I Found A Planet Chapter 176

Chapter 176: How to Solve the Bald Crisis?

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“How to solve the bald crisis?”

The audience immediately burst into laughter. Some of the audience members subconsciously touched their own heads and laughed awkwardly.

Chen Jin continued, “What is the cause of baldness? I’ve checked some documents. There are three main factors. The first one is heredity. If the father has the bald gene, it is the cruel destiny for the son to go bald as well later in life. Secondly, the excessive excretion of androgen and testosterone. These are the real culprits behind baldness. Thirdly, an irregular lifestyle and excessive pressure from study or work can also lead to premature baldness. But no matter the reason, once you go bald, you must accept a fact: you will bid adieu to your full head of hair forever. Because… this is an incurable disease. There is almost no medical treatment that can cure baldness. Do not believe those advertisements about hair loss treatments on TV or buy those anti-hair loss medicines from the drugstores. It won’t have any effect aside from you wasting your own money. The better option would be going to the hospital for a hair transplant surgery, but the cost of transplanting hair is more than $50,000 per session and the hair’s ‘survival rate’ isn’t high either; one hair transplanting session might not be enough. So, once you go bald, just calmly accept the truth: your hair isn’t coming back.”

Voices of mourning could be heard offstage.

“Besides, a survey from a foreign institution shows that for young women, the attractiveness of a man with thick hair is 75% higher than that of a man with thin hair,” Chen Jin added.

“Ah!!” Some audience members offstage gave a cry of despair and held their heads, filled with agony.

“Baldness cannot be reversed. Medical procedures as of now still can’t come out with an effective treatment solution. The baldness rate is increasing across the globe. For adult men, 40% of them in Europe and 38% of them in North America are bald. In Z, there are now over 200 million bald individuals… this is indeed a market with great potential.” Chen Jin shrugged his shoulders, spread his hands, and said, “But I might have to disappoint you. I still don’t have an elixir to solve the bald crisis. I could only relieve the bald crisis among the people born in the 90s and 2000s. Yes, young people are going bald too quickly. Normally, even if one inherited the bad gene, they would only start to go bald around the age of 40, so it wouldn’t affect them finding their partners. However, statistics have shown that 42% of hair transplant procedures and hair care products are purchased by those born in the 90s and 2000s. Our youngsters are already starting to go bald.”

“Our youngsters are going bald earlier than they should.”

“What is the cause of this tragedy?”

The audience grew immersed in their own thoughts. They generally had the answer in their hearts and roughly understood what Chen Jin was going to say on stage.

“That’s correct, stress. The immense stress you gain from work or study! It has become the main reason that our youngsters are going bald prematurely. For example, you’ll go bald if you were thinking of finding a job with a working time of nine to five, net income of $25,000 after tax, and covered by all types of insurances, because you are fantasizing too much and will end up overstressing yourself! For example, you’ll go bald if you burn the midnight oil studying Xiao Xiurong’s research on Marxism when the postgraduate examinations are coming up, because you will be suffering from long-term anxiety and the lack of sleep! Another example, you’ll go bald if you are too anxious and got tricked by fake medical personnel into using hair dyes and hair perm products with no guarantee, because those chemicals will damage your scalp… The stress and anxiety faced by the 90s and 2000s youngsters are way beyond our imagination. Patients suffering from depression are increasing, suicidal rates are increasing… youngsters are not only losing their hair, but they are also losing their happiness.”

Chen Jin continued, “We can blame this on the cruel competition that is happening in our society. It is the explosive development of knowledge that caused the skill requirements we demand from our youngsters in the technical field to rise. The bald crisis among young people is expected to become more and more intense. The war happening at their hairlines will most likely continue to spread outwards. But can we only watch helplessly? Is this war at their hairlines unwinnable? No!”

Chen Jin shook his head. “We, have a way to emerge as victors in this war! Not only can we can hold the hairline among our youngsters, but we can also blow the horns of retaliation against our enemies and prevent even our next generation from going bald. The Little Star learning machine by Xing Hai Technologies is the first shot we made after launching our counterattack against them! Yes indeed, the stress that our youngsters are facing now are mainly from learning knowledge and skills. The human brain has a limit, the knowledge that it can absorb also has a limit. The numbers of the so-called all-arounders will only plummet in the future. On the contrary, talents who specialize in one field will be the mainstream. But as of current times, many technical jobs require one to not only specialize in one field, but many. For example, programmers. Not only do they have to master multiple programming languages such as Java, C++, .net, and others, but they must also still learn about database, front-end web development, and writing algorithms for mobile apps. If they only have knowledge in one particular field, those programmers will never find a job. The more programming techniques one master, the easier it will be for them to land a job and the higher their income will be… gradually, they will become bald.”

Many of the moguls offstage nodded their heads. Many of them were born in the field of software development. They knew the agony and pressure faced by a programmer. In some companies who were compassionate, they would hire ‘programming cheerleaders’ or something similar to help soothe their pressure… but even so, several cases of sudden death would still occur every year. Besides, this was not only limited to programmers. In many of the technology-based jobs, the number of skills required was getting higher. For example, in foreign language translation, the more languages one can master, the better; for automotive designers, not only were they required to make the car look cool and elegant, they would still have to master aerodynamics. But the human brain really had limits. Aside from a small population of geniuses, it was already not that easy for an ordinary human to be very good at something. Just how many could manage to be masters in more than one field?

Therefore, Chen Jin expressed the clout of his speech. “If we ask our students to master all the knowledge in the textbooks, and our technical staff to master all the required technical skills, we will never triumph in the war at the hairlines; only a crushing defeat awaits. Only by letting robots learn in place of humans, letting intelligent learning programs master all the knowledge within the textbooks and thus become intelligent learning machines that will facilitate our students to become skilled in ‘using’ the knowledge, will we be able to replace a portion of rote learning that could reduce the pressure our students are shouldering, soothe their anxiety, let them have a better rest, and ultimately nourish their scalp. Xinghai Technology is also working on the development of a “smart work machine” or “intelligent work assistant” to serve the programmers or other personnel in the technical field. It will assist them in dealing with things that they are not very good at. For example, it can help Java engineers to write codes in C++, help backend development engineers to realize an effect in interfacing, and so on… it allows talents that specialize in one field to have the ability of an all-arounder. At present, our project has been launched, and we can launch the 1.0 version of our product in a few months. Therefore, I’m here to tell all the programmers and all our youngsters involved in the technical field out there, do not worry. Eat when you should, sleep when you should, relax when you should, and have fun when you should. You will never have to worry about your hairline ever again.”

He clenched his fist and said, “Because from now on, Xing Hai Technologies will protect the hairline of all of our young people! Thank you!” He bowed to the audience, turned around, and went offstage.

The audience applauded, nodding to each other. The new mogul that delivered his speech on stage ever so calmly and casually was worthy of their commendations. The way he expressed his humor and tossed out statistics left a deep impression on them. About the “smart work machine” or the “intelligent work assistant” that the young mogul revealed, if it were to be realized, one could foresee that it was bound to bring forth tremendous change in many industries, and earth-shaking changes to the world. In short, via this speech, the moguls present were able to perceive the rising of a brilliant and captivating young star.

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