I Found A Planet Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Analysis

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93 meters under Harroda national laboratory, Haierfa’s biggest and most advanced particle collider was successfully restored after the efforts of tens of thousands of repair bots that persisted for dozens of days. Chen Jin immediately commanded Alice to activate the particle collider to conduct high energy physics experiments.

For the experiments, Nuwa placed her environmental transformation work on hold. She controlled the “Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens,” flew it to the top of the laboratory, and landed the vessel. The massive electrical energy generated by the vessel’s nuclear fusion reactors would be used as the energy source for the particle collider.

Now that the preparation was complete, it was time to commence the experiment!

Chen Jin’s eye were fixed on the projected screen, paying full attention to the high-energy particle collision test that was about to begin.

vroom vroom!

“Charging complete. Proton source ready, target locked, conditions fulfilled… commence particle bombardment.”

Inside the massive particle collider, positively charged protons flew along a 100-kilometer electro-magnetized vacuum path. Within the vigorous electric field, the protons were accelerated near the speed of light. Each tiny little proton packed more than 100 trillion volts of energy. They violently collided with the stationary target at the end of the electromagnetic track.


The microscopic scene of the birth of the universe in its first one trillionth of a second was presented in high-definition within the industrial microscope. From the projected screen, Chen Jin could only observe innumerable yellow and red high-temperature debris which weaved over each other, and the spattering of countless smaller quarks, lepton, and neutrinos. After a brief moment, the image reeled back to its former silence. Chen Jin shook his head. Two particles collide, explode, splatter, and then it was done; what could this explain in the end? Why could they make breakthroughs in fundamental scientific research from this and bring forth a huge leap forward in the developments of science and technology? How did the mysterious alien forces manage to do dirty tricks in such an experiment and supposedly add a “lock” on technological advancements?

It just didn’t make sense! Chen Jin was unable to comprehend and visualize. The end of science was the beginning of theology. As a mere mortal, his reaction now was similar to that of a confused indigenous person. He only asked, “Alice, is the experimental data normal?”

“I don’t know, events that have a low probability of occurrence have not been detected, we need to continue experimenting.”

“Proceed then.”

Under maximum uptime, the particle collider could run 5,000 particle collision experiments every hour. In a day, it could complete hundreds of thousands of collisions. To observe collision phenomenons which had occurrence rates below one-tenth of a million, it would only require a dozen of days.

But Chen Jin did not wait until the dozenth day.

On the third day, Alice told him with sheer excitement, “Collision phenomena with a low probability of occurrence has happened, the instrument successfully detected one! Master, the ‘lock’ is gone! There are now no hindrances for our research in fundamental science, we can now probe further normally!”

Nuwa was also very elated. “This is great! The evil forces have finally let go of us, we no longer have their attention. Maybe, they thought that we pose no threat to them and they could afford to turn their eyes away from mere ants like us. Who would invest so much energy on weaklings? Maybe, since the day the Blue Spaceship left, they had already shifted their attention from this devastated planet. They must have been overwhelmed by the feeling of content and satisfaction… just as if they had completed a ‘small task’ brilliantly. But a civilization full of vitality and hope is ruined by their hands!” Nuwa clenched her teeth. Deep-seated hatred was written all over her face.

A civilization with tens of billions of people, deprived of the very flames of hope, was gone just like that!


Chen Jin stared at Nuwa with a weird look. He never thought that she, as an artificial intelligence, could express such levels of personification. At least, he never saw Alice in such immense rage before. Even if a civilization of hundreds of millions of people perished, she would only calmly report the casualties.

“Oh, I’m sorry master, I got carried away just now.” Noticing that Chen Jin was staring at her, Nuwa realizes the improperness of her actions and quickly apologized.

“It’s fine.” Chen Jin shook his head. Nuwa was unlike Alice, she had much higher levels of autonomy and her emotions were much more realistic… it could be her underlying architecture and the usage of Chewwy language (Nuwa’s underlying coding language) that gave her these innate traits. In Eastern culture, there was an idea called ‘animism’, and Nuwa was bestowed with such ‘spirituality.’ Sometimes, he really liked Nuwa’s spirituality. Towards Nuwa’s speculations, he nodded his head and said, “Nuwa’s guess should be about right.”

He hypothesized, “If I were to be that mysterious force, I would’ve played with those civilizations which were clearly on the technological backfoot until they were left with a few hundred thousand people, and make the remaining population flee to foreign lands. I’d leave with them a tiny little flame to start over. By then, I’d almost be satisfied and would probably lift my hands off them. This might be looking down on them, but this is human nature! Of course, if those mysterious forces still want all humans dead and leave no chance for flames of the race to reignite, then their target should be the Blue Spaceship, not the ‘abandoned’ planet. Their target for them to execute a total elimination could only be the Blue Spaceship, not planet Haierfa, which is now empty. Another thing, the mysterious force that is lurking somewhere in the dark might not be as powerful as what we think. If they were really that powerful, they won’t have to resort to machinations. They could directly blow up planet Haierfa! This method would be the most thorough destruction which would leave no threat behind! However, since they didn’t blow up Haierfa, it means that they do not have the technology and the capability to do so, so they could only subject to despicable methods and plot dirty tricks. In the end, they might not even achieve their goals. They have automatically signed themselves up on my revenge list. Once I get this place developed, the day that they will be out of luck will be the day they step foot on planet Haierfa.”

Chen Jin’s eyes were glowing with an icy glare. He was not someone who could be easily dealt with. No matter who it was and whether or not he was triggered, he would never hesitate to act against those who posed a threat. By default, he regarded this world as a game, an RPG game! Aside from him being the main character, the others were all NPCs! There was no need for him to worry too much. Besides, the competitive environment of this world could be described with one word: ruthless. Chen Jin’s game began with him finding a planet. He witnessed the ruins of an obliterated civilization. He did not feel happy or lucky. On the contrary, he felt grief and anxiety. He would only smile for a moment when he came across something valuable. Most of the time, he was thinking, how did this planet end up in its current state?

After count Xiao Ming told him everything about the planet, he became worried every day that he might take the wrong step. After all, in this “RPG” game, it would still be fine if he alone lost his life. But if he were to implicate his family and the billions of people back on Earth… he wouldn’t be able to atone for his sins even with a thousand deaths. Under these circumstances, if he did not act ruthlessly, he might not even have the chance to regret. There was no room for kindness in this dark and murky universe.

“Yes, master, your analysis made a lot of sense. I also derived the same conclusion.” Alice praised him.

Nuwa, on the other hand, looked at him with surprise and a little bit of admiration. She never thought that he could come up with such a clear and organized theory. It was very consistent with common sense, and entirely logical. After a long while, she sighed, “Master, you… are very wise.”

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