I Found A Planet Chapter 63

Chapter 63: The He Family

On the first day of the lunar new year, in the Gold Water District, a residential villa area called "Hundred Birds Heights" sat atop a lush, green mountainside. It was located near the coast, with beautiful scenery, a tranquil environment, and fresh air. It was an ideal place for retirement. On the mountainside was a villa that was encircled by a wall. Within the wall, there were some fruit trees and two vegetable plots planted beside the rustic villa.

"Dad, Mom, We're here to offer our New Year greetings."

"Grandpa, Grandma, Happy New Year! We wish you great health and a long and healthy life!" Chen Jin and his family gave a deep bow to their elders. They offered their New Year's blessings and presented their gifts.

"Ok, Good, good!" Sitting in the center of the great hall, Grandpa and Grandma, both dressed in red-colored, traditional Tang-style clothing, accepted the gifts and blessings from their grandsons. They laughed with joy, and their faces were flushed from happiness. They took out the red packets from their sleeves and, one by one, gave them to their grandchildren.

Chen Jin also received a thick red packet. Grandpa, He Chang Hou, smiled at him with a pleasant and kind expression. "Jin Er, when are you going to get married? I'm still waiting to hold my great-grandchildren in my arms."

Feeling ill at ease, Chen Jin scratched his head. "Grandpa, it's still early… There's no rush, no rush at all."

Mom scurried over from the side and beat her chest. She vouched, "Dad, rest assured. I promise he'll find a partner this year, get married the next year, and give you babies by the year after the next!"

The old man was ecstatic. He applauded her words and laughed. "Good, good. I'll be waiting for your good news!"

Chen Jin gave his mom an impatient look.

"Jin Er, come to Grandma. Let me have a good look at you". Chen Jin was the grandson that she respected the most and placed most of her hopes and expectations on. Pulling on his hand, she asked him many questions, like, "How was work?" and "Have you met anyone?" Chen Jin had to utilize his sweet-talking techniques to cajole her. She smiled so hard her eyes were slit like crescent moons.

Not a moment later, one after the other, his uncles' cars drove into the villa's backyard. They were: his first uncle, He Guo Qiang; his second uncle, He Guo Fu; and his third uncle, He Guo Chang. These three were the expressions of his keen expectation as an old party member for his country.

His first uncle was 48 years old and developing his career in the party. He was the district leader of a particular district in Su Hong City. His rank was not high, unlike Grandpa, who achieved the rank of deputy mayor of Shang Hai City. Moreover, his uncle was nearing 50 and still did not have any significant achievements in the political field. He also lacked reliable followers. So, even if his capabilities were outstanding and he did his best at work, he could not progress any further. This would be his career until retirement. His first uncle was certainly dissatisfied about this matter. Feeling extremely anxious about it, his hair had fallen out in clumps. He was experiencing serious balding on the top of his head. However, he still could not solve his career issues.

The second uncle was 46 years old. He was working hard in the world of business and had expanded an advertising company to its current size where it had an annual turnover of billions.

As for his 44-year-old third uncle, He Guo Chang... There was nothing much to be said about him. He was the most pampered, as the youngest son of Grandma. What could he achieve?

Lastly, with a slow and late arrival was his little aunt, He Jia, who came in a Porsche 911. She wore dark sunglasses and dressed trendily. He Jia had similar but prettier features that were more refined than his mom. His little aunt was 42 years old and was a top scholar in her younger years. She was exceptionally outstanding in all areas. Her educational history, the way she talked, her knowledge, and her experiences were far from those of an average person. Her history of romantic relationships was very rich and varied. She was married thrice, and all ended in divorce due to an incompatibility of personalities. She had a son and a daughter. Her ex-husband had custody of their son, and she took her 18-year-old daughter along with her.

In addition, his little aunt was the richest in the He family. She had gained close to $500,000,000 in compensations through three divorce lawsuits, which she then invested into the booming real estate industry. She had bought huge amounts of real estate, and she was now worth maybe more than tens of billions. Even most of the initial funds needed for his second uncle to start his company had been borrowed from his aunt. He borrowed tens of millions in one go. And that was 10 years ago! Therefore, even though his little aunt was the youngest in the He family, her words carried the same amount of weight as the eldest He Li. The directions of certain topics were led by little aunt's ideas and philosophies. For example, children's education.

Watching the arrival of his little aunt, all of the He family went out to welcome her.

"Jia Jia, you finally came back!"

The younger children crowded around her, calling, "Little aunt! little aunt!" They were whooping with uncontrollable excitement as they received oversized red packets from He Jia.

"It's ok as long as you're back. In an entire year, it's most important that a family is reunited."

Besides his first uncle, who was slightly unhappy about how slow and how late she turned up, others did not really mind at all.


At the table laden with a feast, wine flowed freely, and toasts were made. Everyone in the family was lit with happiness, and the atmosphere was celebratory and exciting.

After three rounds of drinks, little aunt started to talk about the upbringing and educational issues of the next generation. Her clear and crisp voice that was high-pitched yet resounding rang out in a familiar manner. "The upbringing of our next generation has to be in the style of the elite; the style of the wealthy. We can't lose out at the starting line! Just like my daughter, Ling Ling. This year, she got into the best university in M country, Harvard. She can speak six languages too! She achieved Grade 10 in piano and Grade Eight in dance. She even won an international award in a painting competition and gained entry into the Mensa Society, which only prodigies can get into! The annual membership fee of $70,000 to $80,000 let her into the international places frequented by the rich and famous…" As He Jia spoke, her daughter, He Xiao Ling, continued sitting in an upright manner, displaying a neutral, indifferent expression which only attracted more praise from the audience.

"I spent all my time, every day, on Ling Ling's development. I hope that she becomes more outstanding and successful than me! Everyone, do you know why we, the He family, can't better ourselves? Just why can't we get a foot into the elite circles of Shang Hai? Education, it's still the problem of education! You don't place sufficient importance on the education of the next generation" Dad, Mom, just look at third brother. Until now, it's still unclear what kind of job he's doing. He often calls to borrow money from me. And big sister, your happy-as-you-go education is simply strangling your son! Look at Chen Jin, he's such a sensible child. Yet, he graduated from a normal high school and university. He's also only working as a normal civil officer. With a monthly salary of a few thousand, what's the use…"

His little aunt's topic of discussion was aimed at He Li from habit. She would use Chen Jin as a prime negative example of her failure in bringing him up properly. If it was last year, mom would show an extremely unhappy expression but could only nod and accept that she was right.

But, today… Contrary to her usual attitude, He Li lifted her chin and retaliated, "Little sister, I don't agree with the arguments you made. Even without an elite education, my son can make something of himself too!"

"What?!" He Jia's face was full of astonishment.

Giving a look to Chen Jin, He Li said, "Son, go get the robot that you invented. Let your aunt and uncles have a look. Let them see what you've created."

"Great!" Chen Jin put down his chopsticks and stood up. Scuttling obediently to the room where all the presents were piled, he thought, Mom's routine of tricks is about to begin.

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