I Am Supreme Chapter 844

As it was, his cultivation base was formidable, but the torment he had to go through all at once was equally terrifying.

Mr. Nian had hoped to verbally provoke Yun Yang into counterattacking him wildly to end the battle as soon as possible, in addition to venting his repressed anguish, but the latter had no plan to be goaded into a fight.

Every style and form of Mr. Nian was dealt out with full force, but each technique missed its target, lashing out in futility.

Under Mr. Nian's extraordinary attacks, dust and grain flew off Tianxuan Cliff. Gravel took flight while the surrounding trees were uprooted, hovering in the air.

However, Yun Yang was like a slippery eel. Evasive and lithe, his movements were like the very air itself. No matter what attack came his way, he refused to parry them with another attack of his own!

Mr. Nian was enraged. He roared and waded in, but it was in vain.

There was only regret brimming within him now.

Supreme Cloud's elusive skill was known to be able to avoid any attack in this world it really did seem rather unfitting for him to do what he did; it was not even reaping an insignificant outcome. In fact, it was practically useless

Mr. Nian familiarized himself with the rhythm he was in as the battle went on. He got used to the flow of God's Bones power within him as he slowly searched for a pattern. As he did so, he racked his mind for a countermeasure, a tailored strategy against Yun Yang.

Yun Yang was avoiding his attacks without fighting back anyway. He was not really a threat to Mr. Nian. While it was difficult to lock down onto Yun Yang, Yun Yang was similarly powerless against Mr. Nian.

When Mr. Nian thought about it this way, the weight upon him lessened a little. He even felt somewhat fortunate.

If Yun Yang continued to avoid his assault without countering, he would be at a loss. Waiting for Mr. Nian to crumble from the retaliation of the God's Bones was a joke. If they fought on, it would only allow Mr. Nian familiarity with the divine power. Once he could discover the cooperative pattern of God's Bones and an effective method to match his flesh and blood to them, Mr. Nian's capability could escalate further from how it was now to an unimaginable height.

By that time, a regretful death was the only end for Supreme Cloud under Mr. Nian's ferocious attacks, no matter how evasive he was.

Furthermore, as Mr. Nian's physical self slowly bonded with God's Bones, it was probable that he would not suffer as much as he did now!

This battle, this awful state, would instead be Mr. Nian's opportunity a turning point!

As he thought about it, Mr. Nian was actually elated. The numbness, the itching, the pain, the soreness, the prickling torment, the saber hacks, and sword slashes The affliction upon him actually felt much more alleviated.

As long as he persevered, not only was victory his, a more glorious life was awaiting him!

Mr. Nian's attacks were as powerful as ever, a wild storm and thunder, striking out consistently.

Ji Lingxi, as well, could see that Mr. Nian was obviously experimenting perhaps, adapting to something. Like a powerfully-built person who was adjusting to an intricately forged and incredibly hefty weapon, his combat strength was mediocre during the beginning phases of use, but once he succeeded in familiarization, the resulting future would be unimaginably terrifying.

"Yun Yang, counter him!"

Ji Lingxi could not help crying out, "You can't let him go on adapting!"

"This is the last battle. How can I not let Mr. Nian enjoy to his heart's content?" Yun Yang replied with a grin.

Ji Lingxi was speechless.

'Your mystical Qi cultivation base is evidently so much worse than his! You're only barely dealing with him, even with your remarkable skill. This much is clear. If his cultivation base elevates, your skill may very well be ineffective.'

'It's so precarious now and you're playing with your enemy? Aren't you afraid of playing yourself to death?'

Ji Lingxi was anxiously stomping her foot.

'You aren't normally so pedantic and dumb; what demeanor are you insisting on adopting when facing your nemesis?'

'You truly do not want him to have regrets? Do you want him to have a blast?'

'From whom did you learn this lousy theory from?'

In spite of this, no matter how panicked Ji Lingxi was, Yun Yang stubbornly went his way.

Mr. Nian laughed.

"Supreme Cloud indeed. An extremely sincere man, the saint of warriors! I'm very impressed! I truly am!"

Yet, he thought to himself, 'This is the shortcoming of those who call themselves upright, ethical men. Overly scrupulous, strictly adhering to this and that rule, disallowing this or that, and insisting stubbornly'


'The deaths of so-called heroes since the start of the time were basically on their own heads!'

Mr. Nian was so close to saying this principle he held true in his heart aloud.

Despite feeling the excruciation pain in his body gradually increase, it also meant that a certain fusion was rapidly forming within him due to the high-intensity battle. At the same time, Mr. Nian hammered away, despite the suffering. An abrupt sense of gratification that inexplicably rose within his heart surged accordingly.

The battle had gone on for ten hours!

Yun Yang continued to avoid the attacks throughout the lengthy war. It seemed risky, but he was actually safe, not even a single wound had been inflicted upon him.

As for Mr. Nian, he looked like he was going to die at any time, his expression tortured, but he attacked persistently with full force, barely slowing down. If anything, he was growing more powerful.

As the battle carried on, Mr. Nian's movements looked more at ease. Where God's Bones had been installed within him, there was a subtle glow that not even flesh and blood could obscure. Now, however, the gleaming radiance was slowly vanishing. It was apparent that God's Bones were gradually merging with Mr. Nian!

Sometime along the battle, Mr. Nian's mystical Qi grew as well. It was endless. If Mr. Nian's cultivation base was said to have grown three times from his original self, it was at least five times more now

Mr. Nian was controlling it as best as he could, hiding it carefully so Yun Yang would not realize his true capacity. He was terrified of Yun Yang forcing a stop to his adaptive process once he knew about it.

The fight plodded on.

As God's Bones fused and his capability heightened, Mr. Nian was even more disdainful of Yun Yang.

The four pieces of God's Bones returned by Yun Yang were amazing. They felt much more effective than the rest of God's Bones combined! The divine force contained within was magnificent, but what was more delightful was that there had not been any sense of discomfort since they were lodged into his body.

Where his upper spine bone, shinbone, spine, and breastbone were, refined spiritual Qi was exuded constantly. Their essences were still differing powers of sword, snow, frost, and ice but they seemed to be also maintaining his original mystical strength, soothing the damage the other God's Bones had caused from repelling each other.

It could even be said that without these four pieces of bones, Mr. Nian's fusion this time would not have been so smooth. The agony would have been twice the torment it was now!

These four pieces of God's Bones, as mentioned, had been given by Yun Yang the fool!
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