I Freakin Reincarnated With A System Book 2 1chapter 175

Volume 2: Reborn In Irregular At Magic High School Chapter 175 Surprise Part 1


Two fists collided mid-air, sending waves in the surrounding. The air was compressed by the strong collision between the two palms.

Kaguya side-stepped ,avoiding a palm straight to her stomach and countered with her own palm.

She wore white Kimono with flowery patterns all over it, strangely enough the traditional dress didn't get in her way of fighting.

Her eyes had already turned into [Byakugan], as she concentrated on the person she was sparring against.

Ichizu blocked the incoming palm by grabbing Kaguya by her wrist. He immediately pulled her towards his while his left hand resembled a knife.

He wore black shirt and pant, [Tenseigan] was doing its job in predicting his opponents next move. He muscle were pumped up a little as he sent a straight palm towards Kaguya.

Kaguya immediately breaks out of Ichizu's hold and retreated backwards to avoid the incoming palm.

Ichizu palm did made contact with her but a wall of wind was huddled towards Kaguya just due to the sheer power behind his palm.

Kaguya pulls back her right palm and send a concentrated palm of Chakra, towards the wall of wind. The wall visibly broke into pieces ,like a mirror.

This provided Ichizu with an opportunity to close in on Kaguya with his high speed stats. After arriving in front of her ,his hands shot forward and stopped the incoming cross chop from Kaguya.

He twisted her hand and locked them behind her back while hugging her from the front. Kaguya tried to struggle out of his hold but Ichizu's strength stats were as high as his speed stats.

A smile broke out of his face as he looked at the indifferent beauty in his arm. He let go of her wrists and held her by the waist.

He little kissed her on the forehead before saying in a warm tone.

"You have improved once again...!!!" Kaguya looked away from his face while a little red hue emerged on her cheeks after he kissed her.

Seeing the adorable maidan in front of him, blushing ever so slightly. His smile widened ,as he broke into a grin.

Kaguya regained her composure and lightly tapped his chest, indicating to let her go. They had been sparring for more than a hour ,sweat had acc.u.mulated on their bodies.

"Why didn't Otouto interfere in the battle ????." asked Kaguya as she escaped from Ichizu's embrace with a slight blush.

[A/N:- Otouto>>>> Younger brother, which in this case is Nikasu.]

Hearing her question Ichizu smiled, it had been 3 days since that encounter. Ichizu and others have returned 2 days ago since the school was being finally reopened after a whole month.

"Nikasu is a [Space-element] user, he had already sensed the space-distortion even before it had began. My experience and instincts told me that the incoming forces would likely be distraction as the people with the highest vue at that time was the director."

"So we made a plan, I allowed the Cero to hit the pillar so that the red pillar would bury me underwater. But before the Cero contacted with my pillar."

"I had already implanted my [Will] inside the Director's body, just like Zetsu my [Will] was hidden deep inside his body. So that if the enemies mission was to rescue him then I would have been able to track them down."

"And it actually was to do so, when the space-distortion swallowed the professor, I acted inraged like any normal person would and killed the Gillians."

"The director was then killed by the [Eye of the Egypt], but my [Will] had already left his body and possed one of the guards there. It will continue to act as my spy, collect information on their clans next plan and currently ongoing missions." said Ichizu as he turned towards the water bottle kept on the table located in the further most corner of the room.

"So why didn't you act immediately, we have enough evidence to storm inside their clan and punish them." asked Kaguya with curiosity in her tone.

"He did try to kill me but just send some Gillians as a distraction so that he can take care of the Director."

"To tell you the truth ,I am no saint who would accuse them of evil, after all the Ruujiki clan was never to meddle with the material world. I only helped the girl because of Tsunade and Mei."

"Know since they are safe, then there is no need for me to interfere. Though I may beat him up a little in the upcoming [In-school martial competition]." reasoned Ichizu.

"What about Miya Yotsuba's birthday meet???." asked Kaguya as she remembered about the invitation from Miya.

After Nikasu 'Killed' her powers ,she came to respect him a lot ,as a magician he one came close to Ichizu when it came to mental-magic. But no magic could ever hurt Nikasu, no matter the kind.

Nikasu may seem cold and indifferent, but in reality he actually respected people who respected him. Thus, Miya decided to become both of Ichizu and Nikasu's aunt.

The Yotsuba family didn't celebrate birthdays, after many years Miya was successfully able to mend her relations with Tatsuya because of the gift Nikasu gave her.

Thus this year she had decide to celebrate her birthday, she invited Ichizu, Nikasu, Okasumi and her sister along with Miyuki and Tatsuya to her home, were they would be celebrating her birthday.

Tatsuya didn't know that his mother had invited the Ruujiki's on her birthday, so he along with Miyuki were in for a surprise.

"Well, Nikasu ,Mom and I will be attending Aunt Miya birthday party. It is held on a day before the school reopens." replied Ichizu while drinking the water.

After a few gulps he took a deep breath and smiled "It will be fun....."

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