I Became Cinderellas Vicious Stepsister Chapter 177

Chapter 177: End

As soon as he crossed the endless sea, Liu Yu realized that something was wrong.

The mist that hasn't dispersed over the misty land has disappeared all year round, and only dry land can be seen.

Along the old road, halfway along, the red rose flower is still blooming vigorously, and the "real play curtain" that has been circulated and memorized has disappeared, and it is replaced by a piece of grass.

The dry land was covered with cracks, and a cold wind blew from the cracks, as if her spirits were also involved.


A scream of a jackdaw crossed the sky.

Liu Yu realized that she had stopped.

She was scared.

Words of Miskin...

The girl stepped forward again to the place in the memory where the man was lying.

The further forward, the more desolate, and even the sunlight above her head became pale and weak, her heart raised higher and higher, higher and higher-

Suddenly, she stopped.

I saw a piece of barren scorched earth, a huge fissure like a wound on the earth.

Above the fissure, there is a huge vortex-like black hole. A beautiful and slender figure is attached to the black hole. Compared with the black hole's giant and Weihe, the man with big wings like a fly stuck on the cobweb moth.

Fragile and beautiful.

The wind blew his cold gray hair, and he looked to her--


Liu Yu called out.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha"

Suddenly, a burst of mad laughter came.

Liu Yu found out that under the black hole, a man with black hair and black robes knelt like that. His dark robe was hunted by the wind, and he was laughing and laughing.

"Miss Fergus! Miss Fergus! You did it! You did it!" He turned his head, his pale face was full of tears, he was mad like crazy, "Look! You did it! God is going to die!" The Lord of the World will die"


A thunder came from the sky, and then the heavy rain fell.


Liu Yu repeated.

"Who is going to die?"

"Hahahaha he's dying!" Louis laughed breathlessly. "Godfather and Godfather are dying! Have you seen that, Miss Fergus, he's going to die! He's going to die! Hahaha... he's going to die Its going to die..."

After laughing, he covered his face again:

"He is going to die, Father God is going to die..."

Liu Yu walked past Louis's side.

Divine power supported her up and stood before the black hole.

The beautiful man sticks in front of the black hole like that, like a moth bound by spider silk

Liu Yu found that his wings and black hair had faded into a cold gray silver. The gray silver was dispersed in a dark, beautiful, like something more stubborn, heavier, and more holy.

He seemed unable to speak, but just looked at her quietly, his green eyes slightly rising.

Liu Yu released a magical power, and the blue silk net was like a misty cloud when he approached the black hole, and was swept away at once.

"what happened to you?"

She asked.

He didn't answer her, it seemed that his expression was frozen.

There was no way to grasp her heart:

"What's up with him?!"

Liu Yu turned his head.

"What's the matter?" Louise stood up, he laughed and laughed back and forth, "You ask me what's wrong? Miss Fergus, all these things are worshiping you and worshipping me!"

"Thank you, and my gift?"

Liu Yu can only repeat it mechanically.

She didn't understand, and countless doubts knotted in her heart.

"Think about it, Miss Fergus, think about it, dont be blinded by love to your clever mind, dont you see that the Father has been hiding from you... The moment you become God, this ending Is doomed."

"Doomed, why?"

Liu Yu reached out and tried to pull Gaia away, but before approaching, he was bounced off by a huge force.

"Luis, come and help me! Are you not the father who loves you the most?"

Louis laughed, his voice choked:

"Miss Fergus! I have never forgotten my dream, have you forgotten?"

"I want the mountains and the land to have their own names, and I want the world to be free of yoke... The Father is the biggest yoke... He is dying, dying... From then on, the prosperity of freedom is coming..."

Liu Yu was shocked, yes, she almost forgot:

"But you love him!"


Louis smiled slightly, "Who wouldn't love him in this world? You, Natasi, or Don from a world with you? Miss Fergus, the Father is the most perfect creation in this world... No one will not love him..."

"But you still want him to die."

Liu Yu's fingers seemed to touch a slippery film when he was about to touch the black hole.

She was bounced off.

The youth above the black hole looked at her silently, his sorrow flowing over his green eyes like a lake.

"I can die, of course my father can die, and even if he says a word, Louis is willing to die." Louis said in a lover's tone, "but I pushed you to him, step by step, watching him Towards the present, when I save you... I know that the end of the day will come."


Liu Yu squeezed the magical power around Louis.

The Duke of the Dark Night, who was very powerful for her, was only a doll in her hand, and Louis was taken to the ground.

She walked over:

"Tell me how to save him."

"Save? Can't save... even the Father himself can't save himself, no one in the world can save..." Louis coughed up blood, seeming to care about his life, he looked at the beautiful deity with nostalgic eyes. , And looked at the girl in front of Xianyan.

That look made Liu Yu feel that he seemed to love her too.


She stepped on his chest.

Louis laughed:

"God Father died for you, Belia Fergus. No one in this world can destroy God, except God himself..."

"say clearly!"

"Look at this broken world, Miss Fergus, don't you ever wonder why you always say that you broke the order? This is the order... this is the price of the order."

Liu Yu looked at the fissure above the earth and the black hole above:

"You mean these...I made it?"

"You are not the product of this world, just like Tang Ying. But Tang Ying is just a little bug, and you, Miss Fergus, you are a big bug... Originally you were also a little bug, if you were safe and ordinary People, there will be nothing, but your greed makes your desires never end..." Louis looked at her obsessively, "you walked step by step, and today, you become a god..."

"Your power threatens the world itself."

So, the world is excluding her?

Just like a woman giving birth, the bigger the child, the bigger the gap.

Louis understood the girl's face and laughed even more:

"Yes, the longer the time passes, the worse the world will break. The Father and God can no longer drag on... Next, his bones and blood will be integrated into this world, and the misty land is the center of this world. , Transported out here... the fissures will be filled, and the world will become complete again... and you will also be truly recognized by the world, because it will be mixed with the bone and blood of the Father and the will."

"I do not want!"

Just thinking about this scene, Liu Yu was choking.

She let go of Louis and flew into the air.

"No, Gaia, no..." The girl looked at Gaia in the air with tears. She tried to hug him again and again, trying to separate him from the fissures and black holes, but in vain. "No, Gaia, no... I don't like this..."

Louis looked up at the sky.

His black robe was soaked in the rain:

"Miss Fergus, do you know what a **** is?"

"God is order, it is the code. Since the birth of God the Father, rules and order have been imprinted in his bones and blood, but you appear arbitrarily and take away his reason and emotions. Every day he loves you, he violates him. the rules."

"This year, he left his body here, blocked the gap, and separated his emotions and obsessions into an incarnation to accompany you. This stolen time is the only indulgence and greed of the Father and God in this life. God, in front of a lover, it is nothing but a pitiful bug like us..."

Louis cried and laughed again.

"Shut up! You shut up! You are not allowed to insult him!" The force of Liu Yu's hands once again wrapped around his neck, "Otherwise, I will kill you now..."

Louis smiled:

"That's good too, I can die with the Father."

"Crazy!" Liu Yu dragged him down hard, and soon begged him again, "Louis, Louis, you must have a way, you have so many lives..."

"Sorry, Miss Fergus," he looked at her sadly, "I can't help it either."

As his words fell, Liu Yu's heart was ruthless, and his divine power turned into a sharp blade. "Booming" cut to the place where Gaia and the black hole adhered: even if this would hurt Gaia's body.

But when the powerful blade hit the black hole, it turned into a breeze and slid past.

This is true again.

"...Useless, Miss Fergus, Father Father has to deceive someone and do something, and it has never been unsuccessful."

"Do not!"

Liu Yu didn't believe it.

She jumped towards the black hole, but she was struck by a thin film of soft bullet.

The girl fell to the ground in embarrassment.

Suddenly Louis's voice came:

"The tree of life is dead."

"Now... it's Father's turn."

Liu Yu suddenly looked up, but saw that the beautiful and fragile deity above the black hole tremored her eyelashes. At the next moment-his face covered with a thin layer of ice and ice cracked into pieces, and then, it was blown by the wind and turned into Youfan.


She called out tragically.

In mid-air, the beautiful deity seemed to be just a bubble.

nothing left.

In the air, it seems that there is a clear and gentle voice:

"Belle, don't cry."

Belle, don't cry.

Liu Yu cried out at once.


Gaia Lelys...

Louis came to her:

"You think that Mel Island is just trapping your cage and shackles, but at the same time it is also a fortress for you... Mel Island is the only island in the world that will never drift and never sink. As long as you stay on the island for a day, Will not be detected by the world..."

"Godfather loves you and struggles so much."

The mountains and rivers were trembling silently, and in a blur, Liu Yu seemed to see the fissures being repaired quickly, the pattering rain stopped, and then the sun and rainbow came out.


It's ridiculous.

Gaia is gone, but the world recovers as fast as if nothing had happened.

She turned around.

"where are you going?"

Louis asked.

"Come back home."

Liu Yu went to the stone house.

The strawberry cake and noodles are still as they were when they left. The magic technique keeps everything perfect, and the celadon bowl is still steaming.

Liu Yu took out the silver chopsticks, picked up the noodles and ate.

Halfway through the meal, I felt the pain in my heart and cried when I covered my chest.

She has nothing.

nothing left.

Only this...the one he left her...

"Liar, Gaia, liar... we said yes... this year, next year, the next year, every year in the future, you are there, you will always accompany me for my birthday, eat cake..."

She hadn't told him that she was unwilling.

She hadn't told him that he could get right, why did he leave...

In the blurred water, she seemed to see that the beautiful young man in front of the board reached out to her:

"Oh Belle, why are you crying again..."

Yes, I cried.

Crying fiercely.

Come and coax me.

The light green curtains were swayed by the breeze, and the sun was empty.

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