I Am Supreme Chapter 843

When Mr. Nian heard what Yun Yang had said, his immaculately sculpted face immediately twisted in fury. He trembled with rage, hissing through gritted teeth, "Supreme Cloud, since this is the final battle, it should be completed between the two of us, shouldn't it?"

"I understand what you mean. You're wary of Lingxi's mystical red light. Despite having God's Bones as an advantage, you still don't dare to meet her, fully intending to provoke me to duel one to one against you. It doesn't matter, I shall fulfill your wish," answered Yun Yang faintly.

Mr, Nian smirked menacingly and said, "Then, what are you waiting for?"

He emitted a drawn-out howl.

"Back then, you had the blood debt of your brothers to avenge. Right now, I have my brothers' blood debt to claim as well. Let's see to whom destiny finally belongs to. Let us see whether the nine dragons triumph in the heavens for eternity or the Four Seasons sink forever!"

Yun Yang laughed.

"I wonder if your brothers who are under the Nine Springs will die again from anger when they hear you calling them brothers now. The downfall of the Four Seasons is guaranteed. Why are you repeating it time and again?"

Mr. Nian let out a loud roar. He had already sprung into the air. Once he struck, he gave it his all; the momentum was formidable.

The force of Mr. Nian's attack this time was entirely different from his previous blows. It bore the combined force of two individual people!

Previously, his combat style was refined and sophisticated; leisurely at ease and the flows exuded a cultured nobility. Now, it was filled with savage bloodlust; like a ferocious flame eager to slaughter the world, it was wild and self-absorbed!

If Mr. Nian's previous manner of conduct was said to be laced with a superior's dignified air that could impress others, especially his unhurried and tasteful elegance that was appealing, Mr. Nian was only left with ruthlessness now! Brutal and heinous, it was blood-curdling evil personified!

Even as it struck fear in those who faced him, it evoked hatred as well!

In spite of this, there was no doubt that the cultivation base and power Mr. Nian displayed now was earth-shattering and shocking. Just by raising his arm, he could cause billowing gales; the shrill noise of air piercing through pained the ears.

By gathering all of God's Bones into himself, Mr. Nian's capability had grown by three-folds.

Yun Yang raised his palm fiercely to welcome the strike, intending to test out Mr. Nian's current level of power. The moment both blows met, however, Yun Yang felt a quake course through his body and he was unexpectedly flung hundreds of feet away.

Although he had been thrown far by the menacing palm strike, Yun Yang landed safely with a somersault, as did the rock that had been weighing him down internally.

Mr. Nian's enhancement was shocking, but it felt hollow like he could barely win by a hair's breadth, even if he were to get any stronger.

"Supreme Cloud, how does my strike feel?"

"This is all there is to merging all of God's Bones?"

"All to it? This is more than enough to take you down!"

Yun Yang laughed in incredulity.

"You can't fully unleash the God's Bones maximum power by merging them forcibly like this, can you? Is this combat power within your estimation? Are you disappointed?"

Mr. Nian said nothing else as he immersed himself in combat. As the war went on, his attacking momentum grew increasingly aggressive and furious. Obviously, the force contained within Mr. Nian did not stop here. As the battle progressed, new energy birthed before the old one died. It was endless and intense, a petrifying force indeed!

However, Mr. Nian was well aware of how right Yun Yang was.

His cultivation base was elevated, very much so, but the issue now lied in his inability to evoke God's Bones maximum power. Growing stronger as he fought was only temporary. It was only due to his explosive escalation of skill that his attacking momentum had increased.

When the battle raged on, God's Bones would resist each other due to different reasons and then, his combat power would recede!

Mr. Nian knew as much. It was impossible to homogenize them entirely to the point where they fit without any complaints, something that could not be accomplished without some thirty to fifty years of familiarization. There were too many supplementary factors missing in this bone fusion process. There were too many relevant conditions that were lacking. It could even be said that the fusion of God's Bones this time around was a total failure.

He could use the bones temporarily now and could even fight with a combat power exceeding his previous state, but when the battle ended and he returned, he had to pick out each piece and embed them again respectively!

In other words, he had to repeat the process of cutting his flesh and picking out his bones, enduring cycles of torture again!

Not only that, there were more serious consequences

He looked like he was in excruciating pain, but countless waves of saber light and sword energy spurted from him. As his right hand waved, saber light spilled like a glowing curtain; as his left hand flicked, sword energy crisscrossed.

Following his movements, the force of frost and snow spread from his chest. Frost and ice were also forming around his cervical vertebra. Subsequently, they turned into ice daggers and flew out in a spiraling cone of death.

There was mystical energy that was gradually surging across his legs as well. Both his legs seemed to be dancing with the wind and clouds. With wind carrying his left leg and clouds cushioning his right, he was airy and lithe, moving about freely.


The changes happening within Mr. Nian now were almost impossible to describe. Almost every part of his body had distinctive forces slowly showing their presence. All sorts of unimaginable mystical powers were bustling and pouring out incessantly.

However, as these abilities showed up like mushrooms after a shower, Mr. Nian looked increasingly afflicted.

Yun Yang gave up his offensive moves to defend himself. He focused all his attention and mind on evading the attacks that seemed to be coming everywhere, spinning, rolling, and bending. It appeared that he was caught on the losing end, a critical situation, but his gaze became calmer as he moved.

He resembled a small boat amidst the raging sea, drifting and heaving, following the waves and wind. It looked as though the boat would capsize at any time, but it was actually safe.

Mr. Nian attacked ceaselessly, his assaults supported by countless mystical forces. Yun Yang avoided them with growing agility, his body light like he had recovered his cloud manifestation ability. Despite the massive onslaught of forces, they were futile.

Seeing that his prolonged attacks were in vain, Mr. Nian bellowed, "Yun Yang, I'd love to see how long you are going to continue to scurry away. My mystical Qi is endless. I don't even have to use my personal mystical Qi cultivation base. The power of God's Bones can let me fight you to the end of the world! Come, accept your death willingly!"

Yun Yang answered coldly, "Since you're so powerful, who are you showing your agonized face to? Are you trying to seek sympathy? Right, so many different God's Bones fighting in your body it mustn't feel good. Let's see if you'll kill me by exhaustion or you'll first be killed from the unbearable pain of rejection!"

The muscles on Mr. Nian's face twisted. It was not something he could control. He wanted to control it, he wanted to show his graceful ease. He was unable to do it, however, not the least bit.

The excruciating torment was draining his self-control. Being able to keep himself from shouting and screaming was already an achievement as he poured his all in to achieve this deceptive state of calm. Therefore, each word he wanted to say now was growled out at the loudest volume possible.

It was likely that he could lessen some of the indescribable pain using this method.

As the battle intensified, the wretched misery Mr. Nian had to endure amplified as well.
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