I Found A Planet Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Rejection and Regret

At a coffee shop, a serious discussion was happening.

"Mr. Su, please think about it. The remuneration offered by our company is ten times better than Xing Hai technologies. Moreover, as long as you promise to join our company, we'll offer you 10% of the shares. Mr. Su, you are a talented, gifted individual. You should shine brightly in a better environment and receive equivalent payment…" said the middle-aged man with glasses, in an annoyingly persuasive manner, slowly guiding the man before him. Deep in his eyes flashed an astutely crafty glint.

"But… Chief Chen treats me so well. I... I can't quit!"

In the eyes of the middle-aged man, Su You Jie struggled like prey caught in a spider's web. The middle-aged man immediately signaled the lady sitting next to the Su Youjie. The lady was exquisite and gorgeous, dressed in fashion, carrying the quality of a goddess. In terms of appearance, she could definitely score a 9 out of 10.

With a breeze of fragrance, she said to Su You Jie in a coquettish clear voice, "Babe, an annual payment of ten million, plus 10% of the company's share, why do you need to hesitate? Can Chief Chen offer you the same remuneration? A good bird chooses the branch that it perches upon. The answer is obvious, why can't you make up your mind? Moreover, babe, it was you who worked out the two core algorithms of the Wa-wah robots. Without you, do you really think Wa-wah robots can be such a huge success? Babe, you have contributed so much for the company, but has Chief Chen ever mentioned a salary raise or an improvement in your remuneration package? Two million Wa-wah robots were sold, and Chief Chen could at least earn more than ten billion, but did he reward you even with ten million?" His girlfriend Chen Mengqi bombarded him with questions.

Su You Jie did not show a tinge of bitterness, but he became even more distressed. He regretted boasting so much in front of his girlfriend. Indeed, he figured out the cleaning and path algorithms for the company, but all the ideas came from Chief Chen. Without these ideas, he could not work out the algorithms even if he spent a year on them.

And because of his boasting, his girlfriend filled her face with tremendous admiration, and her eyes glistened. Unexpectedly, a few days later, his girlfriend brought the middle-aged man to him, saying that he's the General Manager of the Rock Technologies. The last name of the man was Jiang. Then his girlfriend and Manager Jiang together brainwashed him for seven days straight and offered him a variety of favorable welfare packages, putting him in a constant vacillation.

"Ten million…"

"You should first bring this up to Chief Chen, ask him to raise your annual salary to ten million. Don't forget the 10% of the Xing Hai Technologies shares too. You deserve that."

Su You Jie looked at her in shock and said, "This is too crazy, what if Chief Chen says no?"

The middle-aged man said hurriedly, "Then just quit! Join Rock Technologies. We will always welcome you, Mr. Su!"

"Alright then!" Su Yo Jjie nodded. After the brainwashing of these few days, he also felt like he deserved a better remuneration.


At Xing Hai Technologies, in the Chief's office, Su You Jie and Wu Lei sat opposite Chen Jin, looking a little hesitant. They chatted a little, but the two did not get straight to the point.

Chen Jin just cut to the chase and said, "Just say it, don't feel bad. What is the ideal salary for you two? I was too busy some while ago and did not have time to talk about this. But I did consider increasing your work benefits before you brought this up."

"Chief Chen, about the salary raise, you can decide for us. You are the boss," said Su You Jie, feeling hot in the face.

"You can say first, so I can have a reference," Chen Jin said, reaching out his hand.

"Then… alright!" Su You Jie ground his teeth and stuttered, "I hope my salary can be raised to ten… ten million annually, and … and I would also want to have 10% of the company shares… um… 5% of shares."

Wu Lei, sitting next to Su You Jjie, said, "Chief Chen, I don't have many requirements, just an annual rate of five million, plus 2% of the company shares."

After listening to their requirements, Chen Jin laughed. He shook his head and smiled. "It seems that you have underestimated Xing Hai Technologies. I have told you before, Xing Hai Technologies is going to be a mega company with assets of ten trillion. Do you think, with your current ability, you can get 2% or 5% of my shares and become a potential billionaire? I am sorry, but I think you do not have this ability for now. Don't even think about getting the shares of my company. But I can raise your salary, I can quintuple your current payment and I'll even adjust it in the future. This way, it will meet your expectation, or even exceed it… as long as you stay and work hard for the company."

Regarding the company's shares, Chen Jin had made a decision in the first place: The shares would not be given to anyone! He would not even offer 0.1% of the shares to any staff, no matter how much they contributed to the company. Why? This was all about confidentiality, absolute confidentiality. The more the shareholders and the shares were given out, the more they could be involved in critical decisions. If that was the case, how could Chen Jin bring the technologies from the Planet Haierfa to the company furtively? Therefore, any request for owning the company shares would be rejected outright.

Shocked and extremely disappointed, Su You Jie and Wu Lei stared at each other.

Wu Lei told him urgently, "Chief Chen, recently one company is trying to rope You Jie and me in with excellent remunerations. They are even willing to offer 10% of the company shares to You Jie and 5% for me… Chief Chen, we really don't want to leave Xing Hai, as long as the remunerations are satisfactory, we want to develop our career here."

I see...

Chen Jin narrowed his eyes and earnestly said, "You Jie, Wu Lei, I can see that you are in a dilemma. Actually, you don't need to put yourself in such a difficult position, just make the choice that you think is right. Both of you are very talented and I want you to stay, but really no more adjustment can be made in terms of remunerations, as this will disrupt the company's salary system. If you want to quit, I won't stop you. I can only wish you all the possible success."

Su You Jie cried, "Chief Chen, I help you with all the core technologies of the Wa-wah robots, are you really willing to let me go?"

"Of course not. But if it's just for the emotional attachment, can I retain both of you?"

"Aren't you afraid of having competitors in the market?" Wu Lei asked.

Chen Jin shook his head and opened his arms, showing no concern. If he was really afraid, he wouldn't let Su You Jie go. To a certain extent, he had even expected this scene. After all, this was common in the business world. He had already prepared the countermeasures.

"Very well then, we decide to quit!" Su You Jie and Wu Lei left with disappointment. On the same day, they completed the resignation procedures and joined Rock Technologies, which also specialized in producing cleaning robots. It was foreseeable that within a few months, a Rock robot would be introduced to the market and compete directly with Wa-wah robots.

Among the original research team, deputy captain Zhou Kun, teammates Zhang Zhewei, Xiao Xiao, and Yang Qiuying did not leave Xing Hai, and agreed to stay. Zhou Kun stayed because Chief Chen saved his father's life, he couldn't bite the hand that fed him because of money. As for Zhang Zhewei, Xiao Xiao, and Yang Qiuying, their position could be substituted very easily. Even if they left, Xing Hai Technologies could hire someone to replace them quickly. Therefore, when the company quintupled their salary, they were very satisfied and thus resignation would be very unlikely.


At the Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration, deep in gloom, Su You Jie, together with Manager Jiang, his girlfriend Chen Mengqi, and his brother Wu Lei, prepared to apply for the patents.

After leaving Xing Hai technologies and answering a series of questions from Manager Jiang, Su You Jie discovered that Chief Chen seemed to forget to apply for a patent, like the design patent of the Wa-wah robot, as well as the patent for the "image comparison cleaning algorithm" and the "best path algorithm."

"Hahaha, that's help from heaven! Let's go to the Intellectual Property Administration and get all these patents registered! Hahaha, your Chief Chen is a complete idiot. We'll teach him a lesson and ask him to pay for it." Manager Jiang was overjoyed. This was fatal negligence on the part of Xing Hai Technologies. However, this was understandable. He was, after all, so young. Mistakes and negligence were just inevitable. Who would know so much when they first kick-started a business?

This is too good for us…

Manager Jiang couldn't be more excited. The patents were worth at least a few billion.

But when they applied for the patent, they were surprised!

"I am sorry. The patents you applied for were all registered by Ao You Xing Hai Technologies. Moreover, Wa-wah robot has also obtained the voice recognition patent, trademark patent, design patent … and fifty more. All of them were registered in early November 2018. What is the purpose of your application today, may I ask?"

The staff looked at them suspiciously.


The smiles of Manager Jiang and his companions froze.

Su You Jjie looked as if he was struck by lightning. He took a few steps back and murmured, "In early November last year… which means Chief Chen had registered all the patents before even founding Xing Hai Technologies? It's all over. Even if I develop a similar cleaning robot in Rock Technologies, Xing Hai Technologies can sue me for patent infringement, and I will go to jail! I shouldn't have quit." Su Youjie couldn't be more chagrined. He regretted falling into the spell of money and leaving Xing Hai Technologies. Why did he do that?

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