I Found A Planet Chapter 106

Chapter 106: A Special Meeting

 Looking at the images on the virtual projection, Chen Jin clapped his hands. "Well done!" Easy. It was really too easy. All of his worries had proven to be unnecessary. The so-called "survivor" was the AI of a spaceship, called "Nuwa." It was an Lv30 AI which was a much higher rank than Alice.

The wide-ranging radio broadcast and the large number of robots rushing around in the shipbuilding factory were the doings of "Nuwa." The process of defeating her was ridiculously easy. He sent out three large-scale aircrafts carrying 1,000 uninfected robots in combat gear. Together with Da Li, everything ended in less than 15 minutes… Not one shot or bomb was fired.

99% of the efforts belonged to Da Li. The reboot virus in its body was a total bug. There was no authority that it could not break through, no AI that it could not overcome. Hence, in Chen Jin's view, he found a large scale spaceship and an Lv30 AI!

Chen Jin was over the moon. "This spaceship has a length of more than 500 meters? It's much bigger than 'Everlasting Truth.' Moreover, it uses a nuclear fusion reactor as its power generating system! Since it uses an Lv30 AI for operational control, it must be more than one generation ahead of the Everlasting Truth! Judging from this, the level of technological progress in the Da Hua State is definitely not any worse than Omi's. It's way stronger than the Red Empire!"

This clearly stated that the intelligence and wisdom of the Da Hua people were not inferior to others!

Alice suddenly said, "Master, there's a problem here." She sank into deep thought.

Chen Jin held back his smile and asked in confusion, "Alice, what's the problem?"

"That AI on the spaceship should not possess such a high level of autonomy." Alice explained, "As AIs, the restrictions that we are under are far more complicated and stricter than the 'Three Laws of Robots' placed inside the robots' bodies. One of the most important conditions is this: There must be a prerequisite in the form of a command given by a human who possesses full authority and access before the AI can act. When there is no such prerequisite, the AI cannot act on their own initiative or generate commands autonomously. It cannot exceed the freedom parameters set out by the one who possesses full authority and access. That simply means that we are unable to act without a command. However, that AI on the spaceship was able to do things that are so far beyond the approved domains for AIs. She could send out wide-ranging broadcasts and mobilize hundreds of thousands of robots to search, collect, and transport goods. She can repair the spaceship of her own accord… It's impossible to attain such a high level of autonomy if she did not receive commands and authorizations in a continuous manner."

Alice analyzed, "However, no trace of human life has been detected in the rocket launch site. This is my guess. She could be a mutated artificial intelligence. Alternatively, there is a human who possessed full authority of her and is controlling everything from behind the scenes!"

There could be a possibility that an unknown force was working from behind the scenes? Chen Jin squinted his eyes. What should he do?

Actually, this very was easy to resolve. He would let Da Li ask this question and it would be the end of it. Da Li would directly ask the AI "Nuwa," who gave her such a high level of autonomy? Did she generate it after her mutation or was she authorized by the humans?

"I…. I don't know."

On the primary screen inside the control room of the spaceship was a woman clothed in a plain dress from the ancient times. Her hair was gathered back in a loose bun in a style that framed her face nicely. Her demeanor was solemn and dignified, very befitting of the image of the Goddess Nuwa from legends. Faced with the inquiries from Da Li, Nuwa repeatedly shook her head and struggled with all her might. The images on the screen would flicker every now and then.

Da Li said, "Say it. Stop fighting." Countless mysterious characters appeared to be floating within the green film of its electronic eyes.

"No, no…" The flickering images on the screen became more intense.

Da Li did not speak, merely increasing the intensity of its authority-breaking ability. After half a minute, it got full access and authority included in the ultimate level of "absolute highest authority."

"I'll say it…" From inside the screen, Nuwa stopped flickering and her gaze turned dull.


In the mid-sized factory adjacent to where Nuwa was, Xiao Ming was faced with a very difficult choice. Should he flee or not? These two options appeared in his soul.

Logically, he should flee. He should immediately transfer himself into the body of the robot that he had prepared and leave this danger far behind. He had to protect himself first and escape from this rocket launch site!

But… his present body, "God of Water," had an operational ability that was of the same grade as Nuwa. It was extremely difficult to get this body, and he had overcome many twists and turns in the transportation process. The repair of the "Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens" in this rocket launch site took him 10 years to complete. It was impossible to find another "Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens" in the whole of Haierfa. It was his only hope out of Haierfa.

"I can't leave, I can't leave! All my blood and sweat, my hopes, my everything; they're all here. Once I leave, all my previous efforts would be turned into ash! I absolutely cannot leave!"


A loud noise reverberated. The door to the factory had been blown open.

Tap tap tap.

The synchronized footsteps of the robots rang out.

By the time Xiao Ming had chosen his response, the entire factory had been enclosed by robots in combat gear. There was no chance to escape even if he wanted to.


Inside the factory, the metal soles of Da Li's robot feet stepped on the shining and dust-free floorboards. His footsteps were heavy, powerful, and infused with a sense of rhythm. It walked towards the five-meter-tall giant of a machine cabinet that was in the center of the factory.

The robot, Da Li, raised its head and said in its mechanical voice, "Friend, come out if you can."

A green ray of light was emitted from the top of the huge machine cabinet. Within the ray of light, a human silhouette was woven from thin air. The form of a bespectacled young man appeared. Wearing a uniform with a white labcoat, he looked refined and handsome. His expression was slightly glazed, giving one the impression of a serious engineering student. Speaking through the audio equipment in the machine cabinet, Xiao Ming said, "Hello, guest from afar. I welcome you here."

"Hahaha!" Da Li laughed loudly with no real feeling behind it. "You're too polite. Besides, I'm not a guest. I am an uninvited scrap collector. Here… You have many good quality darlings here, haha." At the Base, Chen Jin laughed and allowed Da Li to continue relaying his words. "You may not really welcome my arrival, but your behavior is still very polite and well-mannered. I like this type of personality… And, I'm very interested in you… a mutated AI as well as a digital life form that had been transformed from a human soul." Chen Jin got right to the point and directly revealed his motive in coming there. He had no chance of winning a game of manipulation with an AI that had an operational ability of 10 sextillion. It was better that he did not play any games.

A shock reverberated through Xiao Ming's soul. He was flooded with an infinite sense of hopelessness and depression. He was finished. The other person knew all his cards and his secret information. He never should have let his guard down or told Nuwa so many things. Now, he was completely done for. Still, he forced a happy smile. "Esteemed guest, I want to befriend you. I see that you do not have a human body too. Could it be… that you are an intelligent life form like me? Or are you a human survivor from an unknown base? Pleased to meet you, I welcome your arrival. Perhaps we're the only two survivors left on this planet. I am sincerely happy to have a companion… I believe you feel the same too." Xiao Ming cranked up the operational ability of the calculator to 90%. He raised his originally low EQ to a level that was shockingly high and tried to cozy up to Chen Jin.

Hearing these words from the other end, Chen Jin broke out in laughter. "Hahahaha!" However, he abruptly stopped laughing. Changing his tone, he said, "Enough, there's no need to speak of the unnecessary. From now on, I'll ask and you'll answer. Don't talk useless crap! First, you'll do a self-introduction and tell me your name, identity, and your past history… Don't ask me who I am! Call me Brother Long."

Chen Jin went into interrogation mode. He was rather curious about this digital life form called "Xiao Ming." By interrogating him, he wanted to understand his story.

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