I Found A Planet Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Guard Robots and Avatar Robots

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On Planet Haierfa, at the Base of Operations, a tremendous change occurred about half a year ago. The robots shoveled the ground and built expansively, transforming Base of Operations 1.0 into Base of Operations 2.0. Now in the Base of Operations, there were five zones. The Eastern zone, Western zone, Southern zone, Northern zone, and the Central zone.

The Eastern zone was the warehouse area; it covered an area of 19 square kilometers. A large number of material warehouses were erected from the ground, in which they were used to store various resources.

The Western zone covered an area of 19 square kilometers as well. Oodles of capsule factories and pipeline factories were located there. The zone was used to carry out industrial production activities.

The Southern zone was assigned as the airport/garage space, covering an area of 28 square kilometers (a portion of it was outside the Base of Operations). Innumerable cars and aircrafts were parked there.

The Northern zone was the scientific research zone, spanning 19 square kilometers across. A large number of scientific research centers was built within the area. The supercomputer, for instance, which consumed a large amount of energy and emitted powerful electromagnetic radiation, was placed within the cryogenic machine chamber that resided within the scientific research zone.

The Central zone was the residential area, covering an area of 2.5 square kilometers. In these few months, a five-story bungalow that was meant for Chen Jin, a modern 15-story office building, several functional buildings, and a central square was built. The steel plate houses that were meant for temporary usage all vanished.

The 20 thousand tons of gold that Chen Jin initially planned to use in building a golden castle became the flooring tile for the central square, turning it into a “Golden Square.” Why was the plan for the golden castle scrapped? The reason was that gold has high density but a soft structure, so without additional support, it alone could not be the sole constitution of a castle.

Some components like rebar needed to be mixed in for further reinforcement; only then would the structure stay firm. But as time passed by, some load-bearing parts would still deform. “Forget it, a golden castle with rebar in it is not a golden castle, it would be a rebar-gold mixed castle! It’s unworthy of its name. Cancel this project.”

As someone who valued purity, after thegold was made into golden square tiles, Chen Jin let the robots pave it on the center square floor, which spanned over 20 thousand square meters. After the whole floor was covered, he discovered that the effects were equally astonishing.

Aside from that, the apparent source of the electrical supply for the Base of Operations mainly came from the “Energy Center” located 100 kilometers east of the base.

Tremendous energy from the “Energy Center” came from the four units of nuclear fission reactors disassembled from the “Everlasting Truth” space ship. Each reactor provided up to 500 megawatts of generated power. It would be 2000 megawatts in total adding up all four. In addition, with the high voltage cables supplying electrical energy from the wind farm, the base would not have to worry about energy supply issues for a considerable amount of time.

This time, Chen Jin came to the Base of Operations because of one thing. Inside the office building, facing the virtual projection, he said, “Alice, have you completed those things I tasked you with?”

“It was completed master, please turn and have a look.” After Alice finished her words, an automated door opened behind him. Footsteps could be heard as a few humanoid machines walked through the door. These humanoid machines had the same height, skin tone, facial features, and behavior as humans. No difference could be distinguished.

When people touched it with their hands, they could feel the warmth on its surface. When peopletook the pulse, they would feel similar heartbeats as theirs. They had rich facial expressions, able to express emotions just like humans. They could even eat, defecate, talk, sleep… emulating every human behavior.

Human replica robots. It was an ultimate bionic robot with 95% similarity to real humans. The few human replica robots could even go through a security check by the security inspectors in the highest security airport, completely undetected.

Throughout the past six months, aside from the reconstruction project in the Base of Operations, the only thing that artificial intelligence Alice could do was find ways to create a few units of human replica robots. Apparently, Alice had finally completed her task. She presented them to Chen Jin. “Master, due to insufficiency in some materials and the Base of Operation being yet uncapable of production, only six units of human replica robots were produced. According to your orders, five of them are Guard robots. Installed with ultra-batteries and programmed with gun mastery and top combat skills, even when unarmed they can produce a punch of 800 Newtons and move a small car. They will go all-out to ensure your safety. Another unit is the Avatar robot. Its height, weight, and appearance is technically the same as yours. To further improve likelihood, its artificial bones, muscles, and blood usage are higher, causing its structural strength to be weaker compared to the Guard robots. But it is also installed with ultra-batteries and can produce a punch of 500 Newtons, thus capable of self-defense to a certain degree.”

Alice continued, “Master, the base has been striving to improve R&D and manufacturing capabilities. In another half a year by estimation, I will be able to solve the materials production issue and mass produce the human replica robots you desire. Please be patient for a little while longer.”

Chen Jin nodded his head. “Very good Alice, five guards, and one avatar robot… they will suffice for now.”

Of course, Chen Jin wanted these human replica robots to bring them to Earth for his own safety purposes. There was no need to elaborate on the strength of the Guard robots. With an 800 Newton punch force, in close combat situations, even 10 human soldiers or elites from the special force would get easily bested within minutes.

The Avatar robot served an even greater purpose; it could be used as a diversion to conceal the real deal. If the avatar encountered danger, it could very well solve the problem on its own with its 500 Newton punch.

If Chen Jin broke the law, the avatar could even take his place in jail while he continued to roam freely. Of course, this was only an assumption, as Chen Jin was always a law-abiding citizen. In conclusion, what the avatar robot could do was simply too much, the aid it could provide was innumerable. Therefore, Chen Jin wanted to bring all five Guard robots and the avatar robot to Earth.

Four Guard robots would stay by his side. Then, he would buy another luxurious villa and place the Avatar robot and one Guard robot in it. Occasionally, he would arrange the avatar to attend some public activities and frequently make it roam the streets under broad daylight. It did not need to be very high profile; it would suffice if people were able to recognize it as him.

But a few problems arose. A few living beings appearing out of nowhere, how could their identity issues be solved?

This question was killing his brain cells. The issue could be easily settled for the Avatar robot. Just let the capsule factory clone his own ID, and it would be fully functional.

As for the Guard robots, he could let Alice hack into the public security system, extract the files for missing people, then make the Guard robots look like them. Or he could make a bolder move by hacking into the public security system intranet using technical means and directly register a few new identities. But to play it safe, in the end, Chen Jin asked Alice to obtain the identity information of five people who had either no family, been smuggled abroad, or declared deceased by various reasons, and let the guards assume their identity. The probability of them being discovered was near zero.

With these few units of human replica robots, Chen Jin’s personal safety was greatly assured. Even if he could not avoid showing up in various public events, he could still remain calm without worrying that he might be targeted. The Avatar robot could be his disguise against the eyes of various forces, keeping the secret of the warp gate intact.

Moreover, he made some changes around the warp gate within the toilet just a while ago to further enhance its furtiveness. The toilet bowl and the mirror were removed. It was replaced by a wall which was then smoothened and painted. The warp gate became a snowy white wall. If someone were to take a hammer and hit the middle of the wall, they could only realize that it was indeed a wall, and a very firm one.

Only if Chen Jin was present, and only after he entered his thumbprint, scanned his cornea, passed voice recognition, and gone through all other verification procedures, a hole would appear in the wall that allowed only one person to pass through. Its safety factor was elevated to a new level. But it was still not ultimately safe!

“Money on Earth, I must still earn them in large amounts. It will be best if I were to have a net worth of a hundred billion dollars. Then, I can acquire the land which the Happiness Court is in! If I become the landlord, it will be easier for me to conduct any operations after that.”

Of course, the houses within the area that the Happiness Court resided in were not completed for more than 10 years. It would be at least another 30 to 40 years until its demolition. Within this time period, Chen Jin could grow his wealth to his heart’s content. He would have dozens of ways to obtain the land containing the Happiness Court after he became a super tycoon. He, at his current state, did not have to rush things at all.

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