I Found A Planet Chapter 192

Chapter 192: Everyone Was Concerned About The Price

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This new product launch was held at Shang Hai Stadium. The stadium had a seating capacity of more than 80,000, so it was also called the “80,000 Stadium.” However, for events like concerts and launches, chairs could also be placed all across the empty field. In reality, the stadium could hold up to 100,000 people. A whole 100,000! There were no empty seats at the venue as swarms of people crowded the stadium. Where the weather was chilly outside, one could feel a gust of hot air upon entering the stadium. As the temperature was steaming, some of the audience even took off their coats and rolled up their sleeves. Sweat beaded on their forehead as their faces flushed with excitement. One could feel how popular the event was.

Those who were unable to get tickets could only sit in front of the TV, computer, or mobile screen to watch the livestreaming of the launch event. There were at least tens of millions of off-site viewers. This was a magnificent and unprecedented event!

However… The one hosting this new product launch was not Chen Jin, but the CEO, Ling Jundong. Ling Jundong was usually in-charge of hosting the product launches of the robots and their relevant products. Ling Jundong had initially declined. “President Chen, why don’t you host it? The netizens and audience would prefer you. I’m too old.”

Chen Jin waved his hand. “We’ve agreed that you will be the one hosting the launches for the robot products. I won’t fight with you for your work. We have to maintain a sense of continuity with regards to the host. Make a Weibo account for yourself when the launch is over. You’ll attract some tens of millions of followers and this will increase the publicity of the company.”

The primary reason was that the company planned to launch many major products in the future, so Chen Jin decided that it was better if he did not steal this particular limelight. Moreover, Chen Jin was not someone who liked to be in the limelight.

Ling Jundong nodded. “Ok.” Since the boss had given him this opportunity to shine, he would do his best!

At 8 pm sharp, Ling Jundong walked up to the stage at the event wearing a thick blue western suit. Indeed, this led to a barrage of complaints and ridicule from the netizens.

“Why isn’t it Smart Baby?”

“Ah! Where’s my husband? Why isn’t my husband on stage?”

“Quickly, get my husband on stage to replace him!”

There were also some viewers who expressed that Ling Jundong was very handsome too. They had seen the two product launches that he hosted before, and really liked him. It was good that Ling Jundong was someone with experience in big events and he was able to make a small joke. “I know that some of the audience may be feeling a little disappointed, as you don’t really want to see old bacon like me. But, it’ll be the new year soon and our boss has cast aside the company to return home. I have to do overtime here; this baby is upset too.” Ling Jundong made a miserable face, cajoling the audience into laughter. He continued talking for a while to inject some humor into the audience. Soon, he had raised the mood of the audience.

At the Court of Happiness, the entire family was watching the livestream on TV in the living room.

He Li nodded and praised, “Son, you have many talents in your company. This Ling Jundong is not bad. You have an eye for picking talent.”

“He’s more than good!” Chen Gang interrupted, “Don’t simply look at his young age and glib tongue, he’s currently the best CEO in the country. Recently, the ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine has published two rankings on the most competitive companies in Z country and company employee efficiency. Xing Hai Technologies was top in both rankings, but especially for the latter. The company’s employee efficiency is graded at 2.5 times that of a Hua Yao employee. This means the benefits created by one employee from Xing Hai Technologies’ is equivalent to what is created by 2.5 Hua Yao employees. This ranking shocked the business community. CEOs from many companies go to Xing Hai Technologies for some learning experience. CEO He from our Shang Fei Corporation went for an observation and study trip. He was full of praises when he came back from Xing Hai Technologies, saying that Shang Fei Corporation should learn from the system implemented at Xing Hai Technologies and increase employee efficiency. This might reduce our large aircraft development cycle by 30%. It’s just that…” Chen Gang shook his head. “Some systems look good on paper, but implementing them… Ah… In short, Ling Jundong is a genius from the management field. Our son has found a treasure.”

He Li’s eyes widened. 2.5 times; 30%… That Ling Jundong character was so capable?

At that moment, Chen Jin also responded that it seemed that the management system in his company was somewhat different from that in other companies. Moreover, the system had been in place for almost two years. The employees had more or less adapted to the system by now. Liang Ying, Hou Xiao Feng, Liang Bin, Li Yuan Liang, as well as others in the upper management followed his orders more readily, and those in the development department like Zhou Kun, Song Bojun, and others would also speak well of Ling Jundong in his presence. Obviously, the effects of the management system by Ling Jundong had run its full course and it was now widely recognized by the rest of the upper management.

Chen Jin simply had not yet realized that the management system of Xing Hai Technologies was far stronger than that of other companies. As he listened to his dad, Chen Jin was immediately reminded of something. It seemed that Ling Jundong’s annual salary had stopped at 20 million. At most, he would receive a few million for his end-of-year bonus.

Ling Jundong made a joke some time ago, saying that President Ren of Hua Yao Company had privately offered him an annual salary 500 million in an attempt to poach him.

Chen Jin smiled jokingly. “Go ahead if you are moved by that offer.”

Ling Jundong laughed. “I wouldn’t like to re-establish my system from scratch. The scale of Hua Yao and the resistance that I’ll face… It’s better for me to remain in Xing Hai Technologies.”

Chen Jin finally reacted. He understood the implication of his words. Shaking his head, he said, “Old Ling, if you want a raise, just say so, there’s no need to beat around the bush! Haha, President Ren is pretty daring!” Chen Jin decided that it was time to adjust the salaries of the upper management with the arrival of the Spring Festival in the next coming year. Especially for Ling Jundong, even though a direct pay raise to 500 million was too ridiculous, he would definitely get a salary of more than 100 million. Talents were as precious as technology.

On the livestream, Ling Jundong was explaining each function of Bang Bang robot as per the scenes in the movie, “Wa-wah 2.”

“Before the launch of this product, we have collaborated with many hospitals in the country in the development of Bang Bang robot’s ‘Family Doctor’ function. We’ve conducted millions of diagnostic tests and refined the function’s accuracy rate to as high as 87.7%. While it cannot be compared to a specialist doctor, the diagnostic standard of the ‘Family Doctor’ is definitely on par with that of a general chief physician. Moreover, as more and more data is collected and changes and improvements are made, it’s accuracy rate will definitely be raised to 95% and above in the future.”

Even though it was announced that the ‘Limited Self-defense’ ability under the ‘Ultimate Protection’ function had been removed in the Bang Bang robots available for public sales, Ling Jundong did a demo on the test prototype that had been brought on stage, showcasing the robot’s ‘nasal spray.’ Thus, proving that it could carry out ‘limited self-defense.’ Ling Jundong also did a live demo for the ‘Ultimate Control’ mode under the ‘Ultimate Protection’ function. Under the supervision of three parties, the user could indeed remote control the Bang Bang robot to do various actions; it was similar to gaming. The loading capacity of the robot was increased to 30 kilograms, and it could even pick up an eight-year-old child.

“Wow!” Endless exclamations of shock resounded from the audience below.

However, there were many more whose patience was wearing thin. They no longer wanted to hear the introduction of the product functions.

Countless comments appeared on the screens were the event was livestreamed online.

“The price!”

“Hurry up and tell us the price!”

“Is the price a ‘go’ or a ‘no’; give it to us clearly!”

“$50,000 and below; god, I’m begging you, make it $50,000 and below!”

“If it’s $80,000 and below, I’ll definitely buy it!”

“I have four elderly, two children, plus me and my wife in my family of eight. I’m willing to spend $10,000 for each person!”

A nouveau-riche posted an arrogant remark, saying, “Haha, a bunch of desperate poor peasants. Do you want to enjoy such a good product with just $50,000 to $80,000? Anything less than $100,000 is demeaning its value!”

In the living room, He Li was so impatient that she could not sit still. Pulling on Chen Jin’s sleeve, she asked, “Son, reveal it in advance for your mother. Just how much are you selling one unit for?”

Chen Gang looked at him. “Is it $50,000? If you are selling it for $80,000 to $100,000, that will be a luxury item that only the minority can afford. You’ll only be selling to the rich.”

“Less than $50,000.” Chen Jin shook his head. “If it’s too expensive, problems like ‘it’s difficult to see a doctor’ or ‘it’s too expensive to see a doctor’ would still plague the majority of households. They would not be able to enjoy the convenience that technology brings. So, we’ve prepared two editions. One is a people-friendly edition and the other is a deluxe edition. As for the price… isn’t Ling Jundong announcing it now?” He rubbed his chin as his parents turned their focus back to the TV screen.

At that moment, a rumble could be heard from the scene on the TV. A table appeared on the screen.

Bang Bang Robot Friendly edition — $19,999

Bang Bang Robot Deluxe edition — $49,999

When this price was announced, sentiments boiled over!

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