Human God Of One Piece Chapter 17

17 Nico Robin

Larch: Alright Mars transform back to human and come back we have to get going with the plans.


Hearing Larch, Mars became disappointed, but he still transform back to human.

Larch: For the next part of the plan, everyone spread out to search for Miss Sunday.

Kuina: Larch-kun what about this guy?

Larch: Mars carry him around and don't let him escape.

Mars: Aye big brother.

Kuina: In case he escapes you can try your new power in him.

As Mars was untying Crocodile and putting him over his shoulder he heard Kuina knowing that he put Crocodile on the ground.

Mars: Go go you can go, no one is going to catch you again.

Crocodile: "You dumbass after hearing that even if i was in good health i wouldn't try anything with monsters like you."

Larch: Spread out.

Everyone: Aye.

After a while.

Kuina: Larch-kun i found her.

Larch which was about 50 meters away heard Kuina with his Observation(Kenbunshoku) Haki.

In the street.

???: Hi miss sunday or should i call you Robin, Nico Robin.

As Robin heard someone speak her name, she tensed up and started running.

???: Calm down i just want to ask you to read something for me. It's better for you to cooperate.

Robin felt a huge pressure on her, the moment she started running.

Robin: Okay i will do it, can you release me please.

Larch: Sure.

As he said the pressure vanished as if it wasn't even there. Getting up she saw the ones talking with her.

Robin: Who are you?

Larch: I am Larch the captain Sword Demon Pirates.

Robin: Ok what do you want for me to read?

Larch: We will get there.

Tomb of the Kings.

Crocodile: It's supposed to be here.

Larch: I have found it. Let's go.

As they walked they found a huge stone with writings on it.

Larch: Robin read it and tell me what it says.

Robin: A Poneglyph? How can it be? What do i gain if i translate it for you?

Larch: Lets' see your performance before anything.

As Robin read the Poneglyph it spoke of very events that occur trough the years.

Robin: Pluton location is beneath The Mary Geoise.

Larch: Robin there is no use lying i can see through your lie. I recommend you to tell me the place.

As Robin read the line of the Poneglyph she realised that it had to be destroyed. As she raised her hands to use her devil fruit she became unconscious.

Nojiko: Larch-kun it seems to be that it's location is beneath the Tomb of Kings.

As Nojiko spoke her hands her covered in a purple reddish light.

Larch: Good job. You are getting better at your powers was that the Illusion Spell.

Nojiko: Yes.

Larch: So it's beneath this....

Mars: Shall we break the floor?

Larch: Don't! There must be some way to reach there, but it may not even be here. Beth, Kuina you take Robin and Crocodile and go outside and wait for us in the ship.

Kuina: Why us?

Larch: In case of extreme emergency the fewer the best.

Kuina: Okay.

She said depressed, but she still picked Robin and Crocodile up and went outside.

As Larch sensed that they had left.

Larch: Mars do it. Nojiko came here.

Mars: Crushing Tiger.

As he heard permission Mars lifted his arms up way then brought them down at the same time he crouched. As his hands with the gauntlets touched the ground the floor broke completely, making the three of them falling to the dark.

Larch: Mars come here. Nojiko use the Light spell.

Mars: Aye.

Nojiko: Yes Larch-kun.

Mars kicking the air went near them, while Nojiko lighted their surroundings.



Larch: That is the sound of water running. Nojiko prepare to create a small boat. Mars take the damage of the fall.

No one of them respond as they were concentrating in the task so they only just nodded their head.

Larch: Don't forget Mars that as you are now a Devil Fruit User and you can't swim and will feel weak.

Mars: I know big brother.






As they were falling to the water Mars took the damage by serving as a mattress then to make time for Nojiko, Larch cutted everything around them including the water his speed was so high that the water became steam. In that window of opportunity Nojiko created a wood boat so that they both could sail.

Larch: Good job. Nojiko how is your energy reservations?

Nojiko: I can make about 3 small spells or 1 small and 1 middle.

Larch: Okay then don't overdo as we may need in times of necessary and emergency. I will search the Pluton now protect me.

Saying that he put in a meditation stance as he begun to concentrate in his Observation Haki at the same time Nojiko and Mars stayed in absolute concentration observing if any dangers my come.

Larch: I think i found it. Mars propel us forward then left.

Mars: Aye.

Doing Crunching Tiger again but this time on water send them flying with the boat, almost separating in the process.

Larch: Let me do it again. Yes i found it. Mars one more time forward.

Doing Crunching Tiger again it propel them forward all this time Nojiko was lighting the surroundings so when they came close Pluton they were shocked to find a enormous ship.

Larch: We have found it. The Pluton. One of the ancient weapons. Let's go take a look, Mars.

Mars: Yes big brother.

Holding both of them he jumped from the boat to Pluton deck.

Mars: Woah what a ship. It's all made of metal but i don't recognize this metal.

Larch: Let's go inside. There should be instructions how to use it.
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