I Found A Planet Chapter 150

Chapter 150: More Interaction

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Recently, Xing Hai Technologies once again expanded their headquarters. The office area rented by the company increased from four to eight floors. Of all the 32 floors of the office building, a quarter of it belonged to Xing Hai Technologies.

But this was not all. Having considered that the company would still be expanding in the future, Chen Jin asked his men to acquire a piece of land at the periphery of Bao Shan Industrial Park. His intention was to build the company’s headquarters that would be 80 floors (excluding three basement floors) and expanding a floor area of 60 thousand square meters which could accommodate up to 5,000 people. The building will be named “Xing Hai edifice.”

The company hired a well-known architectural design team to be in charge of the building’s design. In the final scheme, the exterior of the building resembled an interstellar battleship which was flying straight up into the skies, with the letters “Xing Hai” patterned onto the middle section of the building. The design was overflowing with fictional vibes. In terms of cost, including architectural design fees, renovation, internal equipment, and other miscellaneous fees, the estimated cost was around 3.5 billion dollars.

The land had been acquired, and the professional construction team would be commencing operations by next month. By opting to high-speed construction methods, it was estimated that the building could be put into use in two and a half years’ time.

After the Little Star Second Gen was released, among the first one million units of stock, 600 thousand units were sold wholesale to the Ministry of Education at a low price of 1,870 dollars. If those machines were sold to the mass population of students at around 2,000 dollars, even the poorer families would be able to afford it.

Besides, Xing Hai Technologies would be conducting sales on their own for the remaining 400 thousand units. The market price was set at 8,800 dollars. Due to complete tax exemption, which saved them more than 40% of tax payment costs, the hardware profit margin was as high as 70%! Considering the low hardware cost price, they feared that selling it above 10 thousand dollars might lead to criticism.

After all, this product that Chen Jin launched was not, as some people said, to cast the poor into hell, further strengthening hierarchy and what not. For something around 8,000 dollars, people could gather up to 10 thousand dollars simply by applying for a credit card. If those extremely poor families were to be taken into consideration as well, they would not be able to afford it even if it was priced at 1,000 dollars. To create a fair world for those who were not able to send their child to school and struggling to fill their bellies, they might need to be gifted every single thing.

In this matter, Chen Jin really could not get himself to do so. He was not a philanthropist, and this was not something for him to take care about either. The only concern for him was to make the Little Star Second Gen affordable for most families. Moreover, there were more units in the hands of the Ministry of Education. Even if the poorer students still could not afford them at cost price, Chen Jin would still put both of his hands out of this matter!

Another thing was that the Little Star Second Gen learning machine was using the “Star network selling model,” in which the machine was sold to the parents via other parents or teachers. This absolutely shattered the scalpers’ dreams of becoming rich. They, who initially planned to accumulate large stockpiles through the online market, suddenly realized that the Little Star Second Gen was not sold online but was using the “Star network.” Subsequently, they all scrambled in wildly as they wanted to become the Little Star Second Gen’s sales agent.

However, Xing Hai Technologies imposed strict inspections towards their agents. The criteria were agents must use their real name, must be a woman with at least a bachelor’s degree, must have kids attending school… and various other rules. Many verification documents must be provided through the system which imposed strict inspections and punishment policies. Over 90% of the scalpers’ dream to make a fortune was completely smashed to smithereens.

Aside from that, on the foundry’s production capacity, 200 thousand Little Star Second Gen learning machines could be produced daily under the foundry’s full horsepower. However, considering that there were 200 million students within the country from primary school to high school, based on the “one for everyone” assumption, production would not be able to supply demand in the first two years.

To prevent the benefits of parents from getting harmed, the Star online selling model appeared to be of greater importance. After dealing with all the business, Chen Jin planned to have a good time of relaxation.

In the Pudong Area in Junting Grand Court, Villa 8, Chen Jin was settled in the backyard by the pool. He rested leisurely on a beach chair under the umbrella, wearing colorful beach pants and sunglasses, enjoying the summer breeze as he fell into a shallow sleep.

“Chen Jin, come down and play. Come and swim with me for a while.”

In the pool, there was a gorgeous lady with a slim waist and long legs, who was wearing a bikini. She was twisting her graceful figure with her fair arms sliding over the water while she invited the man at the poolside to join her.

However, Chen Jin had already swum earlier on. He played with the pretty lady in the water for quite some time. As he felt a little tired, he got up and went to rest at the poolside for a while.

Seeing that her man was not responding to her, the beauty could only leave the pool. She walked to the man, took the sunscreen lotion on the small table, squeezed some on her hands and started rubbing the cream evenly on the man’s chest. The woman’s hand was delicate and soft with fingers as white as snow. Her rubbing action was very gentle. She inadvertently touched some sensitive places with a pleasant smile on her face. She touched the two little dots on the man’s chest numerous times, drawing circles with her index finger around them.

“Stop touching.” Chen Jin opened his eyes and grabbed her hands. He looked at her and said, “Didn’t you have enough last night? Why are you still so energetic today?”

“Why can’t I? My regenerative abilities are impeccable, don’t look down on me.” The woman teased him and smiled while winking seductively.

“Yuan Li, go lie down and rest, I’m a little tired, let’s test our skills again tonight,” said Chen Jin helplessly.

Facing the very passionate beauty last night, Chen Jin, who had not tasted flesh in the past three years, was unable to hold himself and subjugated himself to the “director’s daughter.” It ended up with a prolonged battle until three in the morning, exhausting all his energy. After the gunfire, he went into his post-coital tristesse and all of a sudden, his head started to hurt.

Why did I sleep with the director’s daughter?

What was even more surprising was that this was Yuan Li’s first time. Only last night, she completed her metamorphosis from a girl to a woman. This made him feel troubled, as he did not know how to arrange this. Actually, Yuan Li was indeed a nice person, pretty, cheerful, and lively. Aside from being a little “delicate,” there was nothing to pick off from her.

Chen Jin was not a freshie since a long time ago. He started to be in relationships since junior high. Until the time when he graduated from university, he had experienced at least five to six girls, some with pure and beautiful love and some with multiple trips to heaven. To summarize: He was a pro in the field of love.

Chen Jin had high standards. The girls he dated in the past were all seven or eight out of 10 in terms of appearance. Yuan Li was not the prettiest, nor was she the one that he felt the best. Towards Yuan Li, he just had a favorable impression, not even to the level of “liking” her. If it wasn’t to fulfill his needs and that the ‘director’s daughter’ was invited to stay overnight, he would never have touched her. Now, he had to scratch his head to solve the matter. After some thought, he still opened up and said with all honesty, “Yuan Li, I don’t want to have a family just yet. Last night was just me being too impulsive. Actually, I regard you as a good friend, I never wanted to… speaking of which, why were you so passionate last night, didn’t I ask you to rest next door?”

Yuan Li bit her lip while she remained silent. If it was another person that took her virginity and came out with such ruthless words, she would have slapped the guy already. But looking at the man before her, not only that she did not get mad, she held her towel tightly and hummed, “I know you don’t like me just yet, but I like you! I myself am willing to do so, so you don’t need to be responsible. I just hope that you can talk to me and accompany me more in the future… sooner or later, you will like me as well.”

Chen Jin nodded. “I really don’t have the energy to talk about partners and what not. But you are a good lady, so let’s interact more in the future, as my soul mate.” Of course, as they ‘interacted’ more often, they must pay attention to safety as well. At the present time, he did not want a human side product to appear. Last night, he took some safety precautions.

Besides, considering that he had another planet in his hand, management would be an issue if there were fewer people. So, he had to get a lot of people. The number of his offspring could not be small!

“So…for me, isn’t one wife a little insufficient?” Chen Jin stretched his hands. It was not that he had an overwhelming amount of love, it was because his planet required manpower.

“Yeah.” Yuan Li nodded her head continuously as she was filled with joy.

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