of the perfect level!"

Lin Tian frowned and said: "The controller of the Consummation level, we have to kill him, I'm afraid it will not be easy!"

"Huh!" Chu Feng nodded, "It is definitely not easy, but the advantage is that if we can kill him, Chaos should be able to surpass reincarnation this time!"

Chaos reincarnation is only when the magical thought reaches a certain level. Killing Hongyi, and then arresting many evil people in the universe, Chaos will lose the power of this reincarnation!

"What are you waiting for?"

Lin Tiandan laughed. He said that he was squeezing the tactics, and a transparent giant sword appeared in the Void Ancient Palace. The giant sword formed and immediately slashed towards Hongyi and the others!

Teng Xiao let out a cold snort, but when the sword in his hand collided with the giant sword, the terrifying power rushed into his body, causing his figure to shake wildly and a blood spurted out immediately!

As soon as Hong took a shot, the huge scarlet palm grabbed the hilt of the giant sword, and Teng Xiao quickly got out of the scope of the giant sword's attack with a great reduction in pressure!

"I'm so angry!"

Teng Xiao's heart was depressed and mad, and he was also a master at any rate. Before being abused by Hongyi, he had no temper. At this time, he almost died under the attack of the giant sword!

Chu Feng and the others looked at each other and saw a little bit of worry in each other's eyes. They knew how powerful the giant sword's attack was. They didn't expect Hong Yi to resist it without being injured.

"Brother Lin, continue to attack!" Chu Feng said solemnly, "If it can't be done in a short time, let's leave Qiankun Dao and return immediately, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous!"

In the Dao of Universe, the attacks from the Ancient Void Temple were more or less suppressed. If they were fighting outside, Chu Feng and the others would have a higher chance of winning and their ability to save lives would naturally be higher!

Lin Tian's tactics were drawn, and a giant sword with a handle was smashed out one after another, Hong Yi's scarlet light masterpiece, within half a minute, hundreds of attacks were all resisted by Hong Yi!

Chu Feng spoke, Lin Tian did not hesitate to immediately let the Void Ancient Temple break through the space and leave, but the space broke open, but the Void Ancient Temple was dragged by the invisible force and could not leave!

"Jiejie, you all have to die!" Hong Yi's voice sounded with a strange smile, "If you honestly become a servant of this seat, this seat can spare your life!"

"Let us become slaves, just rely on you as an ugly thing that can't see people?" Chu Feng's despised voice came out of the Void Ancient Palace. "I told you that it is not your fault to be ugly, you must face your own ugliness and contempt. Your courage! Teng Xiao, you are happy, did you take off your pants and offer your own chrysanthemum?"

"Chu Feng, I want to tear your mouth!" Teng Xiao's cold voice sounded.

The scarlet light on Hong Yi disappeared, and the horrible Hong Yi figure appeared in front of Chu Feng and the others. Hong Yi was still indifferent to ugliness before, and it was indeed ugly right now!

"This seat will make you a seat of this seat!" Hong Yi grinned and said, "Teng Xiao, immediately gather the strong men of the Universe Dao, they can't run away!"

Teng Xiao left immediately as he said, and it didn't take long for him to gather many powerful people in the universe and completely surround the ancient void hall that could not be left!

"Attention everyone, attack together!"

Teng Xiao said solemnly, and suddenly the many powerful men he gathered all shot one by one! The terrifying attack fell on the ancient hall of the void, and the defensive mask of the ancient hall trembled violently but was not broken!

In the ancient hall of the void, Chu Feng and Lin Tian frowned. The ancient hall of the void now blocked the attack, but it does not mean that they can be resisted forever!

Su Wu and Xuanyuanhong also learned the news, but they had no good way to deal with this situation.

"Why can't the Void Ancient Palace leave? Chu Feng, would you like to ask Zhou Yu? Zhou Yu used to be the master of the Consummation Realm, maybe you know it." The magical Shu's voice sounded in Chu Feng's mind.

"It can only be this way."

Chu Feng felt helpless. He thought that the Ancient Void Hall could easily handle Teng Xiao, but he didn't expect that the Ancient Void Hall could not leave!

Zhou Yu was quickly awakened by Chu Feng, and after a few seconds, Zhou Yu already knew what was going on here!

"Chu Feng, this is the attraction of good and evil." Zhou Yu said, "The strength of the demon that Hongyi has turned into is not lower than the old Doomsday Demon in its heyday. The Doomsday Old Demon once prevented me from leaving an area, he I wanted to kill me, but I was lucky to survive several times."

"In this situation, the Ancient Void Hall cannot leave Universe Dao, and you should not be able to. This is a disadvantage; the advantage is that Hongyi and the others must not leave at this time!"

Chu Feng frowned and said, "If Hong Yi makes it like this, he still has enough confidence in himself. Our troubles are not small! Old Zhou, Hong Yi and the others are definitely not allowed to leave?"

"Yes, they are the same too." Zhou Yu smiled lightly.

Chu Feng's eyes lit up slightly: "Lao Zhou, listening to your tone, do you have a way? Don't hide yourself, just say it if you have a way!"

"There are ways, but it depends on God's will." Zhou Yu said.

"Talk about it!"

Zhou Yu faintly smiled and said: "I can help you temporarily increase your control authority of the holy prison to super. If you have super control authority, you can add the aura of goodness!"

"Most of Hong's power is the power of demons. With the aura of good, those demonic powers will have no effect on you! If you can kill him in time, then you will succeed, otherwise we will all be benevolent."

"Lao Zhou, if you helped to increase the control authority, did it hurt you a lot?" Chu Feng said. "Can you still manage the damage at this time? It will be done without death." Zhou Yu smiled lightly.

"You have to face Hongyi alone. Su Wu and Xuanyuan Honglintian's opponent is Teng Xiao."

Chu Feng coughed lightly: "Old Zhou, what kind of aura is added, can I really avoid the damage of the power of the devil? How much time do I have to solve Hongyi?"

"You can't believe me, haha." Zhou Yu said with a light smile, "Even if you can't believe me, you have to believe it this time, otherwise you can only defend but not attack, and sooner or later you will be unable to defend!"

"As for time, you have half an hour. If half an hour is not settled, I will find a way to add some time to you!" Zhou Yu said.

Chu Feng nodded slightly: "Lao Zhou, it is basically impossible to get Hongyi in half an hour. I don't know what way to increase time?"

"I have already told the demon to increase the time, knowing that the demon will help you at that time, and I will help you temporarily increase the control authority of the holy prison."

Zhou Yu's words fell, and his body instantly radiated light, and the entire holy prison space trembled slightly, and Chu Feng felt that the holy prison was rapidly becoming stronger.

At the same time, a warm current flowed from the holy prison into Chu Feng's body, and a little light came out of Chu Feng's body.

Zhou Yu's voice sounded in Chu Feng's mind, and he just said this, and Zhou Yu's figure disappeared just after he said it.

Chu Feng was helpless, Zhou Yu was too eager to do this, he didn't have time to ask if there was any way to increase time!

Without much consideration, Chu Feng appeared outside in an instant. With his mental cultivation base, he could judge that Zhou Yu would not harm him, and Zhou Yu really had no time delay!

"Hongyi old ghost, fight!"

As soon as Chu Feng appeared outside, he rushed towards Hongyi, and at the same time, the powerful attack of the Void Ancient Palace swept towards Teng Xiao and others!

"Looking for death!" A fierce light flashed in Hong's eyes. He didn't evade Chu Feng's attack, and his pitch-black claws grabbed Chu Feng's neck directly!


Hongyi approached Chu Feng, and the pale white light radiating from Chu Feng's body was overwhelming, and the scarlet light emerging from Hongyi clashed fiercely with the pale white light.

Hong Yi's expression changed. He thought that Chu Feng's Yin Ming could not do much harm to him, but the result was beyond his expectation. Yin Ming made a deep hole in him!

And his black claws fell on Chu Feng's body, although it also brought Chu Feng damage, but his claws were not as powerful as Chu Feng's Yin Ming!

"The aura of goodness is really useful!" Chu Feng's confidence in his heart greatly increased. The aura of goodness on his body offset many of the demon powers of Hongyi, so Hongyi's attack and defense were much reduced!

"Hongyi, take my sword again!" Chu Feng said, his fighting spirit climbed frantically to attack the violent storm and poured out towards Hongyi!

Hongyi wanted to avoid Chu Fengs edge, but he found a problem. The power of the devil and the aura of goodness on Chu Feng attracted each other. It is easy for him to be 100 meters away from Chu Feng, but it is more difficult for him to be away from Chu Feng. Meter distance is very difficult!

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