I Became Cinderellas Vicious Stepsister Chapter 176

Chapter 176: End

"Spot! Spot!"

[Wake up! Wake up, babe! ]

A noisy bird chirping in his ear, Liu Yu covered his forehead with his hand, trying to block the light coming through the window, and a gray plump bird rushed over:

"Spot! Spot!"

The voice was bleak, like an unknown black crow, Liu Yu was awake and came awake.

She seemed to have a long and long dream. When she woke up, she could not remember everything in the dream.

[Baby, are you awake? ]

The fat-headed bird desperately drilled his head in front of her, Liu Yu blinked, and the blue pupil gradually had a focal length: "Spot...spot?"

The speckled black bean eyes started ticking out of the water:

[Woo...Babe, Babe...oooo...]

"what happened?"

Liu Yu sat up with a brace.

After being lifted out of bed, I couldn't help but stop to watch the meeting after passing through the floor mirror.

My heart softened inexplicably.

Looking around, the stone house was filled with things that were added during the year, and the wind blew through the window, blowing the green dill in front of the window... In front of the chopping board of the stove, there was a strawberry cake and a bowl The magic keeps the "fresh" noodles.

The blue and white porcelain bowl is sprinkled with tender green onions.

"What about Gaia?"

Before I asked the exit, there was a clutter of footsteps outside the door, and then the door was knocked out from the outside by "Dong Dang Dang":

"Mr. Leslie! Mrs. Leslie! Mr. Leslie! Mrs. Leslie! Are you there?"

Its Edwards voice.

Liu Yu gathered his clothes together and wore a dressing gown to open the door. As soon as the door opened, he saw Edward's gang standing at the door, anxious.

"What happened to Edward?"

"Mrs. Leslie, happy birthday!" Edward put his hand on his left chest before giving a salute. When he lifted it, he asked anxiously, "Mrs. Leslie, is Mr. Leslie here?"

"Do you have anything to do with him?"

As far as she knew, this group of people was always full of fear for Gaia, and there was no need to dare to contact him at all.

"The back mountain and back mountain of Zhenxi are cracked!"


I don't know why, Liu Yuxin had an unknown hunch.

At this moment, the soul detached from the body, resonated with the earth, passed through the bustling streets, passed through the mediocre and terrified crowd, and cast it on the back mountain-

A huge fissure that seemed to swallow everything was opening her mouth and smiling at her.

Liu Yu felt a dizziness.

This fissure is more than ten times larger than that of the world of Minseton, and it seems to split the entire back mountain.

There is no grass growing nearby.

The soul continues to go out, the invisible blue silk net spreads between the sky and the earth, the earth, the sky, the planet, beyond the planet...

It seems to have a pair of eyes, overlooking the tall dome.

So, Liu Yu saw that the earth began to crack, one after another, the planet, which should be closed, seemed to be cut by a knife and axe-

It seems that there is an unknown force that appears in an instant and is trying to destroy this world.

"Ka La La--"

The sound of the earth being torn.

The knights and envoys of countless temples gathered in the hall of the temple, and they prayed to the sky together:

"God, you have not listened to the prayers of believers for a whole year..."

"God, do you really want to abandon your loyal believers?"

"The end of the covenant is coming, God, have you heard?!"

In the blue light and shadow, Liu Yu seemed to see Nathaniel, Mrs. Fergus, Prince Carlo wearing the crown, Cardinal, Professor Ruffalo...

She saw countless people who were familiar or strange.

Daze and sorrow occupied their faces. Facing the sudden disaster, human beings were nothing more than ants that would be blown away by the torrent.

"What about Gaia?"

This question was as if the silver bottle had broken at first, and the freckle hurled towards the sky, screaming:


The bleak bird song blew in his ears.

Liu Yu's heart was shocked, and a certain speculation came to mind. People had flown into the air, and the snow-white swarms were flying in the air.

Her fingers stretched out, and the blue silk net followed the flow of air, and went towards a huge crack...

The young men of Edward and Cook only noticed a flower in front of them. The charming young girl who was still in front of him suddenly disappeared. The next moment appeared in the air. The waist-length blonde hair soared in the wind until the ankle, and the curled in the air. radian.

A gray sparrow opened her wings suddenly beside her.

Edward cried out in silence:

"Lay, Mrs. Leslie?!"

The girl was bathed in light.

Edward's eyes were punctured with tears, but he still tried to look up. It seemed that there was a layer of mud shell melting in the light a little, her skin was more radiant and clean, like the purest touch of snow in the Andy Mountains, and blonde hair like a dazzling immortal Streamer, and the blue eyes swept, carrying the coldness of the deep sea of 100,000 miles

As if looking at them, as if walking through them, looking to a more distant future.


"is God!"

"Meet God!"

Pedestrians on the street could not help crawling down, and the presence from the top of the cloud prevented them from expressing any trace of blasphemy.

Edward, Cook and others also creeped one by one.

At this moment, they had put the "kind" Mrs. Leslie and the stone sculpture in the middle of the city together, and they called her: "God!"

God did not care for them.

She looked up at the sky above the sky, as if there was something more attractive to her there-at the next moment, everyone lost her figure.

The Grey Sparrow fluttered its wings and made a rapid "spot", which disappeared into the air.

It took a long time for people to wake up.

Edward got up, his face dazed:

"For example, if Mrs. Leslie is a god... Then, who is Mr. Leslie?"

He remembered the cold and untouchable eyes, and the fear and tremors that had arisen in his body countless times-

People looked at each other.

"Edward! Edward! Viscount Owen and the old mayor brought people over!"

At this time, there was a regular sound of horseshoes at the end of the street, and Edward, Cook and others quickly greeted the past.

"What happened, Edward?"

"Houshan appeared..."


Liu Yu has arrived at the shrine.

The Grey Sparrow followed her eagerly, flapping its wings and opening and closing its beak:

"Streaks! Streaks! Streaks!"

But Liu Yu couldn't understand it.

All her intentions were covered in a vacuum cover, and she could not understand anything except the meaningless word "spots".

In the end what happened?

What about Gaia?

What do those fissures represent, is it really the end of the "Covenant"? ......If it is the end, then what does she have done before?

Is he... alright?

Liu Yu walked hurriedly in the golden corridor of the shrine, trying to find the disappearing Gaia Leslie.

Priest Kitty greeted him with surprise:

"Queen, how come you come at this time? What do you need"


Liu Yu interrupted her.

"God? God is not in the shrine."

Priest Kitty was strange.

"He didn't come back? Not even once?"


Priest Kitty recruited the virgin and asked her to find the Knight of Moliere.

Liu Yu shook his head:

"No, I already... asked him."


Waiting for Priest Kitty to ask again, there was a wind blowing suddenly on the promenade, the girl's snow-white skirt wobbled slightly, and disappeared on the promenade at the next moment, only the sound diffused into the wind and came from afar:

"...You stay here, don't need to follow."

Priest Kitty looked up blankly, not understanding what happened.

Everything is as usual in the shrine.


Liu Yu stepped on the garden path and walked step by step in the direction she foreseen.

Vines, green plants, grapevines, and white swings.

The sunlight passed through the fluffy green leaves, everything was full of life, but she seemed to smell the bleak and unknown smell.

The heart mentioned his throat, and all the bad hunches were confirmed when he saw the dead branches withered.

The tree of the world should have always been green and never withered, and at this time, it had become a bare, round and scorched wood, just inserted in the cracked soil.

The lake around the tree has dried up, and the diffuse green mist has turned into a thin gray, and this gray, with a breath of air, seems to be uncomfortable to stand for a while.

Liu Yu took a step forward.

The dead leaves crushed on the soles of the feet made a fine cry of pain-

At this time, a lazy, very magnetic voice came from the side:

"Oh what a pity... the tree of life is finally about to usher in death."

death? !

Liu Yu turned his head, but he saw a long, long-haired, attractive blond man leaning against the vine, and looked to her.

He has a pair of golden vertical pupils, if not the expression on his face is too enthusiastic-it will make people feel like being stared at by a beast.

"Miskin Beast?"

Liu Yu used a definite tone.

The blond man clapped her hands, "Papappa": "It's a woman whom God admires, and I guessed it. The beautiful queen, wait--"

Halfway through the words, it came to an abrupt end.

The woman who was just ten steps away just now rushed in front of her. The blue silk thread wrapped around the index finger of her right hand was tightly wrapped around his throat.

"Miss Queen, you're interrogating people's etiquette, isn't that great."

Beast of Miskin pulled the magic cable between his throats.

"What the **** happened? The fissure, the tree of life dies... what does that mean?"

Liu Yu grasped the divine power between his fingers.

Beast Miskin coughed and his cheeks turned red and purple:

"Cough cough... Oh Miss Queen, don't you know that God coexists with this tree of life. The day that the tree of life exists, God exists. The tree of life dies and the **** disappears. You see"

Liu Yu looked forward with his voice, and the burnt brown tree trunk was bleak under the grey fog.

Miskin Beast said in a gorgeous aria:

"The tree of life is withering. It is dying."

"God is dying!"

His words were like a huge rolling stone, "Rumble" hit Liu Yu's heart.

"This is impossible!"

She subconsciously objected, the power between her fingers loosened, Miskin Beast took the opportunity to hide, and the people escaped.

He laughed wildly:

"God is dying! Dead!"

"Where is he?"

Liu Yu chased.

Miskin Beast ran very fast, disappeared in front of her at once, and his voice was sent by the wind:

"Miss Queen, you should ask yourself this. How can the shadow of God let us know?"

He laughed away.

Liu Yu stood on the spot, staring blankly at the bare world tree:

Where is he?

At the next moment, it seemed to have disappeared.

The Grey Sparrow came rushing with its wings, but only saw the behemoth tree of life hit the ground, and made a "wow la la" sound.


The freckles cried fiercely.

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