I Found A Planet Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Silly Mode

A resentful voice emitted from the robot as it slowly started up. "Ah, work. It's time to work again." Mopping the floor, the robot gibbered, "Work, work, work…." Halfway through its task, it stopped and complained before continuing its work, "Ah... So tiring! Mopping the floor is so tough….Waa ~ Waah! Who'll help me, It's so tiring! Waa waa waah, there's still so much to be done. I can't endure anymore!"

The robot realized that there was a foot blocking its way, obstructing its work. It voiced, "Who are you? Don't block my way. Don't stop me from working~!"

Chen Jin smiled. Not only did he not take his foot away from the robot who tried to move around him, but he also came at the robot from various directions. He effectively cornered the robot and stopped it from moving away.

"Waa waa waah ~ " The robot suddenly wailed, "Don't stop me, I still have to mop the floor ~ !"

Chen Jin laughed, "Hahaha!"

Mom was doubled over with laughter too. In between her chuckles, she said, "Ok, ok….. Haha, son, quickly let it go. It's so pitiful, haha!" Mom felt a sliver of pity for the robot which was bullied to the point of misery.

Chen Jin moved his foot away and let the robot continue working.

It still continued to complain, "so tiring," as it worked. Occasionally, it would cry, "Waa waah ~ Waa waah!"

The robot approached the end of its cleaning phase. The entire floor on this story was almost as clean as it could be.

"Waa waah, it's completed. It's finally completed; I can rest now. Waa waa waa~!" A joyous note could be heard in its voice as it was freed from its task. It came with a specially synthesized doll-like voice. Sometimes it would do little actions such as turning in circles, lowering its head, blinking its eyes, and the like. A very charming and persuasive crying voice. It would also use comical diction and give hilarious responses.

He Li was laughing so hard she was alternating between doubling over and throwing her head backward. She felt as if her stomach was convulsing to the point of pain.

"Hahaha! Hahahahaha! So funny, this robot is too hilarious. It's so fun to play with!" He Li laughed until she was crying. Usually, she would put on her most serious face in the department. She had never felt as happy as she did today.

Even Chen Gang found it very interesting. He was grinning from ear to ear.

His parents' responses were totally within Chen Jin's predictions. Previously, Su You Jie had made a program interface for him. Using the high fidelity audio recorded from Alice the super calculator, Chen Jin added the audio into the interface.

He restarted the silly mode and the project development team viewed the demo. The snorts and chuckles from the team were never-ending.

Su You Jie gave a thumbs up. "Boss, I take my hat off. You're a genius!" At that moment, he finally understood the brilliance and insight that CEO Chen Jin possessed. Zhou Kun and others also felt very admiring and full of respect for him.

Su Su and Yang Chiu Ying had stars in their eyes and simultaneously said, "Boss, we don't want the end of year bonus. We want a 'Wa-wah' robot!"

Chen Jin agreed, but he would not cut their bonus. Others had also requested individually for a robot.


After they were revived from their laughing fits, Chen Gang spoke. "I understand now!" In a moment of sudden comprehension, he said, "I know why this robot is called "Wa-wah". It's called "Wa-wah" because it likes to cry loudly!" He had been wondering why such a useful robot called "Wa-wah". It was such a strange name. Now, he fully understood.

"Yes. It likes to snivel so it's called Wa-wah."

Chen Gang nodded and praised, "It is a very good selling point! I've never thought that a robot could be designed like this. It seems to have come alive with some added voice and gestures. It's just like a child who loves to cry and throw tantrums. But because it's a robot, it can only work. It's very amusing and can bring joy to the user. If it was me, I'd definitely buy it!" Chen Gang gave a positive evaluation for the first time, expressing his approval.

"Aren't you stating the obvious?" He Li rolled her eyes. "If I met such an amusing robot who can also help me with the chores, I'd buy one immediately! It would lessen the boredom and cheer me up! Moreover, my son invented this robot. Whatever he makes will be a big hit! Millions will be sold!" He Li hugged Chen Jin's neck, and her face glowed with pride.

Hearing this, Chen Gang was reminded of something. He asked, "Son, I have to admit that this model of the robot is very good. Have you made adequate preparations with regards to the sales operations? This is an era where marketing is very crucial. No matter how great your product is, if it's not marketed well, it just wouldn't sell."

Unexpectedly, He Li agreed with this point. "Yes, son. Have you started advertising? Your second uncle owns an ad company. I can call him now. He'll help you market the product and spread the reputation of Wa-Wah!"

His uncle owned a very large advertising company. In recent years, it had even started to penetrate the entertainment industry by shooting a few movies. Of course, the majority were flops. However, Chen Jin and his family did go to the cinema to contribute some sales to the box office…. Although box office sales were pretty bad.

As the big sister of her family, his second uncle would always be happy to oblige if mom asked for his help. Also, he would not accept money from Chen Jin. Mom had provided a lot of help to his uncle's company. It could be said that his company would not even exist without mom's assistance.

However, Chen Jin shook his head. "Mom, I don't need help from second Uncle. I have my own method of marketing the robot. It doesn't require any money and can attract the attention of at least a few million people."

Mom asked urgently with gleaming eyes, "A few million? Quickly, tell me, what's the plan?"

Chen Gang listened closely too.

"This… is a secret for now. After some time, you will know!" Chen smiled mysteriously as he kept them guessing.

He Li was extremely curious. She wanted to know his plans right now. "Silly boy, you're keeping this even from me? Can't you tell me in advance?"

"You'll know when the moment comes. And you'll even get a surprise. Mom, don't you think that's nice?"

"Ok, I won't ask anymore." Suddenly, He Li thought of something and asked, "Son, do you only have one of this Wa-Wah robot? Are there any extras? Tomorrow is the first day of the lunar new year. Your three uncles and aunt will be going to Grandma's place to pay their New Year's greetings. I've been thinking that it's too boring to give those health supplements and tonics as presents, which we already did last year anyway. Do you have any more of the Wa-Wah robots?" A deep sense of anticipation shone from her eyes.

"Oh..." Chen Jin suddenly understood his Mom's meaning. Nodding his head, he said, "Besides this one here, I have another nine at home."

"Give me five!"

"No problem."

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