I Found A Planet Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Authorize the Country

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On the 9th of June, the second day after the mid-term examinations, Chen Jin’s avatar led a portion of the company’s executives to Kings City. They were attending an important meeting held by the ministry of education. Or actually a “negotiation,” so to speak. A negotiation on the Little Star learning machine. In all honesty, this negotiation was very laborious. When the negotiation was at a stalemate, even a senior-level leader came and instilled his ideologies upon him. But Chen Jin’s stand did not sway by even an inch. Xing Hai Technologies benefits must be fully assured! The request of “nationalizing” the learning machine by some experts in the education field was firmly rebuffed.

“Since you said that your company spent almost tens of billions of dollars on developing the Little Star learning machine, okay then, the country will compensate you 20 billion, a two-fold compensation, is that enough?”

“What an ‘expert’ you are, 20 billion? Do you see Xing Hai Technologies as beggars? The product value of the Little Star learning machine is over two trillion! You want to buy this technology? Sure, take out two trillion then,” Chen Jin said with a sarcastic grin.

An expert was disgusted by him to the extent that he wanted to vomit blood. “Two trillion, are you going insane thinking about money? Concerning the future of our nation, concerning a product that represents the fate of our nation, and what you can think of is only money? You… disappoint us.”

“Do you have some misconceptions towards earning money? Xing Hai Technologies spent tens of billions to develop this product, if it’s not for earning money, what do you suggest? Charity? Thank goodness you are not an entrepreneur, if you were to manage a company, it would collapse within just a few days!” Chen Jin shook his head. “The purpose behind the establishment of each and every company is the same, the utmost priority will be earning money. Changing the world, the cause of feelings, the cause of righteousness, all of these are just stories for children. We are all adults here, please communicate the adult way.”

“What is it that you want?” questioned another expert.

“I don’t want anything! I’m the one that should be asking, what do you want? You want the Little Star learning machine, sure, take out your money, I’ll give you a discount; you want its technology, sure, take out your money… please talk to me in commercial definitions.”

“Money money money, have you lost yourself in money? Can’t you contribute to your country and your people?” said another expert.

Chen Jin stood up. “I’m sorry, this conversation is not going anywhere, as long as this ‘expert’ is around, I refuse to talk anymore. Like a chicken and a duck talk and howl to the moon, we literally can’t communicate with each other!” He left the conference room.

The experts looked at each other. The one expert’s face turned red from agitation and anger.

The next day, Chen Jin once again stepped foot into the conference room. He realized that the expert from the day before was gone. The head representative of the negotiation was also swapped to a kind-looking elderly man.

“Mr. Chen, I can fully understand what you mean. We are now in an era of commodity economy, so there are no flaws in your logic. Besides, your company is already involved in the high-tech business and already contributing to our nation’s technological advancements. Every single cent you earn is clean money, we can’t point our fingers at you in any way. It’s just that… the Little Star learning machine had too big of an impact towards the country. It completely flipped our educational system. We cannot make any mistakes in the education of our next generation. I know that the knowledge checkpoints in the Little Star learning machine are mainly focused on natural science, and it is very helpful for science students. It also did not touch on any sensitive topics. This indicates that you are very smart, and Xing Hai Technologies is a very wise company to put all these problems into account.”

The elderly man continued, “However, it is impossible for the country to let just one company monopolize a product such as this. The purpose behind the existence of the Ministry of Education is to supervise and regulate and to make sure that no problem arises. The best way of regulation in this case is to nationalize this product and leave it in the hands of experts in the educational field. Just like transportation, power generation, and military; the importance of the Little Star learning machine has already escalated to the same height as these fields. The country will definitely provide a certain amount of financial compensation. Xing Hai Technologies will also receive great support from the country. I, on behalf of the country, guarantee you, you will not get the short end of the stick!” The officer gave his warm and sincere advice.

But Chen Jin still shook his head. “It’s not impossible for you to nationalize this product. I’ll make a concession, 500 billion for buyout! I’ll give you the Little Star learning machine as well as a copy of its technical documents. This is my bottom line. I will not concede further. Please do not think that this is expensive, it is said that the country injects several trillions of funds in the educational field annually. My request is completely not out of scale. In business development, we need profit. Xing Hai Technologies made a product worth several trillions in value, and now we are willing to sell it at 500 billion. I do not think that we are taking any advantage in this. We, on the other hand, are suffering a big loss.”

“500 billion?” The officer had his mouth wide open. Feeling helpless, he said, “Mr. Chen, your demands are too exaggerated! 500 billion, with this money the country can already form its own team to develop a similar learning machine.”

Chen Jin said immediately, “Then I’ll support the nation in independent research and development! Xing Hai Technologies is willing to provide technical consulting services, free of charge.”

The negotiation once again plunged into a deadlock situation. On the day after, the Ministry of Education increased their bargaining chips, hoping for a buyout at 100 billion, but they got rejected. Immediately, Chen Jin received a call from his grandfather He Chang Hou. His old man lectured him, saying that almost is enough! Do not delay the country’s development in education for the sake of money and ultimately become a historical sinner! Chen Jin had no choice but to take two hours to let his grandfather understand what was going on in this mind, just vaguely.

On the 18th of June, negotiations persisted. Chen Jin came out with a compromised solution. It was finally approved by the Ministry of Education and passed by the higher authorities.

There were three core contents within the scheme:

1. The intellectual property of the Little Star learning machine and its technical information belonged to Xing Hai Technologies, but it could be licensed to the state for free.

2. Xing Hai Technology would supply the Little Star learning machine to the Ministry of Education at a production cost price and 10% hardware profit. The Ministry of Education could even take 70% of the production capacity of the foundry.

3. The state granted complete tax exemption towards the R&D, manufacturing, and production related to the Little Star learning machine.

If the state provided tax exemptions, the combined production cost price of the Little Star learning machine would be reduced by at least 40%. That was what Chen Jin valued the most. Towards the end, he said, “It is impossible for me to provide a free contribution to core technologies, 100 billion is just like dispatching a beggar! But I can provide a free license to the country and supply the ministry with a low-cost version of the Little Star learning machine, in exchange for tax exemptions. Besides, Xing Hai Technologies will continue to make learning machines. We have already successfully developed ‘Little Star Second Gen,’ which is 60 times more powerful than the first-generation product. For this product, the Ministry of Education can purchase them in large quantities. Xing Hai Technologies will also sell them to the public. On its pricing, our ‘Little Star Second Gen’ will be following market pricing, tagged at above 10 thousand dollars. I do not care about the ministry’s pricing; it is for you to decide. It is not our problem that some poor students can’t afford to use it. This will be my greatest sincerity. If ou comply, then may we have a pleasant cooperation; if you insist that I give out free contributions on this, sorry, I really can’t do it. You can only give up on this product, go expand in other areas, and we shall not interfere with each other in the future.” Chen Jin shrugged his shoulders. It was impossible for him to concede further.

The experts looked at each other for a moment. The officer communicated with the higher authorities and received a positive reply. “It can be done, the government cannot be wholly responsible for the learning machine, and private companies should participate competitively as well to stimulate the product market and provide better education services! Alright Mr. Chen, we agree to your conditions! Let us make our contributions to the Z nations education field together!”

“May we have a pleasant cooperation!” Chen Jin shook hands with him with a smile on his face.

On the 20th of June, after all the terms were agreed and signed by both parties and the cooperation agreement became official, Chen Jin spoke in the ears of minister Yuan, a request that made his pupils dilate: Let the Little Star Second Gen partake in the National College Entrance Examinations.

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