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  • Hyperspace Transmigration

  • Genres : Sci-Fi -  fanfiction
  • Status : Ongoing
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Hyperspace Transmigration summary:

The terminally ill young Li Yue obtained a treasure that could travel through time and space and started his own journey through time…Volume One, Marvel…- Description from MTL

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Hyperspace Transmigration Chapters

Time uploaded
: Name2 months ago
: 42 months ago
Vol 6 Chapter 6:2 months ago
: Digression2 months ago
: Tweet Comments2 months ago
: :nagging2 months ago
: : I'm Li Yue2 months ago
: Tucao 12 months ago
: Say 12 months ago
Chapter 89: Come2 months ago
Chapter 80: Start2 months ago
Chapter 78: Trace2 months ago
: Take A Look2 months ago
Chapter 66: Thor2 months ago
Chapter 55: Army2 months ago
Chapter 49: Power2 months ago
Chapter 47: Mood2 months ago
Chapter 37: Force2 months ago
Chapter 30: Task2 months ago
Chapter 25: Guess2 months ago
Chapter 15: Test2 months ago
Chapter 8: Myth2 months ago
Chapter 4: Means2 months ago
Chapter 1: Marvel2 months ago
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