I Found A Planet Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Being Ordinary Was Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

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Junting Grand Court was a luxurious villa estate in the Pudong area. There were only 21 villas planned for this housing estate. Each villa occupied a very large average area of five acres. These high-end villas were designed by the master architect Ge Qiaozhi, who had a deep understanding of the western architectural design style. These villas were dubbed the milestones in the architecture of Shang Hai luxurious villas.

Amongst those that were available for sale, one single unit with an area of 1,300 to 1,400 square meters cost as much as $110,000 per square meter. Chen Jin had set his sights on villa no.8 in this particular housing estate. It was the biggest villa. In addition to the main body of the building, there was also a garden of 2,000 square meters. The total area of the villa was 3,500 square meters. As for its price, it cost 320 million after a discount! Since he was making a single payment, he enjoyed another 5% discount. The real amount that he had to pay was 304 million. Chen Jin used the company’s finances and took out this money in one lump sum to buy villa no.8.

Spending such a huge amount of money created a sensation in real estate circles immediately. The incident was reported in some real estate news and attracted attention from the financial and economics media. The news, “The boss of Xing Hai Technologies boldly tosses 300 million into the purchase of a Junting villa” spread like wildfire and triggered intense discussions within a small circle of interest.

On the 20th of February, in the Court of Happiness estate, “Chen Jin” packed a series of suitcases and had them loaded onto four luxurious sedans worth tens of millions (also bought using the company’s finances). He left for Junting Grand Court and moved into luxurious villa no.8. A young and mysterious VIP of the tech industry started to live a life marked by expensive branded cars and luxurious mansions. Besides the lack of a beautiful woman by his side, his lifestyle was infinitely desired and envied by many. Nobody would have been able to imagine that the real high-tech VIP was barely living in an ordinary residential area for the middle-upper class.

In order to fully disguise himself, he had to make some sacrifices. For example, he had to dress in a low-key manner. As much as possible, he would wear only cheap clothes that cost pennies. He could no longer wear high-end branded clothing. He cropped his hair very short in a crew-cut style, thus becoming an ordinary commoner with an even more ordinary appearance. His ordinary index increased by two points after putting on a pair of square-framed spectacles.

Moreover, a type of “micro-plastic surgery facial adhesives” could be manufactured at the Base of Operations. The adhesive could modify the appearance of the area where it was applied, thus producing a slight “plastic surgery effect.” The transparent adhesives were only as big as a band-aid and the effects were able to last an entire day, all without going under the knife. It would be the number one choice of make-up product for ladies.

Chen Jin applied three adhesives on three different areas of his face. In the future, he would have to apply these adhesives before going out. Before undergoing this series of changes, he had looked somewhat handsome. Now he could lose himself in the streets. To people who had trouble remembering faces, he might as well be invisible. The greatest sacrifice that he made was in regards to his parents. He had to make up stories and excuses to explain this in a plausible manner. He could not simply say that he had a replacement acting as himself. That would be too great a shock for them.

After some thought, he said, “Dad, Mom, I’ve bought a villa in Junting Grand Court. I might go and live in the villa occasionally. I’ll let you know if I’m not at home. Mom, you don’t have to prepare my meals. However, I’ll still spend most of my time in the apartment below yours. I may spend even less than two days living in the villa. I didn’t buy the villa with the intention to separate myself from you. I’m afraid that I will be targeted by the paparazzi, fans, kidnappers, and whatnot after I become rich and famous. It’ll be safer living in the villa. I’ve also employed a few guards… This will prevent others from disrupting our everyday life.” Chen Jin explained it thus.

Chen Jin had considered moving into Junting Grand Court with his parents, and he even invited them, but they were unwilling. They had their jobs. Their workplaces were far away from Junting Grand Court and it would be a long and inconvenient commute. They could only go over on the weekends to relax. Even if they were retired or had resigned from their jobs, they would still prefer to live in the Court of Happiness rather than a villa estate with few neighbors. After all, they had lived in the Court of Happiness for almost ten years.

Upon hearing his words, He Li nodded. “The media said that you were worth more than 10 billion and that you’ll definitely be in the top 100 in this year’s list of national billionaires. You really do have to pay more attention to your safety. Most billionaires live in villas not to show off but for safety reasons too. I understand your intentions.” She did say that, but somehow He Li was flooded with a wave of sadness. His wings were grown now. He could really leave her side and fly away.

Chen Gang said, “Just move into the villa. The apartment below is still yours. Come back often when you’re free, especially for your Mom. Also, the dazzling world outside is filled with great temptations and many traps! You have to control yourself. Call us if you meet with any troubles.” Chen Gang thought that after his son moved into that villa, he probably would not come back often. He could be considered filial if he even came back to visit twice a week.

Hearing her husband’s words, He Li suddenly started to cry. The outside world was so exciting. Would her son come back often now that she would not restrain him anymore? Would he even return twice a week? This was the big question.

“Mom don’t be sad! I promise that I’ll spend most of my time at home. At most, I’ll only stay in the villa occasionally.” Chen Jin coaxed her for some time, repeatedly promising to spend more time at home. Only then did she reluctantly stop her crying. However, she still felt very sad and disappointed.

For the following two weeks, Chen Jin kept his promise through concrete actions. He meant what he said. In a total of 14 days, he spent 10 days in apartment 302, which was one story below his parents’ apartment. He would go up to have dinner with them every day. He went to the big villa in Junting Grand Court and lived there for three days (in reality, it was to show the face of his double in public. He himself went to Base of Operations).

There was also a day when Chen Jin brought his parents to the big villa where they stayed for one day and one night, enjoying the life of the rich (this was the real Chen Jin living in the villa for the first time; he had hidden his double). Thus, this operation was fussier and more complicated. But he could experience a greater degree of safety in this way.

He had made sufficient explanations to his parents, especially his Mom. She was extremely satisfied and felt a well of emotions. Being able to raise her son to this age; her affections had not gone to waste.

His parents were extremely shocked at his new appearance. He sported a crew-cut, wore cheap clothes and a pair of square-framed spectacles. After pasting the “amazing adhesives” on his face, he had an ordinary and forgettable image.

Even as his real mother, He Li said, “Son, frankly speaking, I almost couldn’t recognize you in this get-up. I thought you were someone else. Besides the same height, you’re two totally different persons!”

Chen Gang felt the present scene fading away, as if a split in reality had occurred. He boldly hypothesized: If his son did not become an entrepreneur and instead continued his old life as a homebody, living merely to await death, he was afraid that this would be his appearance after a number of years. Helplessly, he forced a smile and thought, the affairs of the world are inconstant.

He was extremely worried when his son was a loafer. He was afraid that Chen Jin would fall into a state of poverty and his circumstances would worsen every year. He might even become homeless and live a life worse than a beggar’s. Now his son was a useful member of society, had a successful business, and became a billionaire. But he had never imagined that not only did Chen Jin remain unchanged, he even prepared a “destitute and frustrated at life” appearance. Funny. It was really too funny.

Chen Jin laughed. “Dad, Mom, if I’m not ordinary, did you think that I’ll still have the opportunity to stay beside you in the future? Will I still have the opportunity to show how filial I am?”

“Yes, that’s right!” As if awakened from a dream, He Li grabbed her son in a hug and leaned her head against him. “Son, you are totally right! Your career is important, but I still hope that you can spend more time with me.”

Chen Gang seemed to understand something too. In the past, he had overly high expectations of his son and was very critical towards him. But, those were actually anxious and stubborn behaviors. Now, he thought that being ordinary sometimes may not be a bad thing at all.

On the 5th of March, at the second development plant in Xing Hai Technologies, after a long eight months of preparation and development, another major product of Xing Hai Technologies had been successfully finalized!

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