I Found A Planet Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Excellent Reputation

Going to the Moleiduo Republic involved taking the resources from an entire country. That work could not be done in a few days. It might take up months to just search roughly. Chen Jin had to divert his focus back to the earth.


Two weeks later, on the 10th of March, Xing Hai Technologies began to deliver the 500,000 pre-ordered Wa-wah robots. On average, 30,000 robots were distributed every day, and the delivery would be done within two weeks. Depending on the delivery distance, some users would start receiving the Wa-wah robots on the 11th of March. And the robots would then start serving human families.


In Hanghu City, at a teenager's home, there was great excitement. "Yeah! I finally got a Wa-wah robot. From now on, you must work earnestly for me. Hahaha!" Shi Xiaotao was 23 years old, an innocent homebody. She liked to wear pigtails and dress in sportswear. She was a little bit taller than 160 centimeters and had a cute round face.

She had been following the updates for the Wa-wah robot for some time. Or to say, she had been doing so since she clicked on the promo video "Wa-wah Robots" on Bilibili, as the video had stayed on the top of the chart for a month. That's how she became deeply attracted to the cleaning robots.

She thought, The company splurged millions of dollars in Hollywood special effects to make such an interesting promotional video with great storytelling. Even if the product is not as good as it advertises, it can't be too bad, right?

Later, someone sent her some short videos from Dou Yin and other platforms. After seeing the actual Wa-wah robot and witnessing its cleaning capacity, Shi Xiaotao was shocked.

Oh my, this is way too clean!

Being a bit OCD, she could still feel extremely comfortable watching the monitor. She knew she wanted to buy it. She had to get one!

Having quite a comfortable life, she decided she would snap up the order as long as the price was below $15,000.

Moreover, as a graduate of the Director Department of Beijing Film Academy and an amateur comic writer, she came up with a bold idea after watching the "Wa-wah Robots" promo a few hundred times.

The idea was to shoot an anime movie about "Wa-wah Robots" with the best special effects and the top voice actors. With $200,000,000 to $300,000,000, she could produce an outstanding local anime movie that won the box office.

The Wa-wah robot has been going viral recently. It has the potential of becoming a trending IP. 'Wa-wah robots vs evil human' sounds like an awesome setting, it can be adapted to a series of heart-warming and humorous stories. What's more, the pre-order of the Wa-wah robots hit over 500,000 on the first day of sales. The subsequent sales can reach a few more million, then the robots will become an important companion of many families. If I can make a family movie for all ages, it will definitely attract many people to the cinema.

Shi Xiaotao got more excited as she kept thinking about it. She believed she had discovered a spectacular opportunity with an 80% chance of succeeding! She needed to seize the opportunity before anyone with the same penetrating insight, and shoot a quality popular anime movie. Then, she would no longer be an insignificant director graduate, but a renowned novice director. Ah, I should add the description "a box office of $2 billion" in the title too.

"Hohohoho!" She couldn't help but laugh when she thought of it. With a trickle of drool leaking from the corner of her mouth, she had a thirsty look. But thinking that the opportunity could be taken away at any time, she immediately put the robot down. She changed, went out of home unprecedentedly, and drove 100 kilometers to the Shanghai City.


After the Wa-wah robot was delivered, it took ten hours or so to clean the whole house thoroughly.

"My dear, this robot is pretty cool, right? It cleans so well, don't you think?" the man said, looking at the sparkling floor which could perfectly reflect his own figure.

"Very well, it's pretty nice." Yan Meiling nodded. This robot brought by her husband was amazing. It cleaned even better than herself. After turning on the funny mode, the robot made her laugh so badly! She hadn't been this happy for a long time, and she felt so relaxed.

She even took pity on the robot so much that she wanted to take the mop out and help it clean. It was only when her husband turned off the funny mode that she finally put the mop back to its place.

The husband said, "My dear, just let Wa-wah take care of all the cleaning chores at home, starting from today. You can just relax, watch TV, do a facial or some yoga. Just do something you like."

"Right." Yan Meiling nodded again. Indeed, she felt less weight on her shoulders.

On the sofa, the husband wrapped his arm around the wife and said, "My dear, you never learn to enjoy life. You can hire a nanny who will help you prepare meals, clean the floor, and take care of the children. You only need to focus on the kids' learning. If you are doing everything by yourself just to save some money, you will wear yourself out. It's just not worth it."

Yan Meiling shook her head and said, "We had hired a nanny two years ago and got a hundred thousand dollars stolen. Besides, there are many child abuse scandals recently, you can never see through to a person's heart. Money cannot buy a good conscience and morality. For some matters, I just feel better if I do it on my own."

The man nodded. "Then I will buy you more high-tech products from now on, just like this cleaning robot. If they have cooking robots or tutoring robots, I will purchase all of them so as to lift your burden!"

"Alright, thank you, my dear." Yan Meiling rested on her husband's shoulders, feeling warm and contented.


On the 15th of March, at Xing Hai technologies, Liang Bin, the manager of the customer service and aftersales department, a man in his early thirties, rushed into the chief's office with heavy sweat all over his head, and hurriedly reported the situation. "Chief Chen, we've screwed up this time! The telephone lines of the aftersales department are ringing off the hook! The operators are as busy as beavers!" He continued, "Complaints, they are all complaints and dissatisfaction. Some even gave us warnings. The users are very unhappy!"

"What?" Chen Jin, who was sitting on his chief's chair, grew startled, shaking the cup of tea in his hand. He hurriedly put down the cup and asked, "What's wrong? Is there a large-scale quality defect in our products?" Chen Jin felt a twinge in his heart. If that was really the case, everything was over. He subconsciously picked up the phone and was about to give Wong Quan Long a call. He wanted to know what was going on.

"No, it is not the problem of the quality." He Bin explained breathlessly, "These are all calls for faster delivery. The users demand us to deliver the robots immediately and stop playing around, otherwise, we have to pay for it. No matter how the operators apologize, it's useless. Many users complain that the rubbish in their house is staggering, that they need the Wa-wah robots in three days. They even warned us sternly! Chief Chen, the customer service lines are all blowing up. The operators are bustling. What should we do?"


Chen Jin spat out his tea and shouted furiously, "Can't you tell me the whole picture all at once? I was startled because of you! If this happens again, you will have to pack your bag and go home!"

Liang Bin winced and didn't dare to talk back, looking embarrassingly at his young boss.

Chen Jin finally understood what was going on. It was booming! The positive reaction from the users was insane! In fact, it was not hard to see that this was a product of great reputation from the 100% positive review on the Taobao official store page. Many users spared no effort in complimenting the product:

"I am free. From now on, the history of me, Zou Ranran, cleaning the house has completely ended!"

"In order to wait for the Wa-wah robot, I haven't cleaned the house for seven days straight and it started to smell stinky. Luckily, I got my savior this morning. Wa-wah, I love you! Attached are some pictures of my shimmering floor."

"$3,399, and I am free from cleaning for 20 years. It's a steal! Even if it's for five or 10 years, I still have my money's worth!"

"This is an epoch-making product, marking the end of manual cleaning!"

"Five stars review. I would give ten stars if it was possible."

"When will you release the second batch of robots? I want to buy another ten! It is amazing! All of my relatives and friends want to buy it."

"Please start the second round of pre-order! Can you make 10 million of these? I want to buy a hundred so that my company doesn't need to hire so many janitors."

The comments were unanimously positive, giving out excellent reputation. Countless short videos, moments, and testing agencies spoke highly of the robots. All had proved that the popularity of the Wa-wah robots far exceeded the imagination of Chen Jin and the others. With this unrivaled reputation, Wa-wah robots were known to more people and quickly became a hot topic, grabbing the attention of millions. 

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