I Found A Planet Chapter 122

Chapter 122: The Real Upgrade to a New Generation

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In the first development plant, the finalized version of the 2.0 robot prototype was exhibiting its functions and capabilities to Chen Jin. In terms of appearance, the 2.0 edition Wa-wah robot bore little difference to the 1.0 edition. The brain, body, and chassis were basically the same. The greatest changes could be found inside its head and body, where many additional sensors had been installed. Its mechanical arms became more dexterous. The addition of the hydraulic telescopic device enabled the length of its arms to be increased by five centimeters. The three mechanical fingers at the end of each arm were mobile, allowing the robot to do simple grasping motions. In terms of weight, it was 0.5 kilograms heavier than Wa-wah 1.1.

The technical chief inspector, Zhou Kun, explained its specific functions with great excitement. “President Chen, Firstly, it can achieve an even more immaculate level in its cleaning with higher efficiency, thus requiring less human intervention! Through improvements in many areas, it is able to clean 99.9% of all rubbish and stains on major portions of the floor. With its agile and nimble mechanical arms, Wa-wah 2.0 can take out the rubbish container in its body by itself and dispose of the trash in the designated trash bin. After which, it will also clean and wash the rubbish container by itself… This will further reduce the hassle experienced by the user. Except for the disposal of the trash in the designated trash bin that requires the user’s personal attention, it can be said that users who purchase a Wa-wah 2.0 do not have to worry about anything else related to the robot. It’s most suitable to use ‘Floorboard Terminator’ to describe the Wa-wah 2.0.”

His eyes shone with excitement. “Secondly, we’ve added the home carer function. The cameras of Wa-wah 2.0 can function as a monitoring device. When there’s nobody at home, it can keep an eye on the valuables, children, or elderly. When it detects a stranger’s entry, it will automatically notify the user. Alternatively, it can also call the police. When there’s a fire, it will send out a notification and call 911 for the fire police. When an elderly family member who is sick suffers medical complications or attacks, it can call for emergency services. If the children have a cold or fever, it can measure their temperatures and send out notifications. The home carer function is yet another big selling point for the Wa-wah 2.0! Thirdly, we’ve added the family mode. Frankly speaking, this function does not bear much difference with the smart speakers that are already available on the market. The humans ask questions and the robot answers. The format of their replies is fixed and routine. At most, they can tell stories and sing. After using them for a period of time, one would be bored. But, the Wa-wah 2.0 robot is different! We’ve created the ‘free interaction’ function. When the user turns on the ‘free interaction’ mode and sets up the gender, personality, and nickname, Wa-wah 2.0 can automatically substitute itself into the role of a ‘family member.’ Not only can it passively answer questions, but it can also take the initiative to speak, start a conversation, and attract others’ attention, even becoming a chatterbox. Similarly, it can sing, dance, tell stories and jokes and carry out talent shows. It’s a bit of a clown as well as a something that brings joy.”

Zhou Kun smiled widely. “After the user has purchased such a robot, his home will be enlivened. The children will have a companion too. As for its specific results, there is no guarantee that it will be liked by all. But, the majority of the test control staff thinks well of the family function. They feel that it could be a breakthrough for the industry. The mode can be turned off if one finds the noise annoying. One could also request Wa-wah to be silent during a certain period of time, thus blocking off its disturbance. I believe that this interactive function will be very popular if it could become smarter and more interesting in the future! Fourthly, we’ve added a ‘protecting the environment for the good of the public’ mode. Every week, Wa-wah 2.0 will announce a mission titled ‘I love protecting the environment.’ The time limit for the mission is one day. It’ll call on the user to take it outside to clean the housing estates, streets, and public squares, as well as other public facilities. One point will be awarded for every 100 square meters that are cleaned (mainly through sweeping). When 1,000 reward points have been accumulated, we will provide a free maintenance session. When 10,000 points have been accumulated, we will give a completely new Wa-wah robot free of charge.”

This particular method played off of the promotion videos for the original Wa-wah Robot. “Using this method, Xing Hai Technologies will show our support for the protection of the environment. And by showing that we are taking concrete actions and contributing to the protection of the environment, it will help to greatly improve our company’s social image. Fifthly, we’ve added a gaming mode. Actually, this mode complements that of the environmental protection mode. Each day that the Wa-wah Robot is cleaning the home, it’s experience level would increase by one. When it participates in an ‘I love protecting the environment’ activity, its experience will increase by at least 10. It can also acquire combat experience when it meets another Wa-wah Robot outside and have a ‘face-off’ which will help to rapidly increase its experience level. I believe that with the addition of the gaming mode, many users would be willing to go outside with their Wa-wah Robots and take part in protecting our environment. As they participate in the fight for environmental protection, they will also make more friends!

Zhou Kun looked at Chen Jin proudly. “President Chen, our Wa-wah 2.0 can clean the floor, look after the valuables at home, and take care of the elderly and children. It can also become a familial character and bring much joy to the family. Plus, it can take concrete action and firmly work towards the objective of protecting the environment, which in turn, protects our Earth too… This is an excellent robot. I find it hard to imagine how anybody would be unwilling to buy it or act hesitantly by sitting on the sidelines and adopting a wait-and-see attitude towards this product. Personally for me, I would definitely buy one even if I don’t get to use it! Because it’s a guardian of the home; it’s an angel that protects the environment. It’s the cutest robot!” Zhou Kun shook his fist and said with a sparkle in his eyes, “Every family should have one. If they don’t, I would feel that it’s not a complete and happy family.”

Currently, he was acting like a fanatical believer. He felt a pressing desire to introduce the Wa-wah 2.0 that he had developed into all the homes in the country. The other technicians in the project team did not behave in such an exaggerated manner as Zhou Kun. However, they too were extremely excited.

“President Chen, let’s set the starting price at $10,000 for one unit. I’m confident that people will buy it!”

“President Chen, let’s quickly stop the production of Wa-wah 1.1 and put all efforts into the production of Wa-wah 2.0! Our Wa-wah 2.0 can generate higher profits!”

“I think that the sales volume of the 2.0 could reach 30 million units!”

“Only 30 million? I think it can exceed 50 million!”

“You have too little confidence. Why can’t you believe that it will become as ubiquitous as the refrigerator or the washing machine? Every household must have one. We can definitely sell up to 100 million units!”

All the technicians present chattered with great excitement.

Hearing the talk from everyone, Chen Jin smiled and nodded. How could he be unaware of Wa-wah 2.0’s market potential when he was the one who came up with its design plan? The production of Wa-wah 1.1 had completely stopped two months ago. Its sales volume had just reached six million units. By now, modifications and adjustments on the production line of Ling Feng Jing Mi had been completed. Purchase of materials had also been completed. The mass-production of Wa-wah 2.0 was about to begin.

At the present stage, the Wa-wah robot 2.0 was the final edition of robots meant to tackle the “floor” in Chen Jin’s plan. The scope of the upgrades to be carried out in future editions of the robot would not be extensive. The upgrades on 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and so forth would minimal; they would be eked out like the last bit of toothpaste left in the tube.

As for his next plan of action, he had shifted his sights away from the “floor” and set it on something that was above the ground. He wanted to make a real “family robot.” When he revealed some of his thoughts regarding this idea to the technicians that were present, including Zhou Kun, their mouths hung open.

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