I Am Supreme Chapter 845

These four pieces of God's Bones were already within his possession and had been nourished to this extent. No one could accuse him of anything if he opted not to hand them over, but he had to act nobly perhaps it could be said that he wanted to play a mind trick. Instead, he had now trapped himself.

Supreme Cloud had handed over the God's Bones - and Supreme Cloud would lose his life by doing so.

What a delight!

Just a fleeting thought caused Mr. Nian to feel very much soothed.

Two more hours passed.

Mr. Nian felt that no matter how aggressively he launched his attacks, not only was the mystical Qi within him not expended, it continued to replenish itself to the brim. There was even a subtle feeling of his body being fully expanded to the point of exhaustion.

He who was utterly familiar with his physical state now knew that his meridians had reached their endurance limit.

If he were to conceal himself under this state and inject even more mystical Qi into himself incessantly, he would only pull the trigger to a self-explosion!

Fortunately, he need not do so. It was no longer necessary to disguise his capability now that it had reached such an extent.

Putting his thoughts into action, Mr. Nian howled.

"Supreme Cloud, your time has come!"

Yun Yang smiled faintly.

"Exactly the opposite. It should be your time that has come!"

A solid wash of ridicule colored Yun Yang's eyes.

"At this moment, I believe that you've already finished absorbing the energy in the God's Bones I've given you?"

Mr. Nian guffawed listening to the question. He was too full of himself currently that he failed to discern the strange note in Yun Yang's tone. Before the laughter resonated, Mr. Nian corrected his stance and with a drawn-out howl, white light erupted from him in five different directions as if countless swords were shining on him.

He raised his hand and a ball of violet energy rose from his fair palm.

The littering of wounds all over him due to the installation of God's Bones was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. The gory cuts and hanging flesh had become supple skin in an instant.

"Grip three thousand miles of amethyst energy in the hands, hold twelve levels of heavens in the eyes!"

Mr. Nian laughed.

"This is the highest path of the martial way! This is the distinguishing factor between a deity and a mortal!"

"Even if I have to start anew in the end, I've come to this level. Anything after that is but a cumulative process. It's only a matter of time!"

"For you, Yun Yang, however, your life ends now. Hand it over!"

Despite his healing wounds, Mr. Nian was still in pain. Having finally turned the tables, he refused to entangle himself in the battle against Yun Yang any longer. It was better to kill his nemesis swiftly and reset his cultivation immediately after seeking a hidden spot.

Killing Supreme Cloud was always a cloud hovering over him, the matter that kept him awake at night. Now as Mr. Nian felt his divine art achieving perfection and his cultivation base improving by vast leaps and bounds, the task had become child's play to him.

It was insignificant.

Leaping, the ball of purple energy in Mr. Nian's hand turned into an amethyst sword.

"The heaven's sword accomplishes every endeavor!" Mr. Nian drawled loudly, "Supreme Cloud, no matter how incomparably sharp your saber is, it'll be useless against this heaven's sword!"

As he spoke, he moved to thrust the sword forward.

At this very moment, just in the nick of time, when Ji Lingxi was set to rush in front of Yun Yang' and take the attack for him, Yun Yang suddenly broke out in a guffaw. The Divine Edge in his grip disappeared and was replaced by a gigantic piece of lotus leaf!

As this lotus leaf the size of a round table greeted the world, a mysterious freshness engulfed the entire Tianxuan Cliff.

Mr. Nian, who was hovering in midair and in the midst of his assassination attempt, let out a surprised yelp. Disbelief was all there was in his eyes.

He could clearly feel that his waist seemed to have collapsed. No, it was more like an important piece of backbone around his waist had suddenly shattered.

What could it be like for someone who was going all out in a battle to have a crucial piece of his backbone crumbling? If the spine of an ordinary person were to be crushed, he was fated to be paralyzed for the rest of his life. There was no lucky exception.

As for a martial artist whose spine was broken, the repercussions were far more serious. His cultivation base would be pulverized instantly and recovery would be impossible.

As for Mr. Nian, whose bone had been shattered during a battle, his mystical Qi was working at full force, unstoppable like a surging river, but there was a breakage in his meridians; the most prominent connecting part of his body was gone, vanished!

Where had the mystical Qi gone to?

The tragedy that befell Mr. Nian did not stop here, far from it.

He also felt that a piece of his upper spine bone seemed to have been smashed into pieces

Had his cervical vertebra been crushed as well?

His head and upper body promptly lost their connections as well. The contact point between his brain and limbs had disappeared!

The surprises came in rapid succession.

At the same time, his chest caved in and blood gushed out from his right calf with a pop. His shinbone was gone as well!

Mr. Nian had sprung up in dominance and triumph, but when his murderous intent was at its peak in midair, he lost all control over his body. It was complete chaos.

This was the true twist of the situation.

Yun Yang slowly lifted his head, his icy gaze cast on Mr. Nian, and he spoke softly, "Mr. Nian, isn't the feeling from these four pieces of God's Bones just wonderful?"

Mr. Nian's proficient cultivation base and martial instinct caused him to freeze in the air, but his mind was a complete blank.

The trance lasted only for a moment. After being certain that he had wholly lost his momentum, Mr. Nian's rationality came back to him. He chuckled dryly and muttered, "I see I see your intention in giving me the God's Bones. What a marvelous trick, setting the stage in a strike."

He laughed.

"I've prided myself in being incomparably intelligent and manipulative my entire life, but against you, Supreme Cloud, I always end up in your traps and ploys. This defeat isn't wrong at all. I will not die with regrets!"

Before his words echoed in the air, Mr. Nian's body fell right out of the sky. When he landed heavily on the ground, a thick mist of blood billowed out from the hapless man.

His veins were thoroughly ruined due to the internal eruption of his meridians and mystical Qi. Almost every pore on his body was spraying out blood.

The many pieces of God's Bones exploded with an unprecedented force. Without the meridians' restraint and without anywhere to charge to within Mr. Nian, they naturally wrecked his body. Like a torrential flood that surged violently along the rivers, it was dangerous but still within a controllable range; as long as the raging water was directed accordingly, it would pass.

However, after running through the rivers, there was suddenly no more passage ahead. There was only a limited spread of shore. The raging water had only one choice flood and ruin the shallow shore entirely.

Even if the front was actually a dam, what could become of a rampant river's water all flowing into a tiny dam?

It was obvious, the outcome being Mr. Nian's current state!

What was worse was that his body had been divided into three parts because of the abrupt shattering of the God's Bones and the massive power that had run amuck.

His upper body, his lower body, and his head had all become separate pieces. Each of them was withstanding the turbulence hundreds of times stronger than his own force!

He laid on the ground, unable to move. There was a bitter smile on his face. He tried his hardest to look up, to look at Yun Yang. His gaze spoke volumes, "Why? How did you do it?".
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