I Freakin Reincarnated With A System Book 1 Chapter 34

Volume 1: Reborn In Naruto Chapter 34 Returning Home

We returned back to the village and moved towards the place which the council of Kirigakure have arranged for them. Off course them have done so to put us under their servilience and keep a watch on us.

Nikasu had put the 5 kiri-anbu agents responsible for keep tabs on us in an genjutsu so we can do what we want without them knowing and without any problem as they would only report what we want them too.

I returned to the inn where Terumi was and Nikasu left to check whether Izumi is awake or still sleeping. I entered through the door as a saw a beautiful figure sleeping on the bed with a blanket covering her body.

Seeing her delicate face I could barely control myself as my mind was screaming out loud for god sake to 'Wake and Eat her up' once again but still stopped as I remembered how I 'torture' her body last night and thought it would be best his I just let her rest and recover after all her looked very tired after our yesterday's night 'activity'.

I walking closer and gently laid down next to her gazing at her peaceful expression as I cuddled with her and closed my eyes.

Unknown to me ,I was being watched by 5 figures from inside the inventory.

Semiramis looked at the pair cuddling on the bed and then the small smile on her masters face said "Master seem to care a lot about this person and by the looks of it ,master seem to have a smile of relief on his face."

She is right as Ichizu and Nikasu have been stressed while thinking about the future event which will take place as sometimes knowing the future also brings about pressure as he you know that something in unavoidable and you need to act while minimizing all the negative effects to minimum is a very hard and tiring things to do.

So when Ichizu is what Mei or Tsunade he forgets every burden he is carrying and only remembers to have fun and relax since it's not really his 'responsibility' or 'obligation' to be the saviour.

It's the same in Nikasu's case as when he plays chess with the girl he saved ,now his housekeeper ,he feeling light both mentally and spiritually since unlike others who play shogi instead of chess he like to spend his time playing against 'Miku'. Yes miku is name of the girl which Nikasu saved back on his mission and from that day she has been helping in the housework of Namikaze Nikasu as the housekeeper and his caretaker.

Arturia says calmly "Master may act like cold and dangerous individual at time but he only does that to keep others from messing with him and his feeling as I can feel strong emotions from master for this lady."




Ishtar looks at her master with loving and admiring gaze as she spoke softly "Master is capable of feeling the emotion intense love ,he truly loves the person in front of him with all his being and would do anything for she and the same could as be stated for the lady as I can sense that she too loves master with her all as even in her dreams her feeling are overflowing. (Ishtar is know as goddess of love,etc.)

Jeanne d'Arc looked at her master but didn't spoke anything as she thought "Master might not be so cold and indifferent when and tries to keep us in check. But I also sense deep hatred and killing intent hiding deep inside master and his friend. Their light is ever illuminating but so is their darkness."

(Cold and indifferent for everything concerning obito.)

Karna just closes his eyes thinking 'Gods know what'.

Mei slowly opens her crystal-clear eyes and yawn...~ cutely like a cat after recovering from her drowsy state she founds herself being cuddled with. She turns only to she Ichizu laying next to her while his arm holding her.

Her face starts to burn as she remembers the 'crazy' night both of them had. she turns completely towards Ichizu while her face being only a centimeter away from his.

She suddenly leans forward and kisses him on the lip as she mummers "Thank you for coming in my life my dearest dear~....."

Ichizu suddenly opens his eyes as his hand grab hold of poor Mei as she yells cutely in surprise "Yelp.!!!!" Ichizu speaks as he pulls her into his embrace and says "Your welcome my love and thank you too for being so beautiful."

Mei blushed hard at his comment as her face grew crimson and some steam could be seen coming out of her little head. Looking at her super duper cute expression Ichizu couldn't help but tighten his grip on her with his right hand as he gracefully removes the hair covering Mei's other eye ,what awaited him was a cute face ,a cute face of the girl he loved. He lowers his head and kisses her on the lips as their tongues intervened with her other. He assaulted her with all the experience he possessed from his previous world and from practicing with tsunade.

Mei wanted to resist a bit so that it would make it a little hard for Ichizu but she underestimated her lover as his tongue destroyed her defenses just like that.

After kissing for a long time Ichizu seperates from her as she breaths heavily to catch her breath.She looks and him and buries jer head his in chest while saying "Please don't bully me dear...~"

Ichizu's smile widened as he replied "Call me Hubby my little wify...fufufufuf...~"

Mei reluctantly replied "Please hub....." before she could finish saying 'Hubby' her lips were already sealed my Ichizu's lips.

He says "My little wify makes me want to bully her and I can't stop myself from doing so...he hehehe...~"

Mei mutters softly just like a mosquito with some tears in her eyes "Not fair.....~"

They enjoyed their moment as it was about time they return home.

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