I Found A Planet Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Suspicions

Yuan Lin was at home, holding a big teddy bear and pinching its ears. "Mom, he's finally free?" Half of her pretty face was hidden behind the teddy bear. With a complaining tone, she said, "Hmmph, what's he so busy with? Isn't he only setting up a company? I have a company too, why am I not as busy as him?"

"My daughter, how can your little foreign trading company be compared to Chen Jin's big enterprise? Your company can only earn a maximum of a few million annually. As for his company, it has already sold a few million robots. I predict that he can sell at least 10 million robots in total. Even if he only earns a profit of $100 per robot, he is already worth more than a billion." Dong Lei shook her head. She had a feeling that she had severely misjudged him. At the very beginning, she did not think that his startup would have good prospects. She thought that he would only have a 50% chance of success. It was impossible to succeed so easily.

But in the end, within six months, the Wa-wah robot had swept across the whole country. One million robots were all sold out within two hours via online pre-orders! The company had risen very rapidly in the market ranks, and incredible profits were generated. It was way beyond her expectations, which really shocked her. For the first time, she felt that this seemingly ordinary fellow was not quite so ordinary after all.

Yuan Lin pursed her mouth and griped, "Acting like a hot shot just because you have money? Just because you have money, you can't even free up a few hours…" However, her voice became softer and weaker as two sentences suddenly appeared in her mind.

Sorry, I am a hot shot because I have money. For each minute of my time, there are transactions worth millions being carried out; I have no time for your idle talk.

The image of a ridiculously young, rich, extremely busy and successful boss arose in her mind. She really wanted to scold, ridicule, and find fault with him, but realized that she was unable to do so. It was normal for the rich to be busy. Only the desperately poor had time to goof around daily. She had no reasons to criticize him.

After knowing that he would be free tomorrow, that little grudge in her heart dissipated like smoke. In turn, she became filled with anticipation. She would be able to see the billionaire who invented the Wa-wah robot tomorrow. He was only a year younger than her. It was very exciting to just think about the meeting!

"Lin Lin, do you have his contact details?"

"Lin Lin, can you help to recommend me? Can you introduce me to that Chief Chen so we can become acquainted?"

"Ok, Lin Lin, I'm is begging you. Can you give me his number? My family is nagging me so urgently; my Mom will break my legs if I don't find a partner soon."

"Lin Lin, can you help me ask for a signature? I'll give you one of my photos so that he can sign the back of it."

After all the 20-plus Wa-wah robots had been sent out to her friends in her social circle, she had received countless private messages. Every day, they would pester and even beg her. Even that fake bestie who had blocked and deleted her contact in a fit of anger after she had exposed her lies and hypocrisy actually sent her a friend request. She claimed that she had accidentally deleted her contact, and asked if she could please be added as her friend again?

Yuan Lin decisively tapped on "Reject."

In short, within this period of time, she got extreme satisfaction from being surrounded by various forms of flattery, fawning, and praise. However, she felt extremely anxious at the same time.

It has been more than a month, why hasn't the fellow taken the time out to come see me?

Now that her mom had gotten his reply that he would be free tomorrow, Yuan Lin could finally breathe a sigh of relief. She felt that it had finally been settled. With this meeting, nobody would doubt her words anymore when she told them that she knew the President of Xing Hai Technologies and was friends with him.

However, for some unknown reason, her cheeks felt slightly warm. Her mood and attitude were very complicated. She was happy and filled with anticipation. At the same time, she also felt some… awkwardness. It was because she had a terrible impression of him at their last meeting and left on an unhappy note. She had only wanted to distance herself. And now, it was as if she was the one begging him to meet.

Her reserve and pride as a girl disappeared in an instant. She became energetic and proactive. This was somewhat inconceivable. Yuan Lin thought, Perhaps… I was too intoxicated by the countless flattery surrounding me in my social circle.

Noticing the complicated emotional changes wrought on her daughter's face, the corners of Dong Lei's lips quirked up in a little smile. With the wisdom of her experience also came a teasing look in her eyes. She seemed to have seen through everything. With a sincere and earnest tone, she said, "Daughter, based on my judgment, Little Chen has a pretty good character. He's also very successful in his business. So… you have to seize this opportunity. There are good men in this world, but they are in the minority. Once you meet one, you have to strike fast! And you must strike early! After Little Chen becomes more successful in his business, he'll be out of your reach in terms of social and financial status. It'll be impossible even if you want to fight for him. Even I won't be able to call him 'Little Chen' anymore."

"Mom ~!" Yuan Lin shouted rather bashfully, "What are you talking about? I simply want to treat him to a meal." However, a blush spread across her face.

"Hahaha!" Dong Lei only gave a meaningful smile at her daughter's behavior.


On the morning of the next day, Yuan Lin sat in front of the dresser doing her make-up for half an hour. She had prepped her appearance meticulously. Her make-up was slightly thicker than usual. Her features, which were already delicate and beautiful, looked even more radiant and arresting. She donned her long purple bohemian-style dress, a matching ladies' straw hat ,and a pair of silver stilettos. She had the air of a goddess that was enhanced with her dress.

Checking herself over in the mirror, she nodded in satisfaction. "Let's go!"


In the private room of a high-class restaurant in the downtown area, the two met again.

"Eh? You are…" Chen Jin was somewhat surprised. He said to the beautiful lady, "I feel like I've met you somewhere before." His memory was pretty good. In his mind, he still had a certain impression of this gorgeous lady in front of him.

"Oh really? I think that I've met you somewhere too. Could this be…. The fate of legends?" Yuan Lin had intended to explain that she had a blind date with him previously. However, after taking a silent measure of this man, she could not help but swallow her words and change her story. As it had been a while since they saw each other, she noticed that Chen Jin had undergone some major changes.

His physique had obviously become stronger and more muscular. One could see the sharp angles of his face. He gave her a very good impression as a handsome and well-dressed man. His gaze was steady and brimming with energy; his voice was loud and clear. He exuded the vibe of a successful man from the way he carried himself. As compared to the previous meeting, his overall image could be said to have undergone a major overhaul.

"Um… It seems like this is indeed fate. Nice to meet you." Still, Chen Jin thought that he had met her somewhere before. As it could be nothing but a misconception, he complied with her words.

"Hello, I'm the daughter of Dong Lei. Um, my name is Yuan…. Um, Yuan Li. My English name is Lisa; you can address me as Lisa too. The main reason why I wanted to treat you to a meal today is to thank you. Thank you for helping me to get so many sets of Wa-wah robots…" Yuan Lin had very unexpectedly, and rather unintentionally too, changed her name slightly in her self-introduction. She hoped that he would use her English name instead.

"Hello Lisa, I'm Chen Jin. 'Chen' written with an 'ear' and an 'east'. 'Jin' from 'Jin Tian'. Pleased to meet you." Chen Jin shook her hand. "You're too polite. You don't have to thank me like this, it was just a small matter."

Yuan Lin gestured for the service staff, "Waiter, I'd like to order." She passed the menu to Chen Jin and he ordered some dishes that he liked.

In the private room, the two of them began to chat while eating. They had an enjoyable chat, and Yuan Lin asked many questions regarding the Wa-wah robot. Chen Jin answered each and every one of them.

"Wow, that's so cool."

"So that's how it was actualized."

"Hahaha, I think that the silly mode is so fun!" Yuan Lin exclaimed from time to time with worship and admiration in her beautiful eyes.

They chatted for a full two hours. After settling the bill, Chen Jin sent her down to the underground garage. They exchanged WeChat contacts and waved goodbye, saying to meet again for a chat the next time that they were free.


In the Porsche, Yuan Lin brandished her little fist. "Yes!"


On the 20th of April, somewhere in the country, from inside the President's office of Rock Technologies came a doubtful voice. "This is weird. It's been more than a month, why has the supply chain of Xing Hai Technologies not been destroyed? Why has the company not gone bankrupt and collapsed?"

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