I Found A Planet Chapter 160

Chapter 160: With Core Technology at Hand

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Wang Quan Long was full of himself lately. Wherever he went, he was smiling. He went to many dinners and talks, and received numerable awards on stage. Not only had he regained the 20 kilograms of weight that he had lost due to the strain of producing the mechanical joints, but he had also gained an additional 10 kilograms. His face became round and his stomach was protruded. When he lowered his head, his chin would become two. A specific person had already started asking him to lose weight. But he was in glee! He would lose weight whenever he felt like doing so, and that person could do nothing to him.

Hehe, now at home, I will have the final say!

When he showed a little sign of rebellion and was unwilling to obey in front of that person, however, it did not go well. “Wang Quan Long! Roll to the living room, don’t even think of getting into my bed for three days!” The furious tigress immediately quashed his rebellion.

“Wifey, I was wrong! I was completely wrong!” Wang Quan Long begged for mercy immediately. But he still had to gloomily ‘roll’ to the living room and obediently sleep on the sofa for three days.

A big boss that had several billion dollars of net worth was actually disciplined to be very subservient. It could be seen that his wife, Jiang Yazhen, was very capable of subduing her husband. She completely broke Wang Quan Long’s fantasy that went, “As long as I earn more money than my wife, I can have the final say at home.”

He could never forget the day when Bi Long Company’s mechanical joints were successfully put into mass production. It was expected to bring him one billion dollars of annual income, which was literally like a mountain of gold that would never deplete. So, he rushed back home in jubilance and told his wife, “My wife, I have done it, I have succeeded! In the future, your husband’s earning capabilities will be 10 times above you! I have won, you can’t have a say over me now!”

Jiang Yazhen gave him a cold glare, pointed her finger towards the kitchen and said, “Have your wings hardened after two months away from home? Go do the dishes.”

“Huh?” Wang Quan Long spaced out at the moment, but he could only obey, and so he went to do the dishes.

Later on, his wife realized how significant the mechanical joints were to the Z nation’s industrial field. He expressed that it was a colossal market worth hundreds of billions of dollars! Jiang Yazhen only rolled her eyes and said nothing.

A month later, Wang Quan Long went on ‘News Series.’ This TV program had the highest viewership ratings in the country, and it advertised Bi Long Company big time. Wang Quan Long had almost three minutes of screen time during the program.

Because Wang Quan Long joined the party, and as the star representative of the party, his exemplary deeds were widely spread. Within the country’s perimeters, he attended dozens of seminars and he was very familiar with his memorized speech. Presently, Bi Long Company was listed as one of the most important private tech enterprises. The state had allocated a total of 10 billion dollars to support the development of this enterprise.

A few months ago, due to their product passing quality check, Bi Long acquired a contract with the space agency and gained orders from many military enterprises. The mechanical joints manufactured by Bi Long Company had to go to space and to war. They became an important supplier to the field of national defense. All of the achievements above made Wang Quan Long look forward to the response on his wife’s face; even a smear of adoration would be nice.

But as for the results, it was still a disappointment. However, Wang Quan Long did not dare to grouse because his wife gave him a lot of help for him to achieve his current accomplishments. In other words, without his wife’s support, he would not be where he was now! ,When he was young, he was very poor. Aside from having some talents, every part of him was not worthy of Jiang Yazhen who was pretty, lady-like, and born with a silver spoon in her mouth. They received a lot of opposition when they got together. To be with him, Jiang Yazhen even threatened to sever her ties with her family.

Later, he went overseas to study and came back to set up a factory with his wife’s financial support. He had encountered many crises, and it was his wife that helped him through the storm. It was fair to say that she was his “sugar mommy.” Now that he had some achievements, Jiang Yazhen never praised him to his face. But, his daughter Ying Ying secretly told him that her mom called grandfather and spoke very highly of him. Grandfather asked them to visit him at Treasure Island at the end of the year.

Hearing this, Wang Quan Long was stunned. After a while, he sighed and whispered, “What more can I ask from such a wife?” He then remembered that they were married for more than 20 years. They had been through ups and downs. He had many words to say to his wife that was always by his side supporting him. He planned to give her a valuable and meaningful “present.”

“Ling Feng Jing Mi Company will be listing soon. According to assessments from professional institutions, its market value is approximately around 10 billion dollars. I hold 65% of the shares. When shares go up after listing, the value of the shares I hold may exceed 10 billion… she will be definitely be touched by this present, right?”

On the 10th of August, the gong rang out.


Along with the sound of the gong, Ling Feng Jing Mi Company was officially listed at the stock exchange center in Shang Hai. The issue price was 20 dollars per share and a total of 500 million shares were issued. On the day of listing, the market was generally optimistic and stock buyers were all buying their share. Stock price significantly rose by 10% and reached the daily limit. On the second trading day, the daily limit was reached shortly after its opening. The third trading day began with a slight drip and rebounded by noon; the net increase of stock price was 6.5%.

After being listed for just three days, Ling Feng Jing Mi Company’s market value was closing in on the 13-billion-dollar mark. The total increase was almost 30%. According to the calculations on the latest stock price and the shares held by Wang Quan Long, his net worth exceeded 8 billion dollars. It was just a matter of time for it to break the 10 billion mark.

As a friend and business partner, Chen Jin called Wang Quan Long to congratulate him. “Mr. Wang, congratulations, you are almost a billionaire.”

“Hahahaha!” Wang Quan Long laughed. “It was all because of you, Mr. Chen, for letting a fern like us grow on such a big tree as Xing Hai Technologies. Without the orders from the Wa-wah robot, not to even mention being listed, even a market value of one billion will be considered good enough.”

What he said was not a platitude. For example, after Zhong Xin International, who had deeper ties with Xing Hai Technologies, got Xing Hai’s hundreds of millions of chip orders, their stock price had skyrocketed, and their market value had already broken through the 100 billion dollar mark! Some companies or institution that pulled out their investments from Zhong Xin International had experienced great loss!

As Xing Hai Technologies’ business partner, the stock buyers were naturally positive about Ling Feng Jing Mi’s future developments. It was certain that this electronic foundry would grow exponentially in the future. It was inevitable for Wang Quan Long’s net worth to pierce the 10 billion mark. However, he stated that all the shares in his possession were placed in a foundation that was established under the name of his wife. The beneficiary for the income generated by the value of these stocks and annual production was his wife. He considered it as repaying his wife for her support through all these years. “That night, my wife secretly cried. I saw it, but I’m not going to tell her, hehehe,” Wang Quan Long said out of self-content. After showing off his relationship with his wife, Wang Quan Long asked, “Speaking of which, Mr. Chen, will your Xing Hai Technologies be listed in the future? I think that with your company’s potential, its market value might exceed one trillion dollars. With the shares you hold, you will be a billion-billionaire in no time or even the richest man in the country. Are you considering listing your company?”

“Nope.” Chen Jin shook his head. “I have no plans to get my company listed.”

“Mr. Chen, do you know how many people will be red-eyed if you don’t get your company listed? Do you know how many forces will be drawn against you? Xing Hai Technologies’ profitability is too high, if you don’t give out some for the others by selling some stock, you will draw lots of hatred and jealousy from the public.”

“Hatred and jealousy? They have cash in their hands, while I have my core technology. As for which is more valuable, I bet everyone knows… Mr. Wang, will you get Bi Long listed?”



Core technology was priceless, and not under the control of capitalism. With money, people could do anything they wanted to, but with core technology at hand, the benefits were even greater!

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