Hyperspace Transmigration Book 9 Chapter 76

Vol 9 Chapter 76: 1 Cut Truth

Boundless rays of light bloomed in the palm of Li Yue's palm, and colorless fires burned and boiled. In this flame, the small dots of civilization dominating roared and struggled, roaring constantly. .

"How can I fail, add life to everything, and immortal civilization."

The brilliance of civilization blooms, condensed into an endless civilization catalogue, the beginning of its origin, crazy vibration.

"It's useless."

Li Yue's face was expressionless, always calm as water.

"You should die for so long."

"Everything about you will be transformed into the purest provision, into the most essential source of power, yours is mine, and mine is always mine."

Li Yue said indifferently, the boiling flame in his hand was always burning, and with the passage of time it became more and more terrifying and more shocking.

A trace of invisible power was extracted, and if oil was refined, it would be continuously squeezed out and submerged in his body.

Domination of civilization, the small world of six dimensions, and even the big universe that has been in ruins, are flying brilliance, swarming in all directions, little by little, sinking into Li Yue's body.

"Do not!"

The ruler of civilization roared, and until now did he want to understand that Li Yue's goal from beginning to end was to refine himself and sacrifice himself to the origin of the universe.

Although he didn't know what mystery was in this, he knew that once he was sacrificed, he would undoubtedly die, completely fall, and there would be no possibility of starting again.

"Why, why with my strength, how can I be inferior to you?"

He was extremely unwilling. The failure in this final battle was beyond his expectations, and the failure so fast was beyond his imagination.

He had planned for so long and endured for so many years, and many of his back players hadn't used it yet, and he actually failed like this. The defeat was simply and swiftly.


Li Yue smiled indifferently, "Because your heart is too small."

"The way of sacrifice is indeed a trail, but it has never been my law."

"It's just a tool for me. It's a pity that you don't even have the strength to make me really work. It really disappoints me."

The master of civilization is constantly being refined, and the horrible aura on his body is constantly weakening. No matter how hard he struggles, no matter how resistance he resists, he is unable to recover.

I don't know how long it took, maybe one hundred million years, maybe one trillion years, the essence of the vast and vast body that civilization dominates was finally drained and turned into the purest source of power.

"I can not be reconciled."

He roared, but still turned to ashes.

The ruler of a generation of civilizations, the original master who wanted to destroy the world, just died in Li Yue's hands, but Li Yue did not fluctuate.

In the palm of his hand, a group of pure original power rolled, exuding boundless aura.

With a move in his heart, another huge source of power flew out in his body, submerged in it, and merged into one.

This is the pure origin obtained by compulsory sacrifice of the endless life in the universe before, and now it merges with the origin obtained by the master of refining civilization and becomes even greater.



Li Yue frowned slightly, looked at the invisible force in his palm, and immediately looked at the Gate of the Other Side and the Gate of Truth.

"Then go ahead!"

He squinted slightly and flicked his fingers.


The gate of the other side and the gate of truth suddenly exploded, turning into nothingness, and directly exploding into two clusters of brilliant light.

With a wave of Li Yue's palm, an invisible and colorless flame enveloped the two beams of light, constantly tempered, and immediately the power of pure origin was extracted little by little.

This again took a lot of time.

I don't know how long it took, the colorless universe's origin power was ready, Li Yue lifted his palm slightly, his eyes were inexplicable.

"Finally, it's time."

After preparing for so long and planning for so long, it is finally about to start.

Now, in this big universe, except for Li Yue, everything has disappeared.

All matter and energy, all life and non-life, were completely plundered and turned into ashes in the previous sacrifice.

In the entire universe, there is only Li Yue,

And the huge source in his hand represents the essence of all sentient beings, and it is also the beginning of his long plan.

"Such a large group of origins is almost equivalent to six or seven of the origins of the entire universe."

"So, enough for the next step."

Isnt it just for today?

Isn't it just for this moment to wipe out all life?

Passing on the way of sacrifice, swallowing all universes, and forcibly planting the seeds of sacrifice in the bodies of countless lives, broke out completely in the last battle, and made the final stroke with all beings in the world.


Li Yue whispered.

As soon as he lifted his palm, the invisible source submerged into the void in the dark.


The entire universe is trembling at this moment.

In the depths of the big universe, in the six-dimensional truth space, Li Yue once submerged into a large amount of cosmic origin where the sacrificial projections were so divided.

The projection began to grow wildly, and grew wildly.

A feeling of controlling the world keeps increasing and deepening.

The origin of the universe is a whole, which represents everything in the universe. The origin of the universe has evolved everything, sentient beings, and the boundless iron law.

Controlling a huge amount of the origin of the universe is equivalent to controlling a part of the universe, and the origin in Li Yue's hands is equivalent to six or seven tenths of the universe, which is extremely terrifying.

After that group of origin was sacrificed to the sacrificial projection, Li Yue felt the irrelevant relationship between himself and the universe, and the feeling of controlling everything came to life.

However, this feeling is still far from the eternal realm of omniscience and omnipotence in the legend.

"Sure enough ~wuxiaworld.online~Even if I control the universe, it just becomes stronger. Compared with the real six-dimensional level, it is still a thousand miles away."

Li Yue smiled indifferently.

This did not make him any change, always calm.

It's just a pity in my heart that those predecessors, their pursuit all the time, is really wrong.

The universe is not.

Even if a small world of six dimensions comparable to the big universe is created, it cannot represent the eternal state of the six dimensions.

The path of civilization dominance is wrong, and Li Yue's previous plan was also wrong. Truth, chaos, Pangu, and system are all wrong.

"Because the vision is too low!"

"If it hadn't been for my forced attempt to prove the existence of eternity, I wouldn't have a glimpse of the mystery of eternity."

Standing in the boundless void, Li Yue recalled the scene of proving the Dao in his heart.

At the moment when the iron rule was constructed, his eternal iron rule collapsed, but he saw a mass of light that could not be said, understood, or proved to exist.

At first he didn't know what it was, but later he understood, maybe that is eternity, that is the secret of eternal realm.

I accidentally spied on it.

At that moment, Li Yue overthrew all his plans, reorganized the layout, and created the method of sacrifice, step by step plan.

Now, even if he has the power to control the universe and possesses unparalleled power, he still feels that he is too far from the mystery that he had peeped into.

But on this point, he had a certain number in his mind.

His vision has already surpassed this big universe.

Therefore, he just said that the vision of civilization is too low and the pursuit is too low, and it is destined to be only his stepping stone.

"So, let's start now!"

(To be continued...)

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