I Became Cinderellas Vicious Stepsister Chapter 178

Chapter 178: End

Liu Yu went on to eat again.

The blue and white porcelain bowl was empty and clean, leaving no soup. Gaia's craftsmanship is very good, and even ordinary ingredients can be transformed into a delicious table.

What kind of mood did he accompany with her in this year? What kind of eyes are you looking at her while talking with her, shopping, and playing? Is he happy after this day and a day?

Why don't you say anything...

Liu Yu took off her long skirt and walked to the mirror.

A beautiful woman with thin waist and long legs is reflected in the mirror, her skin is white and white, and the left heart of the mountain is undulating, and a small portrait is painted. The portrait is like the mark he made in her life, lifelike And never fade.

Really overbearing, and... really cunning...

Liu Yu pressed his hand lightly on the brand, closing his eyes, as though it was nostalgic, but also as sad.

The cake has not been eaten.

Strawberries cut in half are arranged in a circle, and the red cherry juice outlines a little girl wearing a red tutu. The little girl hugs the doll and sits on a high sand dune, looking up at the sky above her head.

In the sky, there are blossoming white clouds, and a golden lamb peeked out of the clouds, peeking at her quietly.

The lamb's face was red.

Liu Yu closed his eyes.

She thought, what was he thinking when he made the cake? Do you miss her? Does he regret it?

But he refused to stay at all.

Not a word!

Liu Yu picked up the knife and cut a knife toward the lamb bitterly.

One knife horizontally and one knife vertically.

The lamb's body was shredded.

But she immediately regretted it again.

This is what he left to her, very little.

Liu Yu cut this piece with a thin silver blade, and stuffed it into his mouth until it was halfway through. The nausea of acid reflux went straight to the throat.

She swallowed hard.

When I was about to take another piece, I couldn't help it anymore. I ran to the sink for a while and felt nothing but vomiting. The heartfelt sensation stuck in my chest and choked her tears.

She wiped her tears indiscriminately, only scolding:

"Asshole! Asshole...we said yes...say yes..."

But no matter how he scolded, the gentle man who seemed to hold the whole world in front of her just to make her smile never appeared again. He seems to have completely disappeared in this world.

Liu Yu leaned against the wall, letting his divine power stretch, and the blue silk net stretched to the sky and to the earth, but there was nothing, nothing.

He has completely disappeared in this world.

Gradually, the light disappeared.

The night fell heavily.

Liu Yu crawled to the bed and lay down.

There was still a familiar breath on her pillow, and she buried her head, and gradually fell asleep.

Waking up the next day, he was very heavy.

Liu Yu habitually covered his eyes with his hands, adapted for a while, and there was a chuckle next to him:

"Bai Li is a big lazy worm. If you don't get out of bed again, the sun is going to dry your ass..."

"I am not a lazy worm..."

She turned her head to laugh, but she froze halfway.

There was nothing in the long light.

Nothing at all.

When is the most sad thing for people?

It's probably now.

Liu Yu thought.

There are shadows of memory everywhere in life, and those terrible shadows will always come out when you are lax, biting you fiercely and telling you...you are gone, and there are no more. No hugs, no kisses, even the air became cold.

Liu Yu got up slowly, when she saw the tooth cups lined up side by side while gargle, and finally couldn't help it, crying fiercely.

This place can't stay.

she thinks.

When the familiar feeling of nausea came up, Liu Yu went to the shrine.

The shrine collapsed.

Liu Yu looked indifferently at the collapsed wall of the shrine

The magnificent paradise that everyone once yearned for has become a pile of ruins.

Priest Kitty sent away the last batch of sons and daughters, and when he returned, he saw the slender girl standing still.

She was wearing a red pettiskirt and the skirt was blooming like a gorgeous rose, and this rich color made her face white and scary. She looked very beautiful and fragile.

"Miss Queen."

Priest Kitty went forward with a salute, she thought she would ask about the shrine, but the girl who turned around had a morbid, aggressive sharpness in her blue eyes: "Secretary Kitty, you know how to heal, right? ?"

In order to preach, the deity in the temple would learn some basic medical skills and also recognize some basic herbs.

The priests in the shrine, the medical skills should be more exquisite-in case those children who are far away from their hometown are sick, they can be treated immediately.

Priest Kitty nodded:


Not waiting for her reaction, a hand so white that it could almost see the blue blood vessels under the skin stretched out:

"Then help me see..."

There was a familiar indifference on the girl's face, "Are I pregnant?"

Priest Kitty was stunned, and then the voice was sharp and sharp: "Are you pregnant?"

The girl passed her hand forward:

"Secretary Kitty, please help me take a look."

Officer Kitty's face grew more dignified.

She had a belly question, but these questions were dispelled by the news that the queen queen might be pregnant.

"Okay, okay, Miss Queen."

Priest Kitty carefully put his hand up, and a ray of white light showed through her fingers and fell on Liu Yu's wrist--

After a while, she shook her head.

The fire in the girl's eyes suddenly went out.

Officer Kitty knew she had misunderstood, and said anxiously: "Sorry, Miss Queen, I am just a priest! Your body is different from human beings, maybe, you can go to the tree of life...if, if this is The child of God, the tree of life will surely feel!"

"The tree of life... isn't it dead?"

Liu Yu's heart was raised.

"The tree of life is dead?! When?"

"Have you not seen it?"

Priest Kitty shook his head, as if suffering a major blow: "...No, no! The shrine collapsed yesterday and yesterday! I led the saints and virgins to escape, and later, I just couldn't get in... "

She looked at the Shrine in disillusionment: "Knights of Moliere They said they would go to God... They said they would go to God...If the tree of life dies, God, God..."

"God... is God dead too?"

Priest Kitty looked forward sadly, and before the ruins, the girl's figure had disappeared.

Liu Yu entered the ruins.

The shrine collapsed at once.

Carved beams and painted houses have become broken walls, and large stones are found everywhere. The soil in the back garden was turned over, the flowers and grass fell to the ground, Liu Yu walked along the memory, she wanted to see the tree of life.

She was not reconciled.

A grey freckle swooped over and saw her, wandering around her head:


It made a "spot" and the black bean eyes burst into tears.


Liu Yu stretched out his arm, and as soon as the grey fin fluttered its wings, it stopped on her arm.

[Baby! You finally came! ]

"tree of Life--"

[The tree of life is dead! It suddenly fell down...] Tears shed tears, and it seemed unable to control its tears, [God, God is dead, right? wrong? ]

Liu Yu walked slowly.

She had seen the dead tree that smashed the ground, and the thick branches hit a huge hole.

All vitality in it has been lost.

"Yes, dead," she said, "the tree of life... dead."

What is she expecting?

Liu Yu was about to leave, but when he turned around, something in his body moved...

That feels wonderful.

It was like there was a leaf in her stomach, and the leaf turned over lightly, hitting her viscera and heart, and then the stiff blood began to gurgling.

--Do not!

--Do not!

She suddenly turned around, and suddenly there were countless blue silk screens between the world and the wire nets burrowed into the dead tree. Finally, carefully took out a small root from the heart of the tree. When the wind blew, the roots quietly exhibited three pieces Bright green leaves.

The blade shook towards her.

Liu Yu suddenly covered her mouth and cried.

"Spotted, you see..." She cried and laughed, "The tree of life is still alive! Still alive!"

[Alive? ! Alive? ! The tree of life is still alive? That God, God...]

"God is alive."

"I am pregnant, spotted, I am pregnant!"

She has the blood of God, and she is no longer separated from this world...

The spots were dizzy and dizzy:

[What do you mean? ]

"I am going to find God, I am going to find Gaia..."

Liu Yu didn't mean to confuse it, the skirt floated up.

She leaped across the land, the city, and ran deep into the endless sea.

The freckles followed her:

[Hey, what the **** is going on, Babe? ...I was confused...]

And in the depths of the endless sea, when the leaves of the tree of life tremble with a new life, the beautiful deity wrapped in the deep blue water tremors and trembles the eyelashes, and for a long time, the green pupil opens ...


He said.

A slim blonde girl rushed into his arms:


She hugged him tightly.

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