Hunters: The Prequel Book 1 Chapter 47

Volume 1: Hunter Hunted Chapter 47 La Familia

On a lonely road a luxurious carriage was making its way back home. The horses were big and stout, their strong hooves producing the most pleasing of sounds as they gently hit against the road surface. The carriage driver had the reins beside him, proof that he had enough trust in his horses. And why not, for who knew them better than him. They were more than capable of finding the way back on their own. His presence was for security measures. His skills of navigation only came in handy when they faced an ambush, and required a quick getaway. But for now, his interest was on scanning their path for any inconsistences and threats.

"So, what did you talk about?" Rosa asked Kahn. She had moved from her end of the carriage to his. Her encroachment of his personal space portrayed just how curious she was. And why wouldn't she be? Upon returning from the washroom she found out that the atmosphere had changed. Luis had a very happy smile on his face and seemed way friendlier to Kahn than he was before. It was almost as though he had been given a huge gift (well she was the gift- not that she knew anyway). Then again, their parting words did nothing to curb her curiosity, only serving as a fan to the already blazing flames.

"Are you sure?"

She recalled Luis saying to Kahn after walking with them to the entrance of his home. This act was in itself suspicious. After all, that was the task of the servants, with very important guests seen out by the head butler. Only closely bonded friends would do such a thing. And to Rosa's knowledge, they were not. It seemed Luis had been told something that had shaken his usually composed mind. So much so that he didn't even realise he was serving as their escort.

"Positive. But, I can't think of anything to help you out. You'd just have to depend on your own brilliance for this."

That was Kahn's answer to Luis. The lack of formality in their conversation made her understand one thing: they had gotten very close after she left the hall. The reason for this was obviously the 'secret' conversation they had in her absence. This advancement in their relationship made Rosa all the more itchy to know what was going on. And like thirsty deer, she was eager to find that stream.

"Can't you stop insisting on this? I told you, it shouldn't be your concern." Kahn spoke whilst rubbing his horns, a sign of his frustration.

He couldn't even remember how many times he had said no. Since the beginning of this journey, he had been hounded by her to give up the information. Initially, it was alright. He just gazed outside the window as he ignored her. After seeing him ignoring her first few attempts, she left her seat and came to his. It was now impossible to ignore her. Her persistent questioning had given him a headache. This in itself was a sign of how much of a pest Rosa was being right now. The reason? Well, Greater Celestials did not fall ill. Things like headaches and even more seriously, migraines, were never their portion.

It wasn't the first time he had gotten a headache because of her. When you live with Rosa long enough, you get used to them. All of a sudden, he started to pity Luis. If that genius was to get together with his sister, he would also go through this. On the bright side, she wouldn't be his problem anymore.


"Ouch" Kahn yelled in pain, surprised at the source of it. Rosa had her eyes glued to him. She was obviously irritated that he wasn't paying her any heed. Her fingers curled up again, as she readied her fist for another shoulder smack.

"Wait, no stop. Don't you have any patience? You'd find out eventually. It would be a huge surprise for you, really."


"I hate surprises."

Kahn's words were clearly not to her liking. His yelp of pain was testament to that. He knew she wasn't really upset though. Her attacks were painful, but not enough to cause any injury. It was an indication that she wasn't wielding any energy. She wasn't even attacking with half of her physical strength. If she was, he would be dead by now.

Outside the carriage, the driver was startled by the slight bump. The carriage was soundproof, so he had no idea what was going on. However, he had been the carriage driver of the Romano family for several decades now. His main task was to ferry the two siblings around. The disturbance was nothing new to him.

"Poor Master Kahn. He must be getting his ass whooped right now." He sighed gently, speaking to no one in particular. The horses neighed in response, almost as if they understood him.

"You should keep your jeering tones to yourself" he said. "The Young Master would deal with you if he found out you were mocking him" he spoke lightly with a refreshing smile on his face.


The horse on the right grunted softly as if in mockery as it shook its tail, hitting the driver in his face. The soft laughter of the driver echoed on this quiet road as the carriage shook a few more times.

"Patience? You are talking about patience? If I was a patient fellow, would I have gone to the Diaz's in the first place? Wouldn't I have waited for Max?"

Rosa fumed as she punched her brother a few more times. Anyone who knew her was aware that she had no patience. She was called 'The Meteor'. Which meteor was known for its softness and patience?

Kahn had his body curled up, a comical sight for one so big. Especially seeing that his assaulter was a pretty, smaller woman.

"I'm serious Ro-Ro. I cannot say. But trust me. When you do find out, you would be very happy. If I was to tell you now, it would ruin everything."

Kahn peeked through his fingers to see her reaction. He breathed a sigh of relief when he heard her say, "Fine then", and move back to her seat.

He thought silently to himself, "How am I the heir apparent?"

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