I Found A Planet Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Already Famous

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Chen Jin rejected Google’s cooperation request without any hesitation. In fact, it was not only Google from the M nation. There were some educational institutions and internet businesses from the EU that also wanted to cooperate with Xing Hai Technologies as they wished to introduce similar intelligent learning products like the Little Star learning machine in their country. But the unified response given by Chen Jin was always the same: Unless the EU refunded the full sum of 7.5 billion penalty back to Da Mi Technologies, Xing Hai Technologies would not consider expanding their business to the EU.

“Why? Are there correlations between Da Mi Technologies getting fined and Xing Hai Technologies?” The other party was extremely puzzled.

“Of course, the Love Mi Second Gen was a product with Wa-wah 1.1’s technical license. The EU issuing such an unfair penalty also harmed the interests of Xing Hai Technologies.”

The other party was unable to refute. There was a country in the EU that perceived this as an opportunity. They thought they would definitely get their hands on the Little Star learning machine’s technical license.

That country was England. England, who was no longer a member of the European Union and had little to no affiliation with them, thought that they had a very high chance of importing the Little Star learning machine. In the end, they got slapped in the face as well. They were rejected rather straightforwardly. “Your country’s market is too small, Xing Hai Technologies has no interest in doing business over there.” In fact, England was a country that attached great importance to education. Their education in mathematics fully adopted the teaching methods of that of Z nation. They were the only one among the western countries to do so. The British government was eager to import the Little Star learning machine since the advent of the product.

The sudden rejection left the country in dismay. Looking around, they realized that all the western countries were turned down by Xing Hai Technologies. England’s “Times Magazine” had determined the cause. “Obviously, the founder of Xing Hai Technologies is a proud nationalist. He is very concerned about the unpleasant history between England and the Z nation. He detests us and refuses to provide us any form of convenience. The person we are encountering now is not someone that can be easily dealt with.”

Towards such an interpretation, Xing Hai Technologies immediately rebuked this as slander. They reiterated their stand: “Xing Hai Technologies is not a multinational group and we have no plans to develop overseas. We are more adapted to the domestic environment and have vowed to be the best company domestically. We treat all countries equally. All forms of discrimination are non-existent within our views. Please stop making false accusations against us.”

Regarding this statement, the netizens that were, in fact, oblivious about anything expressed their views.

“Well said Xing Hai Technologies!”

“Let me clarify this in another way. What Xing Hai Technology actually meant was that they were not against just you, they were against all of you. We are not discriminating against just one but all of you.”


“Heheh, the Little Star learning machine is our country’s most important weapon. Do you think you can simply import it if you wanted it? No way!”

“Do you know how much a flunkie like me improved because of the Little Star learning machine? 200 marks! A good 200 marks! How could we let such an artifact fall into your hands?”

“Stay firm Xing Hai Technologies, don’t sell it to other countries no matter what. We Z’s are not earning that money.”

“Sorry, the Little Star learning machine is not for sale.”

“The country should come out with laws that prohibit the Little Star learning machine from getting exported.”

The netizens were all backing up Xing Hai Technologies.

On the 10th of November, after the World Internet Conference ended, Chen Jin returned to Shang Hai. At Junting Grand Court, Villa 8, inside a secret room, he summoned his Avatar robot, who had been hiding in the cellar. The robot stood in front of him. Subsequently, he took out a brand new phone and used it to register an account on Weibo. After verifying his identity, a letter ‘V’ was appended to the account beside the name of “Xing Hai Chen Jin.” After the account was opened, he gained his first fan in less than two minutes. “Da Mi Lei Xiao Jun” followed him. He even mentioned him on his own account: “Congratulations Mr. Chen on opening your own Weibo account.” Brother Lei had more than 20 million followers on his account. After he posted on his Weibo, he spurred many of his followers to follow Chen Jin. In just five minutes, Chen Jin’s followers had increased to 100 thousand.

Next, several more celebrities posted about him.

Xiao Mage said, “Congratulations Mr. Chen on opening your own Weibo account.”

Liu Qiangxi posted, “Congratulations Mr. Chen on opening your own Weibo account.”

Huang Qiang wrote, “Congratulations Mr. Chen…”

A bunch of internet celebrities posted, “Congratulations Mr. Chen…”

In around two hours, the bigshots in the tech field that had some popularity had all posted similar posts on their Weibo. Furthermore, Shi Xiaotao from the entertainment industry, who was branded as the “Billion Dollar Director,” also congratulated him. Among her ten million followers, many of them went to follow Chen Jin and became his fan. Besides, Shi Xiaotao was quite popular within the entertainment industry. Many celebrities that followed her forwarded her post and this induced a heated discussion among netizens.

“Holy, my bossy president finally opened his own Weibo.”

“Follow him, quickly go follow him!”

“Bossy president I love you!”

“Our president’s profile pic is too handsome; I like it so much.”

“Please post more every day my handsome president, you’re every bit the most beautiful sunshine in my life.”

“Followed. Now, our hearts are together.”

Unsurmountable followers of various celebrities swarmed to his account. The comments left in the comments section gave people the vibes that their IQ was dwindling. Until evening, the number of followers on Chen Jin’s Weibo account had pierced the 20 million mark. The news of him opening a Weibo account had become the hottest topic of the day with the most searches online. Chen Jin was surprised by the number of followers he was able to attract. Associating him with the speech he gave during the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen two days ago, some meddlesome netizens even gave him a nickname — The Protector of Hairlines.

Many of them posted the same message that flooded the comments section. “From today onwards, I will protect your hairline.”

They even made some hilarious memes out of it. Upon seeing those memes, Chen Jin realized that he was a ‘celebrity’ since a long time ago. There were memes of him everywhere. The netizens could not be more familiar with him.

“No wonder I always felt that the way people looked at me was odd, as if they wanted to laugh but were holding it off. It turns out that my image has long been destroyed by netizens who like to spoof around!” Chen Jin held his face as he felt dumbfounded.

It turns out that I am already popular.

As for what should he write in his first post, he got the idea right away after looking at a picture. He immediately posted that picture with a line of words, “Whoever made this meme, yes, you, you are the smartest baby in this world.”

When the netizens that followed him came across his post, they instantly performed a spit-take. Isn’t that Chen Jin in the meme who was holding the Little Star learning machine and praised by Little Star as the “smartest baby in the world”?



“Whoever made this meme, quickly come out and receive your beating.”

“Hehehe, my husband is too humorous.”

Hahaha!” Within the dormitory, Su Yun, who had secretly followed the man on Weibo, was tittering as she kept on rolling in her bed.

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