I Found A Planet Chapter 139

Chapter 139: WeChat Business Mode

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“WeChat Allied Business Mode?” Chen Jin looked at Li Yuan Liang as if he saw something implausible. “The Little Star learning machine is such a great product, and now you are telling me to sell it through WeChat Business Mode? Tell me, is this your own idea or did others give you the idea?”

Feeling the anger in his bosses’ eyes, Li Yuan Liang’s face was covered in cold sweat as his body shook. He quickly explained, “Mr. Chen, I didn’t come up with this idea, it was someone called Yang Dan from the sales department. I have already criticized her. Xing Hai Technologies is such a renowned big company and the Little Star learning machine is a standard high-tech product. How could we lower ourselves, throwing away our company and brand image, and sell our product through WeCha? I thought that this method was too ridiculous, so I scolded her on the spot.”

“Even you thought that it was ridiculous, so why are you telling me her idea?” asked Chen Jin, staring at him.

“Uh…” Li Yuan Liang perspired as if a fountain was pouring down from his head. With an upset expression, he said, “Mr. Chen, I’ve done wrong, I will never do it again. I will ask HR to fire Yang Dan right away.”

“No! No need to fire her!” Chen Jin suddenly smiled and said, “On the contrary, the company has to reward her greatly. Arrange a meeting for the higher-ups immediately to discuss the feasibility of using WeChat Business Mode to solve the sales difficulties of the Little Star learning machines. Also, let Yang Dan from the sales department attend the meeting, I would like to hear from her point of view.”

“Ah!” Li Yuan Liang was unable to instantly react to the massive turn of events. He held onto his chest and smiled bitterly, “Stop fooling me Mr. Chen! My heart can’t take it.”

Inside the executive meeting room, facing the company’s young boss, CEO Mr. Ling, her superior Li Yuan Liang, and the higher-ups that she could only look up upon occassionally, it was impossible for Yang Dan to not feel nervous. In spite of that, she still gathered her courage and said with her crisp voice, “I was once into WeChat Business for a certain product, and had become the regional agent for it. Actually, doing WeChat Business isn’t that hard, the key is still whether the product you are selling is good or bad. If the product is good enough, not only can you get enough customers, you can also hire more sub-agents and further boost sales. Of course, reputation is vital in doing WeChat Business. We will need to do lots of advertising, sharing posts, and adding many friends every day. Only those with a strong will can achieve notable results and obtain a batch of regular customers…”

She paused, her eyes gleaming fiercely. “But, I believe that if we sell the Little Star learning machine through WeChat Business Mode, we can sell them easily and in abundance! For example, in my son’s classroom, I just used 20 minutes to introduce our product. Within just a few days, seven or eight of his classmates bought the Little Star learning machine. My son told me yesterday that aside from two poor students in his class, all his other classmates bought the learning machine! Even in other classes as well, some of the students have also begun using the Little Star learning machine. In WeChat, there are group chats for parents, students, and teachers, and all of them were saying that the Little Star learning machine is very handy. But a lot of parents were not aware of how and where they could purchase the Little Star learning machine, and so they were asking about it in the group chats. There was even a parent who said in the group chat that he will give 10 thousand dollars to whoever gets him a Little Star learning machine!”

Yang Dan shook her head. “Those parents… how adorable they are, they can’t even use Taobao. But they are often the ones who crave for their kids to learn knowledge and become someone exceptional… with knowledge, their children’s fate can be altered. These parents do not know where to purchase the Little Star learning machine and WeChat dealers can most certainly help them with it! As our target customer base is fixed, our agency system can be made very simple. The sequence from top to bottom of the system should be Xing Hai Technologies, regional agents, then parents or teachers. The groups that we should be active in are the parent and teacher groups. It won’t be necessary to post advertisements within the friend circle. Doing it at three levels will suffice. The distribution cost involved is not high. For every learning machine unit sold by the regional agents, they get 50 dollars. Teacher or parent agents, on the other hand, get 150 dollars for every unit they sell. With the product quality of the Little Star learning machine, we will never have to worry about it not selling. The agents we hire on WeChat just have to worry about the number of parents on their friend list.”

Yang Dan smiled. “Last but not least, another benefit of adopting the WeChat Business Mode is that it can effectively tackle the scalping phenomenon. For as much as the higher agents supervise their underlings well and impose strict examinations, the existence of scalpers can be very certainly be dismissed. We can assure that every learning machine is bought by parents and used by their children.”

This particular statement by Yang Dan enlightened the crowd! The scalping phenomenon was Xing Hai Technologies most hated problem; it was futile no matter what restrictions they imposed, prominently at the beginning of their product launch. The formidable scalpers had innumerable ways to snatch the products, then resell it at a high price. Xing Hai Technologies was the one that took the blame for their actions. People said that the company was “playing the fool,””In collusion with the scalpers,” and no matter how they explained themselves, it was useless, thus evoking serious negative effects.

The WeChat Business Mode might really be able to abolish the scalpers’ existence. Not to mention abolishing, even cutting off 80% of the scalpers would be a great success.

After Yang Dan finished, she sat down, feeling uneasy. The executives looked at each other face to face. Silence persisted for quite a while in the conference room.

After a long while, Chen Jin said, “I think that we could use Yang Dan’s proposal, using WeChat Business Mode to sell our Little Star learning machine.”

“This must not happen!” Someone immediately refuted, “Xing Hai Technologies has a reputable public image. If we subject ourselves to WeChat Business, it will cause a tremendous blow towards our company image. Maybe some will even say that we are a fraud company.”

“That’s right, Mr. Chen. The sales for the Little Star learning machine are already over two million units. The significant rise in sales implies that we won’t need to use the WeChat Business Mode to push our sales to five million units, even. We do not need to go through the side doors.”

“The utmost priority is still our company image. WeChat Business is not something that can be glorified or something that even has a good reputation. It will be better for us to not get into this.” Most of the higher executives were opposed to this idea.

CEO Ling Dong Jun also said, “Mr. Chen, this is a grave matter, please consider this wisely.”

“All of you need not say another word!” Chen Jin waved his hands. “Our product quality is our company’s reputation! It’s not built on what marketing techniques we use. I think that Yang Dan’s idea is very good. It is most certain that WeChat Business Mode can have a very good promotional effect as we can directly get to the parents themselves! The distribution fee of 200 dollars per unit is also way less than doing advertisements. Most importantly, it can prevent harm from scalping activities. The scalpers won’t be able to stockpile to the disbenefit of parents. This itself is a benefit! Li Yuan Liang, get a team running in your sales department right away and let them develop a sales plan.” Then, he pointed at Yang Dan and said, “Yang Dan, I assign you as our company’s chief agent. You are in charge of managing all regional agents. Besides, your idea is very impressive; Zhu Yuefang, award her 100 thousand cash next month.”

“Yes, Mr. Chen,” said finance officer Zhu Yuefang.

“S…sir!” Yang Dan stood up with her face blushing red. She was so shocked that she did not know what to say.

“Please keep working hard.” Chen Jin gave her an expression of encouragement in his eyes and announced the dismissal of the conference.

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