I Found A Planet Chapter 84

Chapter 84: A Futuristic Technology: Simulated Reality

It was really unexpected that he had even managed to find an ultimate weapon of destruction like the nuclear bomb. He let the robots packed the bomb carefully and put it in the cargo hold of Flight No. 9. Chen Jin's mentality underwent a subtle change. He felt that perhaps, he really could own an entire planet. Moreover, he had the right and the ability to own it. It was because he possessed a nuclear bomb.

If there were any remaining survivors on Haierfa who possessed greater power than him, this nuclear bomb could decide who would be the ultimate owner of the planet. There was a pretty low chance that the portal on Earth would be exposed. But, even if that happened by accident, and it became targeted by powerful organizations or other forces, he was confident that through a wrestle for power, he would be able to protect his own interests.

It was because he possessed a nuclear bomb! Even though this nuclear bomb was a dud that had expired and could not be used anymore, it was still a paper tiger that could act as a powerful deterrent. Regardless, it still gave an extremely huge boost to Chen Jin's confidence and attitude.

Shaking his fist, he said in a rather immature and self-centered tone, "Now, I too, have a nuclear deterrent. I'm asking, are you all afraid? Would anyone still dare to provoke me?"

It could be said that this tiny little nuclear bomb lit the fire of greed burning in his heart. He was fixed on this notion: Haierfa is mine; it's all mine!

His head was getting bigger and bigger.


After the ego boost, the work that had to be done in the exploration process continued. The city of Rockford was located within the urban circle of the capital and once had a population in the millions. It had a well-developed economy, an excellent infrastructure, and technology that progressed at a similar standard as the capital of Donuit City. The city's major industry was the IT software industry. Many famous IT companies had set up their headquarters or R&D departments there. One could tell at a glance what was the most valuable technological information in this city.

Chen Jin sent out a squad of robots straight towards the city hall at high speed. Within the city hall, there would definitely be "precious babies" that would surprise and please him. After the robots arrived at the city hall, they conducted a round of meticulous searching. "Reporting; No large calculators or data rooms were found in the city hall."

"None?" Chen Jin frowned. "How can there be none? Could it be that someone has beaten me to it, and they took away the super calculator in the city hall?" Someone took his baby?

Alice guessed, "Master, it is not the case that every city hall has a super calculator. Out of cost savings considerations, some cities would work with privately owned data companies. The city management system would be stored and deployed within the large servers of the companies. Rockford has many IT companies. It was very possible that the city government chose to collaborate with the private companies in this city to carry out the management of the city."

Chen Jin nodded his head repeatedly. "Yes, yes, yes, this is possible. This is very probable!" He ordered the robots to focus their search on the privately owned IT companies in Rockford.


After half a day, in the high-tech industrial park located in the west of the city, was Rockford's biggest software company - Sun Software Technologies Private Limited. Beneath the company was a large cold storage data center that was comprised of three underground levels. A super calculator system occupied an area measuring about half an acre. It also occupied more than 300 data storage cabinets. The outer shell of the calculator was painted red.

Alice recognized her! She exclaimed excitedly, "Scarlet! She once placed 15th in the world's super calculation chart! Although her later placements had dropped to the 400s, she's still one of the calculators with the strongest operational ability! Her peak operational ability is a count of 100 quintillion. It is 10 times that of this current calculator. Dear Master, please quickly get the robots to transport this calculator back to the Base. I want to consume her! Her structure design is too advanced and her operational ability is too powerful. She'll definitely provide immense support for the development of the Base." Alice extended her little spur-like tongue and licked her red lips. Her gaze was filled with a greed that could not be hidden. Alice had the same expression when the robots transported that advanced super calculator from Moleiduo Republic back to the Base. It had an operational ability up to a count of 10 quintillion and was named "Light of the Motherland" by the Moleiduo government.

This time, Alice's behaviour was even more exaggerated. It was as if she had seen a first class delicacy that would allow her to evolve. Of course, this behavior was very normal. Beings of artificial intelligence were also representations of human existence. They had their own aspirations and desires. One of their most common desires was to upgrade to the next generation.

"Oh... Alice, do you really want her that much? Your last upgrade was completed only a short time ago. I think that there should be two calculators at the Base." Chen Jin's eyes squinted in a smile as his attitude turned mischievous.

Alice became so anxious that she stomped her foot over and over again. Her eyes were opened wide and round as she pursed her lips in chagrin. With a pitiful appearance, she said, "Master, don't you like Alice anymore? Is there any area where I did poorly? Alice can change if Master is not satisfied!" Alice continued with a fearful expression, "But, please, do not put two sets of calculators at the Base. Within a single system, the principle of artificial intelligence is as follows - the weak obey the strong. The one with lower intelligence obeys the one with higher intelligence. My program is extremely outdated. Once I have been absorbed by a program with higher intelligence, it would be probable that she would modify my code and erase my original characteristics. She could even reconfigure my format. I will never be the same Alice again… Master, please don't do this!"

Chen Jin was astonished. "There are conflicts and schisms between the artificial intelligences too?" Previously, it was with Da Li's support that Alice had successfully devoured the more advanced "Light of the Motherland." Using the ability gifted by the rebooted virus, Da Li had stripped the Light of the Motherland's authority in its entirety and transferred it to Alice. Thus, the process of the weak merging with the strong was completed.

Alice wanted to devour this "Scarlet" that was found in Rockford. She was driven by two motivations. One was the desire to upgrade to the next generation. The next was the fear of undergoing a format reconfiguration. Hence, on a subconscious level, she had decided to strike first to gain the upper hand. Therefore, she was trying her best to act cute and play up to Chen Jin by boosting her emotional appeal through the roof.

"All right, Alice, your performance has been good recently. I'm quite pleased. Scarlet can be your reward. You must continue to do well in the future and provide me with a better service, ok?" Chen Jin truly could not find anything that was unsatisfactory about Alice. He considered the new artificial intelligence again. It was similarly hostile towards his identity as a person of Z country. Moreover, it could not beat Alice's use of convenience which he had grown accustomed to. Why not give Alice another upgrade?

"Thank you Master, thank you Master!" Alice spun in circles and waved her hands. Jumping and skipping, she exclaimed, "Yay! Yay!" Her virtual image leaned towards Chen Jin's cheek and she kissed him madly with smooching noises. "Master, you are too good to me! I'll love you forever!"

Chen Jin smiled as he held his hand up. After Alice's detailed explanation of Scarlet's various and powerful abilities, he was unable to remain calm as his mouth hung open in amazement. With an operational ability of up to a count of 100 quintillion, Scarlet possessed the following abilities:

1. Build a complete set of simulated reality that had a 99% matching rate with real life.

2. One could don the simulated reality headgear and disembark on the simulated environment where one could start having various experiences there.

3. Within Scarlet's body was stored a large amount of highly valuable data.

For example, by using the simulated school in the city management system, one could finish 15 years of basic compulsory education. It provided a low cost and high quality schooling service. In addition, there was medical information, scientific research data, and loads of software application tools. With the possession of Scarlet, the Base could be said to have entered an Era of Simulated Reality. Most of the tasks could fully be started and carried out within the simulated environment.

Alice was not equipped with these abilities. With her current operational ability, she could not build or navigate the simulated environment. Now, with the acquisition of Scarlet, the Base was about to enter a whole new era.

"A futuristic technology, this is definitely a type of futuristic technology!" Chen Jin was extremely excited. He immediately gave out an order. The shipment of gold going back to the Base would be postponed. He would first concentrate their strength on the transport of Rockford's super calculator, Scarlet, back to the Base via Flight No. 9!

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