I Found A Planet Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Repairing the Particle Collider

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On Planet Haierfa, at the Base of Operations, Chen Jin could clearly feel that the air quality had improved. The dust and sand that hovered across the sky had significantly thinned out. In windless days, one could occasionally see a speck of the blue sky during the day or the stars at night. The air wasn’t so dry anymore. There would be light rain in every so often, and the air humidity would increase significantly.

However, they would not have to worry about water accumulating at the Base of Operations. Earlier during construction, Alice had considered drainage issues and had dug a 50-acre lake at the middle of the base. As of that moment, the lake was still dry. Excessive evaporation rates made it impossible for the lake to contain water.

Chen Jin was very surprised. The environmental transformation plan was only executed for little more than a year, and yet its effects were so evident.

Nuwa reported, “Master, it was because I found a hastier method to transport freshwater supplies. One of the methods utilizes the high-pressure pipelines. The ice collected around Antarctica is melted using geothermal resources after mechanical pulverization, then funneled a few thousand kilometers away. The second method utilizes high-speed cruisers. It is used to transport freshwater resources covered under the Antarctic ice sheet to the nearest land mass. The supplies will then similarly be transported via the high-pressure pipelines. Lastly, I mastered the ability to control the weather. Not only am I able to induce large-scale artificial rainfalls, but I can also generate small or medium-sized typhoons directly at torrid zones with lower latitudes, bringing forth precipitation across a wide area inland. Via weather control, I could save at least half of the freshwater transportation costs.”


Chen Jin cleared out his ears, as he thought he was having auditory hallucinations. “What did you say, Nuwa? Weather control? Controlling the ever-changing weather? Do you know what you are talking about?”

Nuwa actually claims to have mastered such a magical ability?

“Yes, master. As long as humidity meets the requirements, I can induce artificial rainfall in any area. As for typhoons, due to the reactors of the Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens having insufficient power, I could only generate typhoons under the scale of 11, but I can’t control the exact movements of the typhoon yet. I can only roughly spawn them in locations inland,” Nuwa said with a faint voice. One could tell her humbleness from her words.

Chen Jin’s mouth was wide open as he was completely stunned.

Alright Nuwa, I admit that I’ve underestimated you!

It was because Alice once told him that she could also induce artificial rains. As for artificial typhoons, Alice expressed that she was unable to do so, despite the fact that the computing power of both Alice and Nuwa were similar, at a million billion times per second. Having the same computing powers, why could Nuwa accomplish things that Alice could not? It was because their underlying computer architecture was completely different.bAlice’s underlying architecture was more towards computation with high precision, suitable for simulation purposes.bNuwa’s underlying architecture was biased towards logic. Computation was not her forte. The program was assorted with fuzzy logic, providing her powerful deducing abilities that she could use to solve many metaphysical problems.

For example, she could roughly estimate a person’s age based on their complexion, and a shops fortune based on its fengshui. Nuwa was able to even deduce earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, and many other unpredictable events. Her deductions were extremely accurate to the point that it seemed magical.

“My abilities were bestowed by ‘The Eight Trigrams’ formula in my underlying architecture. The expert that came up with these calculations had successfully predicted many massive events. But on the day he finished the algorithm, a flower pot fell from the second floor and killed him. People were saying that it was the wrath of Heavens.”

“So according to this ‘Eight Trigrams’ formula, under normal conditions, my expectancy is only 82 years and I would die of cancer?”

“Yes master, there should not be too much of a margin of error.”

Chen Jin shook his head. What an awesome person to come up with such awesome calculations, no wonder the heavens refused to keep him alive. Therefore, considering the special architecture of Nuwa and the magical ‘Eight Trigrams’ formula, it totally made sense to him that Nuwa could control the weather.

He even had a bizarre thought. Since the underlying architecture of Nuwa is so different, why don’t I bring this architecture to Earth and develop a computer which is completely different from the traditional ones? I could break the dominance of the traditional ‘Turing Machine,’ and at the same time prove to the world that the Z Nation is able to come out with something of their own.

He felt that his thought was very feasible. Although the underlying architecture that Nuwa used was not proficient in computing, through some alternate ways, she could still do and excel in what Alice was able to do. For example, in virtual development, Nuwa was also able to build an interstellar battleship within the virtual world. Besides, there were some things that Nuwa could do that Alice could not.

Assimilated with her magical algorithms, Nuwa’s computing powers could be linked with many other supercomputers with similar architecture. They could stack their computing powers to 200 trillion times per second, 300 trillion times per second… at a maximum of 10 units, the resultant computing powers could achieve a total of 1,000 trillion times per second. Alice, on the other hand, was not able to stack her computing powers with other supercomputers. Therefore, concluding all the aspects as stated above: Nuwa’s architecture was in fact much more advanced than Alice’s. It depicted that the wisdom of the Eastern civilization was one level higher than Western civilization.

Chen Jin nodded his head and whispered to himself, “On Earth, I’ll build a supercomputer that belongs to Z Nation based on Nuwa’s architecture, create our own ecosystem of software, and open up a new and brighter route.” In fact, he had already initiated this plan a long time ago. It would require a few years for the plans to bear fruit.

At the same time, Alice also reported the work situation on her side. “Master, the exploration team that I’ve deployed to Harroda’s national laboratory has recently uncovered the particle collider located underground. This linear particle collider unit has a length of 100 kilometers. It is the most advanced particle collider on planet Haierfa, and it has a very hefty building cost. It could carry out collision tests between particles with higher energy density and is an indispensable device for research in fundamental physics. The source of any breakthrough in fundamental science can only be from this particle collider. Despite the massive Electro-Magnetic Pulse radiation that was emitted after the cataclysmic war erupted, it only inflicted minor damage towards this particle collider. With proper management and some slight repairs to solve its power supply issues, high-energy physics experiments could be placed on the track.” Alice projected the image of the particle collider while she introduced it.

Staring at the massive object, Chen Jin thought of one thing and said with some concern, “Count Xiao Ming once told me that scientific investigations on planet Haierfa were locked by some mysterious alien forces. If we repaired the collider and if the data we obtain is still abnormal, does it prove that the lock still exists?”

“Yes, it should.” Alice nodded. “That would explain that we are still locked. But if the data is restored to normal, it means that the mysterious force has given up their attention on us. Master, should I run a few collisions tests for confirmation purposes?”

“Yes! It would be better if you do it immediately!” Chen Jin’s expression was solemn as he immediately said, “I need to determine our current situation! Only then can I come up with a response plan.” It was even possible that the previous development plans would be adjusted and that it would embark on another completely different path.

“Yes, master.”

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