Hypnosis System Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Another day of work

Waking up in the morning and feeling his body heavy, he looks around and see Rebeca seating on him with half of her body.

Remembering last night, he smiles at the feeling he got by having sex with her "Haaa... it felt so goo-" before finishing his thought Rebeca stirs besides him and opens her eyes slowly looking around before she looks at him, smiling she says.

"Morning honey, how are feeling?", looking at her naked body more exactly her tits, moving along with her body, Mike little buddy starts walking up faster than him and before he knows he's hard.

He takes Rebeca's hand and guides her to his cock saying. "Rebeca looks you need to do you job in the mornings" he says with a smile waiting for her to start working.

After a quick blowjob from Rebeca, he rose up from the bed walking towards the bathroom for a shower with Rebeca behind him, both washing each other's body.

Finishing their shower both of them start dressing and Rebeca goes first to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

While he was waiting for her to make breakfast, he gets a call from his boss at work "Hi Master, I called you because you didn't come at work, do you know that it's 10:30 and work starts at 9...

But don't worry, I spoke with Dan and told him that you will be late today and I know this already, so everything is fine, I'm waiting for you to come, bye Master".

"She closed the call before I could even say something to her, well after eating I will go, but before that let's see [System]"

- System Panel -

System level: 8

Points for next level: 8130/13000

Hypnosis Points: 4730


Name: Mike Reed

Age: 19


Health: Healthy

Will: 51


Inspect - Inspect a person and see his details, host must see the target.

Hypnosis - "Host can hypnotise a person at his choice, host need to look at the target in the eyes or to touch them when he uses this skill, the skill is based on the host will, the more will host has the better chances are to succed, if the target has lower will than the host hypnosis will have a 90% chance to work on the target. Host can rise his will by puting his HP (hypnosis points) in will stat." -"Host can make the target to remember the order and execute it as if it were normal for the target to do such a thing!"

- Trigger for waking up the target: clapping your hands

- "Host can use [Hypnosis] on the target of his choice without looking at them in the eyes or touching them, but the host needs to be close to the target".

- Quest Tab -

- Quest 4 -

- Requirements: Hypnotise two specific targets

Target Name: Ares Kim

Coordinates: xx41 - xx53 , the system will guide you to the specific location

Target Name: John Star

Coordinates: xx31 - xx25 , the system will guide you to the specific location

- Penalties: Deducing all HP, exp (HP) and losing the chance to get a new quest

- Rewards: 2/3 part of a new skill and 4000 HP, and unlocking a new quest, host will acquired the skill once he gets all the parts

- Time: 2 days

"Ma... Mast... Master!!! , Master breakfast is ready" hearing her calling him, he wakes up from his thoughts and starts eating.

"Rebeca don't you have to go to work?"

"Master I start at 14:00", "Oh oke, I will see you tonight then" rising up from the table he goes to her and starts kissing her normal and then with his tongue leaving her breathless for a few seconds and she smiles at him saying "Master have a good day at work".

Leaving the house he walks towards his work place waiting to make some points today.

While Mike is going to work, Rebeca cleans the table and starts thinking about what happened with the relationship between them, what changed her mentality in thinking that she is alright with the role of maid and master.

"I don't remember when this transition happened but as his mother this shouldn't be happening...and yet here I'm having sex with my son and calling him 'Master' it feels 'normal' for me to do this...did I always address him this way?"

"When it comes to him I feel like he is my first priority to please and listen to what he has to say and do his biddings... very strange, but it looks like I've been his slave...no his maid for some time I think?, I don't have any answers so I will listen to him, he's my Master!".

Spending some time with this thoughts and resting on the couch time passes and she prepares herself for work.

Locking the door after her, Rebeca takes her car and drive to work preparing for another stressful day.

Arriving at the company, she parks the car and walks inside taking the elevator to floor 6 where her office is, hoping for today to be a little bit less stressful than usual.

7 hours pass and she is glad that the time is almost over and nothing unusual happened, still remembering the odd feeling from last time when she had that conversation with that person.

Receiving a call at the last 15 min from finishing her work time, she answers and start talking with the client while not paying attention to her surroundings, someone is observing her from outside of her office through the glass window.

After finishing the conversation with the client she looks around her office and walks outside to be sure that no one is staring at her office, because when she talked with the client she felt like someone was staring at her through the glass window.

When the clock hits 22:00 she starts arranging her documents on the desk for tomorrow, closing the laptop she rise up and walks out of the office closing the door with her keys, she walks towards the elevator and when she press the floor button a hand stops the door from closing scaring her a little.

When the elevator door opens a head comes in her vision and she regains her confidence knowing who the person is.

The person who enters inside the elevator with her is another colleague who works on the same post as her and his name is Raul, from what she heard about him it's that 'he is working hard and he is a good guy nothing bad about him'...well at least that's what she heard, she rarely spoke with him.

"Hello Rebeca, are you going to the ground floor?"

"Yes, did you have a stressful client? from the look on your face you look tired" while pressing the button he answers.

"I did have some difficults clients, but everything worked out so it's oke"

Making small talk with him the elevator arrives at the ground floor and both of them are walking out, going towards their own cars.

"Well drive safe and see you tomorrow Rebeca" he says smiling at her.

"See you tomorrow Raul" closing the car's door she starts driving home thinking about her Master if he would require her service tonight.

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